Golf shoes - the buying guide with all information

Golf shoes - the buying guide with all information

Golf shoes - the buying guide with all information

Anyone who considers that golfers usually cover between six and ten kilometers depending on the golf round should pay attention to a well -fitting shoe.This means that both the risk of injury can be minimized and a firm and convenient stand can be guaranteed when it is discounted.However, the foot should not be restricted in its natural movement process.Essentially, the claim to a perfect golf shoe can be limited to stability, lightness and the right fit.If these criteria are given, the golfer has the shoe at the foot ideal for his needs.

Different models individualize the benefit

If you look around in retail or online, you will find different shoe models for golf sports.Important properties in addition to the optics that have to be considered are primarily good comfort, waterproof properties and the respiratory activity of the shoes.In addition to classic golf shoes with spikes under the sole, almost all manufacturers now also have so -called street shoes in the range.These are visually modeled on a sports shoe, but were specially adapted to the requirements on the golf course.

For wet, cold autumn and winter days, golf boots are no longer uncommon to observe and especially in female golfers.Due to a mostly warming inner lining and a thick sole, they are a good choice in icy temperatures.On a golf vacation or on warm summer days in our latitudes, you can also use the open golf shoe in the form of a toe division.

Golfschuhe für die Saison 2016Auch für die neue Saison 2016 haben sich die altbekannten Schuhmacher wieder einiges einfallen lassen. Wir stellen die neusten Modelle vor.Zur Fotogalerie

Be sure to try golf shoes before buying

It is clear that golf shoes have to be real all -round talents so that they are the perfect companion on the lawn both in the professional game and in hobby training.To do this, he not only has to offer a good stand, but also support the golfers perfectly in the movement.It is therefore important that the shoe adapts well and does not press or insert it.With the long routes, the optimal seat is all the more important so that flexibility, stability and resistance are given and both injuries and pain in the exercise of sport can be avoided.

Ultimately, the shoe size cannot be ignored at this point, because models that are too small or too large can quickly ensure bubbles or bruises.If you don't want to go to specialist shops or want to order a couple, you can measure your feet in advance and is so well prepared.

The range of golf shoes - whether for men, women and children - is large, but it is important that the shoe is tried on before buying.After all, nothing is more uncomfortable than having to find out on the golf course immediately before the discount that the shoe is pressing or bubbles form.If you start golf or just hide in your free time, you will find out with a few good golf shoes for the beginning.

If you play more regularly at some point, but should be at least two or even several pairs of shoes for sport so that the shoes can be varied depending on the claim and circumstances.A tip for buying winter golf shoes: Love buy a size larger so that an additional couple of socks have space in it.

The selection of the materials at the golf shoe

In terms of quality, not only the fit is decisive for a perfect golf shoe, but also the material.There are different variants here, whereby leather is considered the most tried and tested, because it offers a stretch -free and well -fitting, but also waterproof barrier that makes the shoe versatile.

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Puma Ignite Pwradapt Leather 2.0 men's golf shoes, white

Puma Ignite Pwradapt Leather 2.0 men's golf shoes, white

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Most manufacturers offer a guarantee of one to two years, which should also be used if the shoe does not keep its promise.In addition to leather, polyester is also used in the production of the golf shoes.The inner lining is usually made from it, since it is lighter and thinner than leather.Goretex is also used for the waterproof variant.

The ideal golf shoe is equipped with spikes under the sole, which ensure a good stand and firm kick.They were originally made of metal, but today they have largely disappeared from the screen area.The golf industry has found a good replacement with the development of the soft spikes, since they are lighter in terms of weight and cause less damage on the lawn.

Ecco Cool - The technological monster

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ecco Golfschuhe Cool Pro Yak weißgrau

Golf shoe for women Ecco Cool Pro YAK The Ecco Cool Pro YAK leaves the foot thanks to Gore-Tex surround technology and air ducts in the midsole and is 100 % waterproof.

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The figurehead of the 2017 ECCO collection sets new standards in terms of technology and performance and is one of the most innovative golf shoes in recent years.Thanks to her partner Gore-Tex, the Danish shoe manufacturer was able to draw on the full technologically and prepare the "cool" with all the refinements against any weather conditions.

FootJoy Pro/SL - even professionals are convinced of him

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FootJoy Golfschuhe ProSL BOA weißgrau

Golf shoes for women FootJoy Pro/SL Boa the success model now in a new look!

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Golf heavyweights such as Adam Scott have already been convinced by this shoe.Thanks to its extra soft chromoskin leather, the golf shoe offers maximum comfort.Due to the extremely light sole material, the shoe loses weight comparatively clearly and the FootJoy Pro/SL is truly a competitive product that we have tested ourselves.

Under Armor Spieth One - The shoe of the American "Youngster"

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Under Armour HOVR Fade SL Golfschuh Herren

The waterproof Under Armor Hovr Show SL Goretex Sunbrella Golf shoes are made of hard -wearing weather and light -resistant SunBrollage tissue.

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The Under Armor Spieth One was specially developed on the needs of Jordan Spieth with special attention to spike technology.The so-called rotational resistance spikes should provide strong traction and flexibility in the swing through their special shape and arrangement.The "Spieth One" is also equipped with a waterproof upper and should provide "zero distraction" by a perfect fit with just one seam on the heel.

The surface of the "Spieth One" is continuous, decorated by many small applications and the only seam is on the heel (Photo: Under Armor)

Adidas Tour 360 Boost - the classic with updates

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adidas Golfschuhe Tour 360XT-SL 2 schwarz

Golf shoe for men Adidas Tour360 XT-SL 2 The waterproof adidas Tour360 XT-SL 2 golf shoe for men offers protection and comfort in all weather thanks to the upper material made of high-quality leather with sealed seams.

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The top seller from Herzogenaurach is now going into its tenth season and has been developed over and over again over the years, equipped with new technologies and optically prettied up.In addition to the well-known Adizero model, this continuous work and dedication made the shoe a highlight and classic of Adidas golf shoe collection.

The Tour 360 Boost is and remains a solid and good golf shoe that is always an alternative.

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