Fashion trend 2021: This pattern is celebrating a brilliant comeback

Fashion trend 2021: This pattern is celebrating a brilliant comeback

Fashion trend 2021: This pattern is celebrating a brilliant comeback

Polka dots are back! This is how you style the hottest fashion trend of 2021

by Ann-Christin GebhardtPünktchen wherever you look. The polka dot pattern celebrated its big fashion revival last year - and continues to be as popular as ever. We'll show you how to properly style this classic print.

Even our grandmothers always said: "Child, everything comes back in fashion at some point!" And as so often, they were absolutely right. While houndstooth, glencheck or leopard print celebrate one revival after the other and regularly flood the wardrobes of influencers, another pattern can now count as one of the long-running prints and literally makes a precision landing every year.

Because hardly any pattern spreads a good mood as easily as the polka dots - and that's exactly why it's the perfect basis for all our spring and summer looks. Walt Disney knew this more than 90 years ago and put the probably second most famous mouse in the world aka the one and only Minnie in a polka dot dress. And even in 2021, the designers won't get enough of the spherical pattern. New York, Milan, Paris - everywhere you look, models are floating down the catwalks in cute polka dot pieces, making us update our fashion wish list more than once with new favorite pieces.

Fashion trend 2021: This pattern is celebrating a brilliant comeback

This is how we're wearing polka dots in 2021

While the lively dots were mainly found on oversized circle skirts in the 1950s, the range of polka dot pieces in 2021 is almost endless. Dresses, skirts, blouses or trousers – whatever is fun is allowed. And while the classic pattern is still popular in black and white, softer combinations in nude nuances are also popular this year.

Either way, the polka dot pattern is a no-brainer. Means: Put it on and look fresh immediately. Hardly any other print requires so little thought. The dots are perfect for everyday wear, but they also make a big impression in the evening when they are printed on delicate silk fabrics or shimmer like a bet with shiny satin.

How to style polka dots

The polka dot pattern is a rewarding print when it comes to styling - which is especially beneficial for beginners in the polka dot game. Since the playful dots are already a real eye-catcher, the rest of the look can relax a bit. Softly flowing, dotted midi dresses with delicate strappy sandals or leather slippers make it big, while polka dot skirts love cool oversize shirts and dotted blouses with jeans make a perfect match. With a blazer and simple pumps, the pattern is even suitable for the office.

Real professionals, on the other hand, can also use more than one piece with dots. For example, a blouse with powerful shoulders and small dots also looks great in combination with a mini skirt with XXL dots. The only rule of thumb: If you mix polka dots together, stay in one color scheme. The black and white pattern should therefore not be combined with colored polka dots. In order to bring even more play into the look, however, it is advisable to reverse the color arrangement of the respective parts. A skirt with black dots on a white background goes perfectly with a blouse with white polka dots on a black background.

When it comes to accessories, on the other hand, a certain amount of sensitivity is required, since the print itself can do without it. If you still don't want to do without one or the other add-on, you can rely on filigree jewelry, cute headbands or straw accessories. Fans of style breaks can also grab rough boots or sneakers.