Fashion for girls - 100 cute ideas for summer 2014

Fashion for girls - 100 cute ideas for summer 2014

Fashion for girls - 100 cute ideas for summer 2014


Summer is just around the corner and the little people have to be dressed appropriately. In this article we will show you magical ideas on how to choose the outfit for your girl. Fashion for girls from dress size 98 in 100 inspirational images that will evoke a feeling of tenderness and glory in your heart.

Dream fashion for girls


Striped dresses made of cotton fleece quality, long or short with floral or animal motifs, decorated with lace or ruffles, this summer's fashion for girls ranges from aristocratic through city fashion to the beach relaxation trend. Whether the little girl needs a dress for walking in the woods or along the beach, a more sporty outfit for the city or would rather take one for a garden or children's party, the needs of the little ones should be met in any case. In addition to good quality and functionality, wearing comfort and comfort are also top priorities. Our little girls should feel totally comfortable and happy in their clothing. That's why it's sometimes crucial to take their opinion with you. To finish, also add some accessories, such as a summer or straw hat, bracelets, floral wreaths or bows for the head, or on the dress, matching shoes and socks, or bags if the little lady likes to wear them.

Trendy fashion for girls with different patterns and motifs

Dresses with floral or animal motifs, colorful leggings and bright tops are particularly popular in summer 2014. By the way, fashion for girls has a lot in common with the trend for women this year. Floral patterns, with dots or stripes, are emphasized, combined with flat peep-toe sandals, ballerinas, with hair bands and bows in the hair.

Comfortable and functional

Summer jeans are a traditional hit every summer. It is important that the denim contains Lycra, is elastic and is made of cotton so that the little lady feels really comfortable. And on rainy days or cool summer evenings you should have a hooded jacket, cardigan or sweater made of cotton with you.

Mode für Mädchen- 100 süße Ideen für den Sommer 2014

princess look

Dresses made of tulle and silk or decorated with lace always remind of the magical fairytale world in the forest. Ballerina flats in light skin-or-caramel tones and denim jackets or cardigans are a perfect match.

The little ballet dancer

Summer dress with ruffles in the shape of a rose, made of tulle and cotton

Fantastically noble

Fashion for girls who are a bit demanding and want to emphasize aristocracy. Dreamy tulle, cotton and linen, decorated with lace or handmade knitting are preferred in snow white, creamy white or eggshell color. Ribbons and bows are used either on the hair or on the hat.

Vintage fashion as a fashion style

Summer in the city

In tune with nature

Beach relaxation fashion basics for leisure time

On the hot summer days

Somewhat more extravagant fashion for girls