News from Germany: First responders die in a tragic highway accident in Bavaria

News from Germany: First responders die in a tragic highway accident in Bavaria

News from Germany: First responders die in a tragic highway accident in Bavaria

First responders die in a highway accident in Bavaria +++ Treuchtlingen: Missing person lives in the forest for a month and feeds on plants +++ Landau: Chase with five police cars at a speed of 180 +++ News from Germany.

News from Sunday February 25th

Rheinfelden: Quarrel with wife - man asks the police to spend the night in a cell

A cell in the police station is still better than drunkenly attacking the wife at home: That's what a 34-year-old man in Rheinfelden thought near Lörrach in Baden-Württemberg and therefore hoped for shelter with the police for one night. The reason for the man's request was a dispute between him and his wife, the police said on Sunday. "The husband was concerned about his own behavior because he feared he would become violent towards his family if he was not helped," a police spokesman said. Since such a request is rare, the initially skeptical officials drove to the family's home address on Saturday. After that everything was clear. "The husband's request was granted. He was taken to the infirmary, but his sister picked him up from there a short time later." A test on the husband who was looking for help had shown a blood alcohol level of more than 1.6 per mille.

Schweinfurt: Two first responders killed in a highway accident in Bavaria

Two first responders were killed in a highway accident in the Schweinfurt district on Sunday night. According to the police, the two men, aged 44 and 49, wanted to rush to the aid of a woman who had crashed her car into the central barrier on the A 70 between Gochsheim and Schonungen. They were hit by another car. According to the police, both men were apparently dead immediately. One of those killed was the woman's husband, the second an uninvolved motorist.

The driver of the first car involved in the accident had brought herself and her child to safety after colliding with the crash barrier around 2 a.m. Her car stopped in the left lane. The 44-year-old driving in a second car behind his wife and the uninvolved 49-year-old driver stopped their car with the hazard warning lights on after the accident. In the fast lane, the men, who come from the Bamberg district, were then hit by the car of a 26-year-old. Its driver from the Haßberge district suffered a severe shock. She was treated at the scene of the accident by paramedics and then taken to a hospital.

News from Saturday February 25th

Treuchtlingen: Missing person lives in the forest for a month and feeds on plants

A man from Baden-Württemberg has been discovered in Treuchtlingen, Bavaria, who had been reported missing since mid-January. This was confirmed by a police spokesman when asked by Stern. The "Augsburger Allgemeine" had previously reported on it. After objects belonging to the 53-year-old were found in Bavaria, the police issued a wanted report at the end of January, according to which the man from Bad Mergentheim was probably wearing a conspicuous steel helmet with the inscription "Jesus is alive". This also caught the eye of a driver on Thursday who saw the man with a steel helmet on his head on a forest path. During a subsequent traffic check, he reported his strange observation to police officers. They in turn drove to the spot in the forest and found the missing man there. He said he ate mostly plants and slept at bus stops. According to the police, he was emaciated but doing well. The officers took him to the police station and informed his son, who came from neighboring Baden-Württemberg and took his father into care. Why the man apparently voluntarily lived on the street and in the forest for about a month without informing his family remained open. The police could not give the star any information about this. According to the manhunt, the man has been on medication since a serious traffic accident two years ago.

Dortmund: Dispute among teenagers ends in death

A fatal incident occurred in a parking deck at the train station in Dortmund's Hörde district. A 16-year-old is said to have gotten into a fight with a 15-year-old on Friday evening and stabbed her. The victim died in hospital despite attempted resuscitation, according to the public prosecutor and the police in a joint press release.

The alleged perpetrator is accused of manslaughter, said the responsible public prosecutor on request. The teenager was arrested later that evening. The reasons for the dispute that preceded the crime are still unclear. The suspect is silent about the fact and has consulted a lawyer, the prosecutor said. The homicide investigations continued. The police are hoping for new information by questioning witnesses in the immediate vicinity of the incident.

Landau: Chase with five police cars at 180 km/h

A driver fled from five patrol cars on a country road in the Palatinate at up to 180 kilometers per hour. Shortly before the Neulauterburg border crossing, the man from France was finally stopped - after a collision with a police car driving in front of him. As it turned out, the 39-year-old was driving without a license but was under the influence of cocaine and alcohol, police said. The driver was noticed by the police on Saturday night because of his unsafe driving style on Autobahn 65. When he was supposed to be checked, he seemed to react several times at first, but then kept accelerating. He drove off the autobahn and raced down the country road near Landau.

Mönchengladbach: A drunk races through the city center with the flashing lights on

A drunk raced through the city center of Mönchengladbach with the blue lights on in his car. As the police announced, the 24-year-old rushed through several red lights on Friday evening at 100 km/h. Plainclothes police officers followed the red car and stopped it a little later. The drunk driver told officers he just wanted to try the blue lights. The 24-year-old lost his driver's license after the dangerous jaunt. The police also took the blue light with them.

News from Friday February 23rd

Berlin: policewoman beaten to the hospital

In Berlin, a policewoman was so badly injured during the operation on Thursday evening that she had to be hospitalized. As reported by the police, the officer wanted to clarify with a colleague the facts of a loud argument that a couple had at the Gesundbrunnen underground station. According to the report, the 40-year-old participant behaved "aggressively and disrespectfully" in conversation with the officials. When asked to leave the station, she refused. Instead, she kicked the police officer, grabbed her hair and repeatedly punched her in the face. The officers managed to bring the attacker to the ground, but were spat on and insulted. The woman, who continued to resist violently, was then taken to a prison collection point. The police officer had to go to the hospital for treatment and was subsequently unable to work.

Bad Bentheim: Driver hides 770,000 euros in the tank

Customs made a curious find in Bad Bentheim in Lower Saxony. A driver from the Netherlands smuggled EUR 770,000 in his vehicle across the border into Germany. Customs officials discovered the money during a routine check. The man initially stated that he was carrying 3,000 euros in cash with him. During the subsequent routine inspection of the vehicle, customs then found an additional 4550 euros in the glove compartment. The vehicle was then examined in a specialist workshop, where the officers discovered sealed packages with cash worth 770,000 euros in the vehicle's tank. The police are now investigating on suspicion of money laundering.

Worms: Drunken beer supplier pulled out of traffic on A61

A police patrol from Gau-Bickelheim pulled a drunk truck driver out of traffic on the A61 near Worms in the morning. Officials noticed the 44-year-old Ukrainian because he once deviated slightly from the road. When checking the semitrailer, the police discovered 12 empty beer bottles in the driver's cab, which the man claims to have drunk. When the officials then tried to determine the man's breath alcohol, the result was 2.1 per thousand and the driver was pulled out of traffic, although he was not aware of any guilt. Ironically, the trailer truck's cargo consisted of 20 tons of bottled beer.

Solingen: Pensioner has been living in a small car for two years

In Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia, the loss of his apartment has forced a 68-year-old to make a drastic change in life: As the "Express" reports, the man has been living for two years in a small car. As the newspaper reports, he has already changed the car twice. The pensioner lost his apartment in 2015 after a dispute with the landlord. Since then it has not been possible for the widower who is drawing a pension to find new housing. Everything he owns is in his car.

As he tells the paper, he changes parking lots every now and then. He drives away his boredom by driving around in his car. He has no contact with his two children and is otherwise a loner. In view of the current freezing temperatures, the former warehouse worker is still hoping for a place to stay, according to the report.

Heide: Customer attacks salesperson with pepper spray

In Heide in Schleswig-Holstein, a dissatisfied customer attacked two salespeople at a telephone shop with pepper spray on Wednesday, causing minor injuries. As the police said, the 50-year-old customer, who had visited the store with her husband, initially got into an argument during a conversation with a saleswoman. After the angry customer threatened the employee, a colleague took over the conversation. The customer sprayed both employees with pepper spray until he referred the couple to the store. The seller then ran out of the store, and the 50-year-old followed him. She pushed and kicked the man, according to the police report, and sprayed him again, causing the man to fall to the ground. A passer-by came to his aid. The alarmed police finally took the attacker - who was still trying to bite one of the officers - to the station with fierce resistance.

Schleswig-Holstein makes Reformation Day a holiday

The Schleswig-Holstein state parliament has decided to introduce an additional holiday on October 31st. On Thursday, the CDU, SPD, Greens, FDP and AfD voted in the Kiel parliament for a cross-party motion that declared Reformation Day a non-working day. A deputy from the SPD and deputies from the South Schleswig Voters' Association abstained. There are similar intentions in the northern German states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Bremen. Countries are keen to collectively make October 31 another public holiday to close a gap with other countries. These sometimes have considerably more public holidays.

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News from Thursday, February 22nd

Leipzig: Dead baby discovered

Terrible find in the backyard: In the morning, the body of a baby was discovered in Leipzig's Waldstrasse district. According to information from the "Leipziger Volkszeitung", the body is said to have been lying in a garbage can in the backyard of a residential building.

The public prosecutor's office and the police only said that the investigations were being carried out "at high pressure and in all directions". Traces were secured on site. The public prosecutor's office also ordered the autopsy of the corpse and commissioned an expert with a forensic report.

News from Germany: First responders die in tragic Motorway accident in Bavaria

Ratingen: Charred corpse discovered in burnt-out hut

The Ratingen fire brigade has discovered a charred corpse in the ruins of a wooden hut whose identity is now to be clarified in the Düsseldorf forensic medicine department. The fire that broke out in the shed on Wednesday evening was brought under control within about two hours. A 90-year-old resident of the main building of the hut used as a workshop and warehouse was able to re-enter the house after the extinguishing work was completed. During the first inspection of the scene of the fire, the completely burned body was found around 11 p.m.

Kappeln: GPS takes couple to the Palatinate instead of north

A couple who trusted their old-fashioned navigation device got lost by 744 kilometers - and therefore in Kappeln in Rhineland-Palatinate instead of in Kappeln near Kiel landed. The couple from Albania appeared "suspicious" to a resident in the 140-person village in the Kusel district at night, according to the police who had been alerted.

The officers took care of the helpless couple. The daughter in Schleswig-Holstein Kappeln could be informed at the office. The officials finally entered the correct address into the navigation system, after which the couple continued their 744-kilometer journey

Schwerin: Worker seriously injured by construction element

In Schwerin (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), a construction worker was buried by a trapezoidal construction element weighing around 2.5 tons and was seriously injured. According to the police, a rope on a construction crane broke, causing the component to tip over and fall on the 55-year-old. Colleagues freed the man and alerted rescue workers who took the injured to a hospital.

Lenggries: Skier injures mountain rescuer with ski pole

The shock is still deep at the Lenggries mountain rescue service: As has only just become known, an employee of the rescuer is already on Carnival Tuesday (February 13) during an operation been injured by a skier. As the BR reports, the piste rescuers were called to an injured skier and had to close part of the piste in the Brauneck ski area as a precaution because the accident site was difficult to see. An older skier apparently did not want to accept this, simply skied under the barrier and promptly slipped into the scene, it is said.

When the mountain rescuers confronted him about his misconduct, the accused hit one of the helpers three times in the face with the ski pole, causing a laceration. When the man's personal details were to be taken, he simply drove away. A pursuit was not possible due to the use, so that the racket is still unknown and will probably remain so.

The fact that skiers disobeyed barriers is not new, an employee of the mountain rescue service told BR. However, this type of aggression is a completely new dimension, he explained.

Kiel: Tuned moped taken out of service

Police officers in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, pulled out a souped-up moped with a top speed of 127 kilometers per hour. Due to the design, only 25 kilometers per hour are allowed, the officials reported. The 19-year-old driver is being investigated for, among other things, driving without a license because his moped license does not cover such vehicles.

According to the information, the young man was noticed by the crew of a video car because he was driving through Kiel at around 60 kilometers per hour, which was too fast. After stopping him, the specially trained officers immediately noticed "various changes" to the vehicle. In consultation with the public prosecutor's office, they had a speed report made. The moped reached a top speed of 127 kilometers per hour on a calibrated dynamometer on Tuesday.

Berlin: Demolition workers find skeleton

A skeleton was found during demolition work in Berlin's Lichtenberg district on Wednesday afternoon. A witness called the police. Further background and details were initially unclear. "You can now see what condition the skeleton is in and try to identify it," the police said. "Then you can try to reconstruct what happened."

Although the murder commission took over the investigation, this is normal in such a case, it was said. It doesn't have to be a crime. "It could also have been a homeless person, for example," said the spokeswoman. The investigators would have started their search for clues in the afternoon, but stopped the action because of the darkness in the evening. The area is cordoned off over a wide area. The investigation should continue in the morning.

Frankfurt: Evacuation to defuse bombs

In the evening in Frankfurt, a World War II bomb is being defused on Kölner Strasse. The dud was found on Wednesday during construction work. To defuse the 50-kilo bomb, the surrounding area with a radius of about half a kilometer is evacuated. The evacuation measures should be completed by 7 p.m., and the defusing is scheduled to begin at 11 p.m. The fire brigade provides information on its website about the current status of things and has created a map with the affected areas.

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News from Wednesday February 21st

Staufenberg: Three tons of Adidas clothing stolen from a truck

In Staufenberg near Kassel, unknown persons tampered with the tarpaulin of a semi-trailer on Wednesday night. According to the police, the thieves stole a total of three tons of Adidas clothing between 10:15 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. The 45-year-old driver of the truck states that he was sleeping in the tractor unit at the time of the crime and did not hear any noise. During an inspection, he then found that the freight was missing.

Investigators assume that the perpetrators removed the two and a half missing pallets and loaded them into another vehicle. Exact indications that the officials can pursue are not yet available. The police headquarters in North Hesse asks witnesses who have made suspicious observations in the Staufenberg car park on the A7 to call 0561-9100.

Duisburg: 150 onlookers hinder the rescue operation

On Tuesday evening, around 150 onlookers hindered the work of the fire brigade and police in Duisburg. The emergency services were called to the Hochfeld district after a 24-year-old BMW driver collided with the taxi behind her. According to the police, the young woman had tried to turn despite the solid line. The 24-year-old's leg was trapped between the seat and the driver's door in the accident. The fire brigade freed them, and both drivers were then treated on an outpatient basis in hospitals. The accident investigation and the towing of the cars was interrupted by onlookers who had gathered on the street. The officials blocked the street and distributed several place references, reports the Duisburg police.

Haan: Kitchen helper attacks colleague with cleaver

In Haan near Düsseldorf, a kitchen helper fatally injured his colleague with a cleaver in a restaurant. The 25-year-old hit the five-year-old opponent after a violent argument with a knife on the neck and on one hand, a police spokeswoman reported on Wednesday in Mettmann. The investigators assume that the attacker wanted to kill his colleague.

Other kitchen staff were able to intervene and prevent worse things from happening. The 25-year-old fled the scene of the crime late Tuesday evening, but later returned voluntarily. The police set up a homicide squad. The suspect was due to appear before a magistrate on Wednesday. According to his doctors, the victim was no longer in mortal danger the day after the attack.

Dortmund: school bus crashes into a house wall - 19 children injured

In Dortmund, a school bus crashed into a house wall. According to the police, 19 children were injured. Previously, at least ten children were mentioned. The students are the fourth class of the Bach elementary school on the way to swimming lessons. According to initial information, the bus collided with several vehicles on Asselner Hellweg shortly before 8 a.m., rolled over an electrical box, grazed a traffic light and crashed into a house wall. The power went out in several households. Tram traffic at the scene of the accident had to be stopped, said a police spokesman. There was a lot of debris at the scene of the accident.

According to initial police investigations, the cause was a car driver who wanted to turn off a side street onto the main street. Another car stopped to let him drive onto the street. The turner apparently overlooked the school bus. 18 students from the bus suffered minor injuries, mostly bruises, the fire department said. A toddler who was in one of the crashed cars was taken to the hospital with a fracture. A total of 21 people were treated in clinics, including the bus driver and a woman with facial injuries. According to the information, there were 40 fourth-grade elementary school students and two teachers on the bus. The uninjured children and parents who rushed to the scene of the accident were cared for in a fire department equipment house.

Meschede: Police operation at a vocational school - 18-year-old arrested

In Meschede, Sauerland, the police were called to a vocational school on Wednesday morning. Witnesses had reported an armed student. The 18-year-old was arrested a short time later at the school on Dünnefeldweg. A police spokesman said he had no gun with him. There was no threat or shots. Also, no one was injured. After the arrest, the police began searching the school. The building was not cleared.

Düren: Thieves steal a bucket of mett from a refrigerated trailer

Unusual theft in Düren in North Rhine-Westphalia: There, thieves stole a bucket with three kilos of mett from a refrigerated trailer. As the "Neue Westfälische" reports, the car was parked in front of a comprehensive school. The police is now looking for witnesses. Curious: Witnesses are said to have observed a burglary in a snack bar in the Düren district that same night. However, the perpetrators failed at the front door and fled without taking anything.

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News from Tuesday February 20th

Dresden: Truck hits a bicycle with a small child in the trailer

A truck driver overlooked a bicycle with a small child in the trailer during the morning rush hour in Dresden. The truck hit the wheel, the child was unharmed, his father was seriously injured, the police said. According to the police, the 60-year-old truck driver wanted to turn right and overlooked the father and child team. Officials were initially unable to provide information on the age and gender of the child. The father was responsive after the accident. Pictures show a wrecked bike under a truck. Next to it is a trailer with a baby seat, it is undamaged. According to initial findings, the truck driver should not have turned.

Berlin: Woman rips 54-year-old burka off his head

In Berlin, the state security police are investigating a 28-year-old girl who first insulted a 54-year-old woman in a xenophobic manner on Monday evening and then ripped her burka off her head should. The victim was injured in the incident in a discount store and then left the store. The alleged perpetrator is said to have followed the 54-year-old and insulted her again, reports the police, who provisionally arrested the woman after being alerted by witnesses. After the identity check, the 28-year-old was released again.

Rostock: Man found with severe hand injury - emergency surgery

The Rostock police are currently dealing with a mysterious case. Around midnight, the officials were informed by the rescue service about a man who was seriously injured in his left hand at the Lichtenhagen S-Bahn station. The 30-year-old from Rostock was immediately taken to a hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. However, the hand was so badly injured that it had to be amputated, it is said. According to the police, the man is now out of danger and he should be questioned as a witness as soon as his state of health allows it.

While a coroner determined the injuries resulted from blunt force trauma, the background to the incident remains a mystery. It is currently completely open whether the 30-year-old was injured in an accident or whether a criminal offense was committed.

Meanwhile, "Bild" wants to know that the injured person screamed for help at the train station before the paramedics discovered him and transferred him to a clinic. However, who had alerted them is still unclear.

Police said their investigations are now focused on pinpointing the exact location of the incident. Potential witnesses are therefore asked to contact the officials on 0381-49161616.

Bornheim: Houseboat sinks completely in the Rhine

For reasons that have not yet been clarified, a houseboat completely sank in Bornheim (NRW) in the morning. The forces of the water protection police Bonn rushed to the scene of the accident, divers then gave the all-clear a little later: Inside the boat at the time of sinking there were no people on board. The owner has been informed, they say. Shipping traffic on the Rhine was not affected by the accident. Now it is determined why the houseboat sank.

Kiel: Freighter rams lock gate

Nothing works anymore: After a freighter sailing under the Portuguese flag rammed a lock gate in the Kiel Canal during the night, several ships had to continue their journey in Kiel-Holtenau wait. The almost 150 meter long "Akacia" was so fast that the bow partially broke through the gate and is now resting on the lock gate, the police said. Water had entered the ship itself.

According to the current status of the investigation, the ship coming from the direction of Brunsbüttel wanted to enter the southern lock chamber in order to continue on its way to the fjord from there. The ship's technology apparently failed here: the ship picked up speed instead of slowing it down.

Diez: Drugged driver appears at the police station

In Diez, Rhineland-Palatinate, a 32-year-old wanted to pick up the car key of an acquaintance at a police station who had been caught by the police two days earlier with drugs in his blood had been.

It's just stupid that the person who picked you up, who came in the car, was under the influence of drugs, as the trained officers noticed immediately. Now the 32-year-old has to adapt to a corresponding procedure.

Eggenfelden: Truck and car collide head-on - at least one dead

A fatal accident occurred on the B20 in Eggenfelden, Lower Bavaria, in the morning. As "rosenheim24.de" reports, according to previous knowledge, a truck and a car collided head-on in the city area. At least one person was killed in the accident, and nothing is currently known about the number of other injuries. The main road was completely closed on the affected section.

Unna: Group of men hits 23-year-olds

A 23-year-old woman who was walking her dog in Unna was attacked and injured by several men on Monday. According to the police, the group of four approached the woman and asked her name. When the later injured person answered, two of the men came up to her and punched her in the face. When the woman was lying on the ground, the perpetrators are said to have kicked her before she fled.

All of the suspects are said to be in their late 20s and early 30s. One of the men is about 1.80 meters tall, has short, blond hair and light skin. He was in fact wearing a pair of dirty gray sweatpants and white Nike sneakers. A second is about 1.90 meters tall and has a beard. The other men could not be further described by the woman.

The police are asking potential witnesses to contact them on 02303/92 13 120 or 02303/92 10.

Essen: 62-year-old woman found dead killed

A 62-year-old woman who was found dead in an apartment in Essen on Monday has been the victim of a felony, the police report. The forensic examination of the body confirmed the police's suspicion that the woman did not die of natural causes. Now a homicide detective is investigating.

Düsseldorf: heavy transporter gets stuck in the tunnel - full closure

In Düsseldorf the driver of a heavy transporter got stuck in an underpass on Tuesday night. The connection to Autobahn 44 near the airport had to be closed for hours because the van had to be reversed out of the underpass towards Essen shortly after 2 a.m., the police said on Tuesday morning. But even after the action, the underpass between Düsseldorf Airport and the Düsseldorf Nord junction remained closed for the time being. When the van was maneuvered out, part of the lighting was also damaged, it said. According to the police, the closure should last until around 9 a.m.

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News from Monday February 19th

Ahrensburg: Armed 61-year-old threatens to run amok - nurse calls the police

A nurse from Ahrensburg near Hamburg experienced a dangerous nursing operation on Sunday evening. At around 7 p.m., she called 911 because she feared her patient might harm herself and others. He is said to have had access to at least one firearm.

As the police announced on Monday, the 61-year-old from Ahrensburg had already threatened his nurse with a gun on Friday. On Sunday he is said to have told her that he would shoot at people indiscriminately in Ahrensburg in the coming week.

He would have had the means to do so: the special task force found four weapons when they raided his apartment at around 1 a.m. Whether these are sharp firearms still has to be checked by experts. No one was injured during the operation, the 61-year-old was forcibly admitted to a specialist hospital.

Goslar: 19-year-old attacks 18-year-old with knife at school

In Goslar, Lower Saxony, a 19-year-old seriously injured his 18-year-old ex-girlfriend with a knife at a vocational school in the morning . As the police reported on Facebook, both young people are students at the school. The young man had therefore visited the woman in the morning at a seating area in the school building, where she was sitting with classmates. He immediately stabbed her with a knife. The victim tried to flee, but was caught by the attacker and continued to attack. The alarmed police arrested the man at the scene, and the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. There was no further information about her state of health.

The police have not yet provided any reliable information about the motives for the crime. The officials write, however, that the victim is the former girlfriend of the 19-year-old. Several eyewitnesses to the crime were then looked after by crisis intervention teams.

Hamelin: Armed man attacks school secretary

In the morning in Hamelin, Lower Saxony, the secretariat of a high school was attacked by an armed man. According to the police, the unknown perpetrator demanded cash and the opening of the school safe from the 48-year-old school secretary at gunpoint. However, the employee did not know the code. The perpetrator then threw the woman to the ground. Before she lost consciousness, she was able to press the amok alarm button. The man fled, a colleague found the unconscious secretary, who was taken to a hospital.

As the police write, neither students nor teachers were harmed in the attack. The perpetrator would only have aimed at the safe. Classes resumed after the alarm was silenced. A manhunt is now underway for the unknown suspect. He is described as 1.90 meters tall and slim. "He had a Central European appearance and a well-groomed appearance. He spoke standard German with recognizable youth slang. The perpetrator's age was estimated to be in his mid-20s. At the time of the crime, he was wearing a blue sweatshirt, dark trousers, white sports shoes, black gloves and sunglasses . The man's black hair was said to be tousled and disheveled," the report reads. Information can be sent to the police on 05151 / 933 222.

Jagel: Tornadoes on the ground because of biodiesel

In the past week, flight operations at the air force base in Jagel, Schleswig-Holstein, were forced to rest: The reason: contaminated fuel. As the "Schleswiger Nachrichten" reports, too much biodiesel was added to the kerosene for the Bundeswehr Tornados. A check would have shown that the tolerance values ​​had been slightly exceeded. Therefore, as a precaution, all tanks at the air base were flushed last week, including those of the aircraft. The contaminated fuel reached the air base via a NATO line, and the air transport squadron stationed in neighboring Hohn was also affected, the report says. However, the Transall machines used there were still operational.

Hamburg: 18-year-old raped and robbed

In the district of Rissen in Hamburg, an 18-year-old was raped and robbed by an as yet unknown perpetrator on Saturday morning. According to the police, the young woman was walking when she was attacked from behind. The perpetrator sprayed her with pepper spray in the face and dragged her into a bush, where he raped her. He also stole cash from the young woman's handbag, who managed to escape in the course of the crime. She confided in her parents at home, who called the police. Since an initial search was unsuccessful, the police are now looking for witnesses. The perpetrator is described as follows: "male, short, black hair, possibly of southern appearance". The investigators receive information on telephone 040 / 4286-56789.

Hurlach: Car overturns on B17 and causes a traffic jam

There was a serious accident on the B17 near Hurlach in Bavaria in the morning: As the "Augsburger Allgemeine" reports, a driver got into his car Car went off the road and overturned. He was seriously injured and the road had to be temporarily closed on both sides.

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