Meghan does it, Kate does it: Duchess sneakers to buy later

Meghan does it, Kate does it: Duchess sneakers to buy later

Meghan does it, Kate does it: Duchess sneakers to buy later

By Sophie Lohmann

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are known as the royal style icons and are leading the way with great fashion savvy. They have already shown us that the two can also wear casual outfits. We show you their looks to buy later.

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On their trip to Australia, Meghan and her Harry are doing sports. No wonder: After all, they go on a boat tour in Sydney together. A waterproof softshell jacket is of course a must. In addition, a pair of jeans and the essential: the sneakers.

The Duchess casually with sneakers

The Duchess of Sussex is wearing her beloved Vejas on the trip together. These are the sneakers from a French brand Veja, which is particularly committed to sustainability and fair fashion. Manufactured under fair working conditions in Brazil, a pair costs around 90 euros. The American's model is white with a black V, which stands for the initial letter of the label.

As soon as Meghan's Australia 2018 look hits the web, fans flock to the model and the prices of the trainers skyrocket by 115%. You can now get Meghan's shoes for an average of 100 euros.

Kate steals Meghan's look

But Meghan seems to have infected someone else with sneaker fever: three years later, sister-in-law Kate Middleton also wears Vejas when she visits the National History Museum. Did she rummage through Markle's wardrobe?

In any case, the shoes suit both royals perfectly and it becomes clear: Meghan and Kate can not only be chic, but also casual. Just a cool and comfortable look! If you want to know which perfume Kate likes to use the most, then click on the video.

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