Fashion: Berlin style: Ey, age, do you have sneakers?

Fashion: Berlin style: Ey, age, do you have sneakers?

Fashion: Berlin style: Ey, age, do you have sneakers?

His shop for children's gymnastics shoes like a sociological experiment in the middle of Neukölln, between Karl-Marx-Straße and Sonnenallee.There is the young mother who is looking for the right sneakers for her toddler.Three half -long boys from the Kiez call from the door: "Ey, do you have Nike?" Kwon Kim sighs: "I have already told you that, no.And don't you prefer sneakers that not everyone has? "

There is no swelling fear at Yumalove.The door is wide open, right at the entrance, the first shoes are exhibited on small colorful pedestals that protrude from a white, self -made shelf.

The shop is supposed to work for large Turkish families as well as for hipster parents who have just moved to Neukölln and change the neighborhood slowly but safely.Kwon Kim grew up in Kreuzberg even.He hits the tone that mingles with a global fashion language.At the age of 22, he moved to the wide world for the sneakers Puma, Adidas and Ascis, only to the USA and Herzogenaurach, later to Amsterdam and Japan.

He worked there as a global product manager for sneakers.His world was about sneakers, of which he himself had hundreds of people in his closet.“Sneakerheads” are called people who buy sneakers in limited runs and collect such as works of art.Kim has now sold many of his treasures.Between his management activity and his new employment as a sneaker dealer, a burnout is in the end of twenty, a trip around the world, a yoga training and the birth of his daughter.After that a lot has changed with him.He wanted to be settled and preferred to have his workplace where he lives - in Neukölln.

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Kwon Kim plans a lot - on slim 17 square meters

Even if the business is only 17 square meters, the 34-year-old has a lot to do with it.With children's gate shoes he did not choose a gap in the market by about.In Berlin he is the first to specialize in it, and otherwise he knows no comparable business.He is certain that his concept works: "The guys who grew up with sneakers now have children themselves and want to pass on their culture," he says.

But sneakers are still a by -product for the big brands for smaller children.So, despite his good contacts, it was not so easy for Kwon Kim to win over the big companies to deliver shoes in his tiny shop.Adidas only does it from 40 square meters of retail space.

In the meantime, the relevant blogs and specialist magazines have reported on his shop, even the first investor has requested.That fits his strategy, because Kwon Kim has grown far beyond his small shop in the head: Yumalove is supposed to be an international chain.That's why he put a lot of effort into the logo, which is also emblazoned on T-shirts and self-designed miniature bomber jackets.So that they don't look too martial, they are printed on the inside with cute pasta.

First of all, Kwon Kim Neukölln delights with his sneakers and tries to bring smaller brands forward.He knows: The boys who visit him have influence in the school yards in the neighborhood when it comes to the style.

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