Which shoes are allowed in the washing machine and which not?

Which shoes are allowed in the washing machine and which not?

Which shoes are allowed in the washing machine and which not?

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By Felix Mildner |22.September 2021, 5:09 p.m.

Not only clothes, towels or bed linen can be cleaned in the washing machine, but also shoes.However, this does not apply to everyone.And which program should you choose so that they don't do any damage?

Shoes are automatically dirty when used regularly.Some grab water and brush, others simply put the shoes in the washing machine.In general: leather shoes have lost nothing in the machine, the material does not tolerate the wash cycle.Instead, a little shoe polish helps to give shoes shine again.But what about fabric shoes?Myhomebook asked an expert.

Should you clean shoes in the washing machine?

"Many shoe manufacturers advise against cleaning shoes in the washing machine and excluding warranty claims," explains Bernd Glassl from the Body care and detergent industrial association.V."But it is at your own responsibility," adds the expert.In leather shoes, he advises leather cleaning agents, so they get clean again.

What should you consider?

First, you should remove all loose parts with the shoes, i.e. insoles, clocks or buckles before you put them in the washing machine."Original synthetic insoles can be washed, orthopedic insoles I would not wash," says Glassl.It is also advisable to put your shoes in a laundry network.Alternatively, you can also use an old pillow cover.So that no imbalance arises in the machine, you can add a few old towels or cleaning rags to the drum."That protects the machine," says the expert.

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Which program is suitable for shoes?

Glassl recommends a washing program with a high water level if you want to clean shoes in the washing machine.These include the programs "fine laundry" or "easy to care/fine"."Some washing machines even have a special sneaker program," says Glassl.

Which detergent is possible?"Use fine detergent or with heavy pollution liquid color detergent, add a hygiene dish if necessary against odor -forming germs," he advises.At the temperature, 30 degrees are advisable.Highly dirty sneakers, which mostly consist of textile fibers, can also be washed at 40 degrees.

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What can it be if the shoes don't get clean?

In some cases it can of course be that the shoes don't get clean again - let alone look like new."Whether the shoes get really clean depends on the type of pollution and how long they are dirty," says Glassl.As always, the following applies here: the longer dirt can penetrate, the more difficult it can be removed.

Source: Industrial Association of Personal Nursing and Washkins E.V.

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