Canyon Neuron CF 2022 A breath of fresh air for the trail bike

Canyon Neuron CF 2022 A breath of fresh air for the trail bike

Canyon Neuron CF 2022 A breath of fresh air for the trail bike

The Canyon Neuron is already pawing its hooves and is ready for 2022. The trail bike has 140 mm of travel at the front and 130 mm at the rear and is now available in four different, brand new configurations. All information about the Canyon Neuron CF 2022 can be found here.

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Caynoyn Neuron CF 2022: info and prices

With a suspension travel of 140 mm at the front and 130 mm at the rear, the Canyon Neuron CF is intended to close the gap between the downhill-oriented Spectral (click here for the Canyon Spectral test) and the cross-country model Lux. The carbon trail bike designed for longer tours rolls on 29″ (M, L and XL) or 27.5″ wheels (XS and S), depending on the frame size.

# The Canyon Neuron is aimed at trail bikers who like to go on longer tours. - Canyon has now presented the 2022 portfolio of the all-rounder.# platform-neuron-cf-canyon-14# platform-neuron-cf-canyon-16 # As is usual with Canyon, the Neuron also has an extendable lever built into the axle. Slide show : Canyon Neuron CF 2022: A breath of fresh air for trail bikes Start slideshow »

For 2022, Canyon is offering the Neuron for sale in a total of five configurations. The first is the Canyon Neuron CF 8, which is available both as a unisex version and in a special version for women. Both variants are sold over the virtual counter for €2,999 and are equipped with Fox Performance suspension, reliable Shimano SLX components and a DT Swiss XM 1700 aluminum wheelset.

# The Neuron CF 8 is the cheapest version at €2,999.# The WMN version of the CF 8 is also available for around €3,000.

Let's continue with the roughly €1,000 more expensive CF 9 model. A Fox 34 Performance Elite suspension fork in combination with Shimano XT components and the noble DT Swiss XMC 1700 carbon wheels should ensure lots of riding fun. When you need something more, the Neuron CF 9 SL comes into play. Here, the customer can look forward to a Fox Factory chassis, wireless SRAM GX AXS gears, SRAM Code RSC brakes and the lightweight DT Swiss XMC 1501 wheelset. The cost of this is €4,799.

More on the topicPrice hits for beginners – Edition 2022 The best mountain bikes for €1000!12 all-rounders These are the most exciting trail bikes 2022Canyon Neuron AL 2022 New aluminum versions of the trail bikesRockShox Flight Attendant chassis These 6 bikes are already available with the new system # Das The Neuron CF 9 for €3,999 is equipped with Fox suspension elements, carbon wheels and a Shimano XT drivetrain.# The Neuron CF SLX with electric RockShox suspension is changing hands for a whopping €7,999.

At the end of the day is the €7,999 Canyon Neuron CF SLX with its electric RockShox Flight Attendant suspension and SRAM X01 Eagle AXS drive. However, this equipment variant is only available in the frame sizes M, L and XL.

# platform-neuron-cf-canyon-07

How do you like the new Canyon Neuron CF?

Info and pictures: Canyon press release
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  1. [email protected]

    there since 08/2001


    I'll quote myself: the upper edge of the saddle to the middle of the bottom bracket is 81cm. The handlebar is currently >5cm below the handlebar. For my age, that might be too much elevation and I'll probably switch to handlebars with 2 or 3cm more rise. But first I have to do a few home trail laps, adjust the suspension correctly, listen to my back and my feelings and then I can decide. For three years I have mainly been riding a rigid 29+ MTB bike. The original 2.4" tires on the Neuron look like road bike tires to me compared to 29x3.0". I can well imagine changing to 2.6" or even 2.8" in the front. Let's see... the weather is pretty bad with us at the moment. Lots of rain/snow/mud. It will probably take a few more days/weeks before the first kilometers are really on the clock. But I'm looking forward to it! [email protected],
  2. JensDey

    there since 01/2016


    That would be too much after calculation with 0.855*SL90 = 77But the SL90 at 192 are also little. With me 1m78 with SL86.JensDey,
  3. dinosaur113

    there since 11/2020


    x 0.88 5 then results in 79.65 I drive with SL 90 with 79.5, so it should be too high for @[email protected]. If you stumble the saddle further down, you will have to get used to it for about 4-5 tours.dino113,
  4. JensDey

    there since 01/2016


    Mmmmhhh, quite interesting. 0.855 works for me. The SL86 becomes 73. Strange. But okay, that's the way it is. Maybe my SL86 don't fit. But was measured "professionally" in Koblenz. Find the mistake. JensDey,
  5. orby

    there since 07/2014


    Thanks for the feedback. I don't think it looks that bad from the elevation, but I can understand if you want to get the front a little higher. But it is a great example of how the size is a recommendation and not an obligation, I also think the XL fits much better. Remember your contribution right away when it comes to the size recommendation again. In my opinion, Canyon's Neuron is very bad. Error found 🤣 Professional and Koblenz does not fit.Orby,
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