Kangaroo leather: The production of sports shoes is so cruel

Kangaroo leather: The production of sports shoes is so cruel

Kangaroo leather: The production of sports shoes is so cruel

von Johanna Fuoss

Kangaroos are killed in millions in Australia and their skin is used for products such as soccer shoes.For this purpose, the animals in the wilderness are shot painfully.Orphaned young animals and wounded adult kangaroos, according to the Australian government, even beheaded or killed on the head with punches.

After the cruel killing methods became known, Adidas already banned kangaroo leather for most of his shoes in 2012.[1] Unfortunately, the animals still have to suffer for individual model, although there is now a wealth of high -quality and animal -free alternatives.Together with many other animal and nature conservation organizations such as Pro Wildlife, we ask Adidas in a video to consistently paint kangaroo leather from the entire range.

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First fashion companies banish kangaroo leather

In 2020, devastating forest fires in Australia led to the Italian fashion group Versace announced not to process kangaroo leather to protect the kangaroo population in the future.[1] According to estimates, the fire cost over a billion animals and burned over 17 million hectares of land.[2] Numerous kangaroos and their habitat.Your home of Australia is being threatened more and more by climate change.We hope that many other companies will join in the future and also banish the skin of kangaroos from their range - without waiting for another catastrophe, but out of compassion.Because kangaroos do not want to burn or be shot for the production of leather.

Leather always threatens biodiversity - no matter where it comes from

Andere Modekonzerne, darunter H&M, verbannten Ende 2019 Leder von Rindern aus Brasilien.Every year there are gigantic areas of the rainforest for new cattle farms.However, the rainforest is also destroyed for the production of feed that is transported all over the world to fatten animals.Since the rainforest houses more animal and plant species than many other places in the world, global leather production contributes significantly to species death and climate change.Therefore, we will continue to appeal to fashion groups, not only the skin of kangaroo or leather from Brazil, but generally to banish the use of animal skins.

What you can do

Please do not wear any leather for the sake of animals.In addition to synthetic leather, there are numerous alternatives such as apple leather or pineapple leather that are not only animal -friendly, but can also be produced significantly more sustainable than the chemically tanned skin of a painfully killed animal.

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