For a happy relationship: the 6-minute sex rule: you should know that

For a happy relationship: the 6-minute sex rule: you should know that

For a happy relationship: the 6-minute sex rule: you should know that

Für eine glückliche BeziehungDie 6-Minuten-Sex-Regel: Das solltest du wissen

von colored.de editor

Sex and partnership belong together.But although the partners usually want the same thing, it doesn't always feel equally good for both.So she may want more prelude, but he just wants to get down to business.The 6-minute rule could be good for both of them in the relationship.


Good, satisfactory sex, who doesn't want that?But is there a rule of thumb or a patent recipe, as you can achieve this permanently in a partnership?Yes, according to a Canadian study at least.It proves that the so-called 6-minute rule can lead to better sex.You can find out what the rule states and how couples can use it sensibly here.

What is the 6-minute rule about?

In a representative survey by the Canadian condom manufacturer Trojan and the "Sex Information and Education Council", 1 were.500 women and men between the ages of 18 and 24 interviewed separately from each other.The question was: What makes good and satisfying sex for you?The 6-minute rule was then derived from the results.In any case, this rule should have a positive impact on your couple relationship - and even beyond the purely physical one.

It needs relationship and partnership

In the study, men and women should comment on their preferences in the sexual act - regardless of their sexual inclination.And lo and behold: As far as the ideas of the sexes are not at all, as many may think.In any case, the majority of the respondents wanted sex within a binding partnership in order to be able to enjoy it permanently.Even in the "framework conditions" there was largely unity.

Für eine glückliche Beziehung: Die 6-Minuten-Sex-Regel: Das solltest du wissen

The Germans disturb these five things the most in their partnership.

It takes physical closeness

How long the act itself takes is obviously not so important for the idea of "good sex".Rather, the time before and after is more important.That means: it is the physical closeness that ensures more satisfaction in the partnership and sex in sex.And that applies to both men and women.Specifically, 56 percent of men and 54 percent of women have given them, they want physical closeness at least six minutes before and after sex.

Nothing works without foreplay

61 percent of women, in total significantly more than men, even say that they could not come to orgasm without a prelude.And the length of the prelude?Also at least six minutes.This is not even a little if both sides actually get active and sensual to each other.

You can see a happy partnership from these characteristics.

Even less goes without aftermath

Perhaps it is more surprising: even 71 percent of women stated that they perceive sex as "very satisfactory" if their partner takes a few minutes for tenderness after sex.If this component fell away, only 44 percent of the respondents felt the act "very satisfactory".So cuddling is part of good sex for the majority of women.It increases the emotional bond between the partners.

It works better without a stopwatch

Anyone who thinks that you have to measure the six minutes mentioned with the stopwatch or count internally will probably have little success with it.The head must remain free with the act of love in order to be able to get involved in it: Trust your inner clock and you will see: The minutes pass as if in a flash.Before you show yourself, there is a quarter of an hour over and the sex satisfies you both.In any case.

A study shows how much we benefit from good sex.

A tip for the man so that sex gets even better

Many men believe, perhaps also triggered by porn, that the quick penetration in particular satisfies a woman.Like the online magazine "WWN.de "writes, the man should put less on friction, but rather put more pressure on pressure.That means: penetrate the vagina as deep as possible and press from the inside towards the abdominal blanket.This stimulation can peak and also ensures more vaginal secretions.

Tips for women so that sex gets even better

The Danish sex pertino Ann-Marlene Henning advises on "Fitforfun.de ": don't think about your body whether you look good or your make-up is smeared: If you want to enjoy sex, this must not play a role.Breathe consciously towards genitals, relaxed abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, which brings more pleasure.And be active!Even with small signals, louder groans or your hands on the butt to feel it deeper...If you control the events and it will increase both passion.