Nike Air Force 1: You can now buy these 20 very rare sneakers from Sotheby's

Nike Air Force 1: You can now buy these 20 very rare sneakers from Sotheby's

Nike Air Force 1: You can now buy these 20 very rare sneakers from Sotheby's

Nike Air Force 1: You can now buy these rare models from Sotheby's

Nike sneakers are nothing new for Sotheby's.The auction house has often auctioned shoes from the US sports item manufacturer.Most recently, Nike Air Jordans from 1985 came under the hammer, which had been borne and signed by the basketball legend.In May 2020, they became the most expensive sneakers who have ever been auctioned.Ten interested parties offered a bitter competition at the online auction.In the last 20 minutes, the price scored $ 300,000 and was at the end of $ 560,000 (the equivalent of around 477,000 euros).(Read also: The rarest Nike sancers in the world? 50 of them are now auctioned at an auction)

Nike Air Force 1: You can now buy these 20 very rare models from Sotheby's

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Nike Air Force 1: Diese 20 sehr seltenen Sneaker können Sie jetzt bei Sotheby's kaufen

Now Sotheby's shoes from Nike on offer again.However, nobody has to fear price development as with Nike Jordans.The sneakers are not auctioned.Sotheby's regularly offers Nike Air Force 1 for purchase in your own online shop.They probably come from the collection of the entrepreneur Puneet Singh.The crown jewel of the collection is the Nike Air Force 1 Hyperstrike 1world Clot.Sotheby's demands the equivalent of almost 20,000 euros.This is by far the highest price among the 20 models.

The red Nike sneaker dates from 2009 and was designed to celebrate the Chinese New Year.It is made of red silk.According to Sotheby's, this can be removed on request, so that the brown leather underneath comes to light.According to the information, the Air Force 1 was not worn and comes with the original box and six pairs of laces.

Buy Nike Air Force 1 from Sotheby's

The Asian motif is also evident in some of the other extremely rare Nike sneakers.The second-tax models are with prices around 11,100 euros of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Ueno Sakura with Japanese cherry blossoms from 2005 and the Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Quickstrike Year of the Rabbit, with which the New York Streetwear label 2011 The Chinese Yearof the rabbit.In the same price category, the pink Nike Air Force 1 Promo Terror Squad also falls.He was designed by Nike 2004 in cooperation with the rapper Fat Joe.(Also interesting: Nike - the 10 hottest models from 59 euros)

But it is also much more affordable.At the other end of the price scale there is a blue Nike Air Force 1 Brooklyn from 2004. The model costs almost 300 euros.The collector apparently never intended to wear all sneakers himself.They are between the US sizes 7.5 and 12. The good news: Sotheby's also sends to Germany.In addition, the auction house has already announced other drops of Air Force 1 and other sneaker models.

Here you will find all Nike Air Force 1 at Sotheby's.

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