Squash club "Shooting Birds": "We also have in Harpstedt"

Squash club "Shooting Birds": "We also have in Harpstedt"

Squash club "Shooting Birds": "We also have in Harpstedt"

Harpstedt-In an open day, to which the Budo sports academy for Saturday, 18.September, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., invites you to the Squash Association "Shooting Birds", which is also located on the Amtmannsweg 28–30 in Harpstedt.Of the currently around 30 members, only a tenth of the velvet community is recruited."This can be expanded," says Tobias Alhelm, the only "Shooting Bird" from the Harpstedt spots.

The association's roots are in Bassum.However, the club has been using the former Muckibude on the Amtmannsweg for many years."It's almost sad that you still have to mention that," says Alhelm.

The members owed the ideal conditions to the "unique selling point" of the "Shooting Birds" as a "only squash club nationwide with their own facility in leased rooms": "Every club member has a key and can go into the hall at any time and play there.In our ranks we have several sales representatives who like to take advantage of longer work breaks to work out.If you want, you can even do that at midnight.There are no complaints from neighbors about noise because the hall is well insulated.We are available to two courts and, if there were sufficient need, we could even expand to three.For me, the fact that a squash player only needs a single game partner is one of the advantages of this sport.That came and benefits the club during the Corona period.We can play for two, although that was only allowed on one court at times, ”says Alhelm.

Squash-Verein „Shooting Birds“: „Uns gibt‘s in Harpstedt auch“

Monday training open for "sniffing"

"We also exist" - the "Shooting Birds" will send this message out next Saturday.In contrast to the neighboring Budo sports academy, whose offensive public relations work is fruitful, the Squash Association is not taking too little public perception.The open house should help change that.If you want to try Squash, you just have to bring sports clothes and sports shoes with an abrasion -resistant bright sole.Volker Refke, trainer, youth keeper and the only remaining founding member in the club, is at the side of the "sniffing" with tips and deed.

“Squash you play with your opponent in one field.That is why there are, so to speak, ancestive rules that are important so that nobody is injured.Because of the combination of quick rallies and short recovery phases, Squash can be assigned to the highly intensive interval training.A clear health and fitness -enhancing effect is achieved in a relatively short training period, ”says Alhelm.

By the way, the "Shooting Birds" train on Mondays from 6 p.m. - with "Open End".Interested parties are also welcome to use this appointment to “sniff”.

More information at: www.shooting birds.de