Vegan sneaker in trend: six cool brands |Stern.de

Vegan sneaker in trend: six cool brands |Stern.de

Vegan sneaker in trend: six cool brands |Stern.de

Shoe trend vegan sneakers: these shoes can do without leather

Der Verzicht auf tierische Produkte spiegelt sich nicht nur in der Ernährung vieler Befürworter der veganen Lebensweise wider, sondern auch in ihrer Garderobe. Dadurch erleben lederfreie Sneaker einen richtigen Hype.

Leather is bad for the environment.The conventional cattle breeding releases tons of greenhouse gases and use toxic chemicals in the further processing of the animal skins-both contribute to a bad eco-balance.Now the big one comes: synthetic leather is also not environmentally friendly.It is usually made of plastic, which in turn dirty our seas.For this reason, vegan sneakers are not automatically "better" than leather shoes.Unless they were made from sustainable materials, such as canvas, organic cotton, cork or natural rubber.Nevertheless, of course, you shouldn't point out that it is still better to wear a sneaker for which no animal suffer and had to die painfully.In addition, there are more and more manufacturers that produce their shoes at least from recycled materials.The bottom line is that you can say: vegan sneakers are more wearing animal and environmental protection at than sneakers made of real leather.You can find out here what they look like at the end of the assembly line.

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The French label is one of the hottest brands that produce vegan sneakers: After a five -year development phase, the company has managed to produce sneakers from environmentally friendly materials.And although over 60 percent of the substances are biodegradable and the sneakers can therefore be referred to as ecoses, they look stylish and modern - and feel almost as if they were made of real leather.And even if the shoes are not the cheapest, it is worth investing inVeja's vegan sneakers.

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Vegane Sneaker im Trend: sechs coole Marken | STERN.de


The German label is also known for its sustainable shoes made of fairly traded and sustainable materials.The sneakers made from organic cotton and natural rubber (FSC certified)-purely visually-are reminiscent of well-known brands such as Superga orConverse.This makes them particularly popular as well as fashionable shoes that are in no way inferior to their competitors.The additional FSC seal can be sure that the materials come from sustainable management of forest areas and plantations and the vegan sneakers are produced ethically correctly.

3.Two -good

Cork is an often underestimated material - the manufacturers of two -good.The Hamburg label also produces high -quality shoes made of old leather from car seats (which is still better than using new leather), but also has vegan sneakers in its range.The shoes made from natural cork from the cork oak and canvas are particularly robust and yet pleasantly soft.In addition, the material is water -repellent, but still breathable.If you are interested in the vegan sneakers, you will find a nice copy here.

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The American sports shoe manufacturer opened its doors in March 1966.To date,Vans is one of the most famous sneaker brands around the globe.Even if the company makes shoes made of leather, it offers its customers a large selection of vegan sneakers from canvas for men, women and children.Responsible and sustainable materials are used here for the production of vegan sneakers - becauseVans also works with various environmental organizations.


Awarded the label "Peta Approved Vegan", the shoe manufacturerDivadi stands for leather -free sneakers.Translated, the name means "walking and walking" - this should be expressed that you should keep going to decide to discover new things.You couldn't describe a few new shoes better.Especially not when it comes to this copy: the sneakers made of vegan materials and natural fibers, viscose and locally drawn rubber from Vietnam are fully trendy with their velvet optics.

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TheConverse brand is also a long -established company that has been producing shoes since 1908.The most famous model is the Chuck Taylor All Star - better known as Chucks - and was sold over 600 million.In fact, it is also the only copy that may be referred to as the "vegan Friendly".In other words, the sneakers do not contain animal materials.You don't have to do that either, because chucks are by far the most convenient shoes that you can wear (in summer!).

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