Generous donations: Otto Graf Realschule receives an outer table tennis plate

Generous donations: Otto Graf Realschule receives an outer table tennis plate

Generous donations: Otto Graf Realschule receives an outer table tennis plate

Headmaster Martin Albrecht, representative of the Volksbank Kraichgau, representative of the children's clothing market Wiesloch and the chairman of the Freundeskreis of the Otto-Graf Realschule presented their donations for the external table tennis panels

(TK - 10.2.17) New outdoor table tennis panels at the Otto Graf Realschule Leimen-Donations of the Volksbank Kraichgau and the Wiesloch children's clothing and toy markets bring more movement to the school playground

More play and movement options on the school playground-the students of the Otto Graf Realschule have long dreamed of.Table tennis plates in particular were at the top of the wish list.Unfortunately, the high acquisition costs of the concrete outer plates prevented an earlier implementation.

Thanks to the generous support of three organizations that like to make a difference, the long -cherished dream could finally be implemented.Thanks to the donations of the Volksbank Kraichgau and the Wiesloch children's clothing and toy market, which were once again increased by the Freundeskreis of the Otto Graf Realschule.

On 03.02.Delivered representatives of the organization team of the Wiesloch children's dress and toy market, Ms. Enders, Ms. Straub and Ms. Knopf as well as representatives of the Volksbank Kraichgau, Mr. Prax, regional market manager and wife Langbein, consultant at the Leimen branch, in a symbolic handover to the chairman of the Freundeskreis derOgrs, Mr. Wulle, and headmaster Mr. Albrecht.

How big the attractiveness of the two blue plates is, every break shows up when the students "coordinate with their feet" and to make mäxle tournaments, play ideas with a racket change and other round run variations..Since the focus of all played table tennis variants is the focus of mobility, speed and coordination, the OGRS students open up even more options for active break design.

Many thanks to all customers of the Wiesloch children's clothing and toy market, which made the donation of the organization team possible through the sale and purchase of used clothes and toys.Because with the retained 20% of the total proceeds, a lot has been done in the region for decades.Of course, thanks also go to the many volunteers, without whom the market could not take place- such as Ms. Thüne, who has established contact with personal union as a teacher at the OGRS and long-time helper of the Wiesloch children's clothing and toy markets.

“Win-Win-Win” situations such as the Wiesloch children's clothing and toy markets must be used.Families benefit from the sales and purchase possibility of well-sorted goods and children and families in the region can then look forward to a generous donation.

Großzügige Spenden: Otto-Graf-Realschule erhält Außen-Tischtennisplatte

Wiesloch children's clothing and toy market

On Saturday, the 11.March 2017 takes place from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. the popular Wiesloch children's dresses and toy market in the event hall of the Dreifaltigkeitkirche, Kurpfalzstraße 20 in Wiesloch.The children's clothing market offers families with children a favorable sales option in the commission and at the same time a good shopping opportunity.

Interested sellers receive a processing fee of € 2 each, - a sales number for 50 items (clothing and/or toys) together with prepared labels to distinguish their goods themselves.Since the number of customer numbers is limited, an issue is only carried out as long as the stocks last.Customer numbers that have not been used can be used until 3 p.m. on 9.3.be returned.

The clothing must be in line with the season, washed, stainless and undamaged, otherwise it is not offered for sale.In addition to clothing in sizes 56–164, toys, children's books, baby equipment, bicycles, car seats, CDs/DVDs/cassettes, rubber boots and sports shoes are assumed.In addition, a special table is available for sports equipment (no carnival table).20 % of the sales proceeds are withheld and benefit a charitable purpose.

The first number output in the Trinity Hall is on Thursday, 23.2.From 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m..The first acceptance of goods and an additional number of numbers takes place on Thursday, 9.3.From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m..Another acceptance of goods will be on Friday, 10.3.from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m..Sales day is Saturday, 11.3.from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m..Collection of non -sold goods and the income takes place on Monday, 13.3.From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m..

Buyers are only allowed to visit the market with empty bags/baskets on the sales day.Jackets and coats must be handed over to the free wardrobe.For reasons of space, prams are unfortunately not permitted in the sales room.

Annette Straub, 06222/81488, Katrin Knopf, 0622/52327 and Sandra Dippert, 06222/938951 are happy to answer any questions.You can also find detailed and sales information about the market at WWW.Wieslocher children's clothing market.de.

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