Sunday shopping in Pfullendorf: Let's go on an entertaining shopping spree

Sunday shopping in Pfullendorf: Let's go on an entertaining shopping spree

Sunday shopping in Pfullendorf: Let's go on an entertaining shopping spree


Really delicious, an ice cream to lick out of a cone or to spoon out of a cup. especially when the ambient temperature is pleasantly warm, like in April 2018.

Pfullendorf – On the shopping Sunday on May 5th, there are no presentations from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m only the retailers in the city center and the shops in the Seepark-Center, it's also about all sorts of things that have wheels. True to the motto "Pfullendorf gets mobile".

A camper van and other Toyota car models will be on display downtown. A Bundeswehr combat vehicle and crew is not intended to be bought, but to be looked at, as the press release states. You can use this opportunity to find out more about the "Bundeswehr Day" that takes place on Saturday, June 15 in Pfullendorf and also get tickets for the barracks.

Erwin Bosch brings his microlight aircraft to the city and explains how such an aircraft works. The music rehearsal double-decker bus is back on the market square, which you can of course also inspect from the inside. The citizen bus is much more modern. The vehicle, which transports several thousand people from Pfullendorf every year, can also be viewed. Even the subject areas "bicycle" and "boat" will be represented.

Sunday shopping in Pfullendorf: Let's go s for an entertaining shopping spree

There will also be music at the market square: the band "Tschäss-Bräss" - this year with a female singer - will provide a really cool sound with soul, funk, jazz and Latin. The CDU local association and the Free Voters want to be represented with information stands. The VdK provides information about its offer in the house at the Hechtbrunnen and also offers its flea market again. A large bouncy castle will be set up at the Hechtbrunnen for the little visitors to let off steam. The mini steam train is driving again in the Norma parking deck. Neither costs the parents anything.

There are snack bars ranging from the "Red Sausage" to Turkish specialties to delicacies from the Swabian kitchen and of course the local gastronomy is also happy to welcome guests.

It has become a tradition that the historic Postbus makes its rounds between 1:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. It connects Seepark-Center, city center and Alno. A big spring festival with all kinds of attractions will be celebrated near Alno on Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th. By the way, riding the Postbus is also free of charge. Depending on the weather, there will again be a shuttle service with a horse-drawn carriage from the Norma parking deck to the Seepark-Center. And the "Räuberbahn" is also back in operation on Sunday and transports visitors from Aulendorf to Pfullendorf and back.

Now spring fever has priority