Played: The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Played: The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff - SimTimes

Played: The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Played: The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff - SimTimes

Played: The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Played: The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff - SimTimes

Tomorrow is the day, the new expansion The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff appears. For your sporty Sims there is, among other things, a new climbing wall on which they can put their climbing talents to the test. We received the accessories pack in advance from Electronic Arts and have already been able to test it extensively. In this report, we will introduce you to the new clothing items and furniture, and show you how the new gameplay content Climbing Wall, Earbuds, and Training Videos have been implemented.

Chic To The Sport - What's New In Create A Sim Mode

With a fitness pack, of course, the right clothing should not be missing. With this selection of gym clothes, your Sims won't have any excuses for not having the right clothes to go to the gym. Female Sims get five tops, male Sims get four. There are also matching trousers and a pretty tennis skirt for women. Leggings and a pair of sports shoes complete the outfit perfectly. All garments are available in many colors and different patterns. We think it's particularly nice that men can also wear pink.

There are also new hairstyles for your sports-loving Sims. There are four new styles for women, while men, as always, are a little behind with just one new hairstyle. This hairstyle in particular, which can also be worn by female Sims, is particularly well worked out and a little eye-catcher.

There are no clothes or hairstyles for children and toddlers in this pack. However, since the fitness theme is primarily aimed at teenagers and adult Sims, this was to be expected.

Modern Luxury - New in Build and Buy modes

Of course, there are also some new items in build and buy mode. A new medium-sized glass door and two matching medium-high and tall windows give your gym that extra something. There are also two new wall textures, the wavy wall pattern in particular looks very classy. There isn't too much in build mode, but the selection is of high quality.

Our personal highlight in this accessory pack are the objects in buy mode. There are 28 objects in total, including the climbing wall. Everything is very modern and luxurious. Clear and sleek edges and a nice color selection. From the golden toilet to the turquoise carpet, everything is there. The objects fit well in a fitness center and are also ideal for your own four walls. We especially like the lamps. The small wall lamp almost looks like a climbing wall when placed on the wall in different colors. The hanging lamps with their simple structure are also a real eye-catcher. The three prefabricated rooms show you how you can optimally combine the objects.

Sport is murder - the climbing wall

In terms of gameplay, the first thing we looked at was the climbing wall. You have to be a bit careful when placing it, because the climbing wall needs a lot of space in height. A building with high walls is optimal here. You can use the climbing wall from the teenage age, children can only watch.

Climbing your Sims will increase their fitness ability, climbing also allows your Sims to lose weight and build muscle. There is a new 5 level climbing skill, but it is hidden. This means that your Sims will level up over time, but you won't see any level progress.

In general, you can choose between two options on the climbing wall: rock climbing and a challenge in endurance climbing. Sims are not very good at climbing at the beginning and cannot select challenges yet. In normal climbing there are three different options. It is best for beginners to try a gentle incline first, but braver Sims can also try a vertical incline. Once you have some rock climbing experience, you can also try overhang climbing. The climbing animations look very nice and you can tell from the Sims that it's difficult.

As your climbing experience increases, you can also complete challenges. There are five challenges in total, with increasing difficulty. You must first successfully complete the beginner challenge before you can start the next challenge. The final challenge is the fire challenge. However, it took our sim quite a few tries before we made it to this challenge. The fire looks spectacular of course and there is also a small chance that your Sim may die if it catches fire. However, we found it a bit unfortunate that our Sim continued to climb despite being hit directly by fire. Here you could have looked at the animation a little more closely.

By the way, when your Sim completes a challenge, they set a record time. Other Sims can then try to beat them. You can reset the record time at any time.

Continuous sound reinforcement – ​​the new earphones

A nice little addition are the earbuds, which allow your Sims to listen to music without disturbing others. You get the earphones when you click on the "Order" button on the computer. There are nine colors to choose from, a pair of earbuds costs 100 simoleons. Once in the inventory, you can either turn on the music directly there or you can click on your Sim. The earphones can also be worn by children and used during various activities. You have the same options as the stereo, so you can turn on the music and listen to the music. A small change could have been made here. Finally, it's strange when you turn on the music but don't listen at the same time, even though the earphones are placed directly on the ear. Perhaps this option is also for the player, because of course he also hears the music when the Sim is active. As soon as the active Sim is changed, the music also stops.

Fit on TV – the training videos

The third new gameplay element is the training videos on the TV. Just click the exercise button on your TV and you'll be given two different videos to choose from: the body shaping video and the plumboomba dance video. We think it's great that your Sims can now train on the TV. Especially if you don't have space in the house for a training device, you can still keep fit. The videos also look funny. At the same time, it is somewhat incomprehensible to us why this activity can only be carried out alone. Once a Sim exercises on the TV, no second Sim can perform this action.

Our first impression

Our absolute highlight of The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff are the great furnishings. House builders in particular will certainly be able to use the objects well and have fun setting them up. When it comes to gameplay content, however, our enthusiasm is a bit more restrained. Basically, all three gameplay contents have a lot of potential, but the implementation is a bit lacking. We always think it's nice when there's content that allows Sims to interact with each other. Unfortunately, the training videos are more suitable for loners than for social Sims. Whether the climbing wall is fun in the long run depends on the player. At this point we would have preferred to see a piece of sports equipment on which several Sims can act at the same time.

The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff will be available as a digital download on Origin on June 20, 2017. The game should be available to you from 7pm.

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