Stark-Watzinger's irritating appearance at "BILD-TV": Does the federal government have any plan for schools?

Stark-Watzinger's irritating appearance at "BILD-TV": Does the federal government have any plan for schools?

Stark-Watzinger's irritating appearance at "BILD-TV": Does the federal government have any plan for schools?

BERLIN.The incidence among children and adolescents shoot into thousands, there is test chaos and a wild quarantine through one another in schools, teachers are infected massively, parents are massive, due to lack of air filters, even in classrooms, even at sub-temperatures.In short: in many places there is hard to think about lessons.In this situation, the CORONA expert council of the Federal Government warns better communication about the goals of their measures.And what does the Federal Minister of Education do?It appears in "BILD-TV"-and does not show which plan the Federal Government is pursuing in the schools.Is there any one at all?We document the interview in the wording.

"Image" vice editor Paul Ronzheimer: You are the mother of two sons yourself.How do you have in recent years, you have to say that pandemic policy is experiencing?

Bettina Stark-Watzinger: Good morning Mr. Ronzheimer, I am the mother of two daughters.

"Image": Oh.

Stark-Watzinger: I also think it's great that I have two daughters.My daughters are 23 and 25, I saw it in the student area because the closing of schools and universities has a lot of educational failure.But there are also psychosocial problems.Both are important phases of life of young people who need friends who need an environment, they have to develop, they have to try something and that was missing and we have to make it possible and therefore schools and universities have to remain open.

"Image": What do your daughters tell you?That presence should be possible again?

Stark-Watzinger: We are not only allowed to plan the crisis with the day today, so we have to think about how we get out of the Corona restrictions.But it is certain that we now have to keep the schools open.Everything has to be done for this.Above all, with the hygiene measures, but also with the vaccination that we have to bring to schools, we have to ensure that there is high protection there.At the universities, they often fall through the grid, because you think they are adults -these are also adult people -but still in an important phase of life, and here you have to say that the stress is high, that is highLet's see the demand for psychosocial advice.

About the attendance obligation: "We have also seen that the KMK clearly said that there is also an obligation to present educational justice"

"Image": Even with the attendance obligation, it doesn't work in Germany yet.For example in Berlin this is discussed again.Why can all rules fall in other countries, in Great Britain even the clubs open up again.We don't even get it in the schools properly.

Stark-Watzinger: Yes, I was surprised at what happened in par ..., uh, Berlin, since we also saw that the KMK clearly said, attendance is also the right to be educated and, above all, the way in which communicateswas of course difficult for schools, for parents, to implement this at short notice.(Background, D.Red: The state of Berlin has the attendance in schools in view of a child incidence of currently 4.255 exposed.Since then, parents have been able to keep their children at home, but they are not entitled to distance lessons there))).

We have a situation in our country that is somewhat different.We have an older society, and in the part of people over 50, over 60 the vaccination rate is not yet as high as in other countries, that makes it a little more difficult.But as a federal government, we have set ourselves the clear goal: not a lockdown, but with differentiated measures as much social life as possible.

"Picture": again, why does so much go in Great Britain, but with us - even in schools - so little, where mask obligation continues?In many letters that we get from BILD, parents complain who say that the children are so many hours with masks, that is no longer possible.How do you see that?

Stark-Watzinger: I can understand that, this is a high burden, especially for the children.That does something with communication.But it is still better than having no school than having no lessons.Great Britain is something in front of us in the Omikron wave, so we are a bit behind-and still think of tomorrow and make the preparations: How do we go out?What are the first steps you have to take to reduce the measures?

About mask obligation: "This is still the most low -threshold to have protection because there is the possibility of being together"

"Image": When would that be?When do we experience our Great Britain?

Stark-Watzinger: (repeated))) When do we experience our Great Britain?If I knew that, I would be very happy.Because then we could all live for a certain day.But we see yes, it is expected that we have the highest point from Omikron in mid -February and that afterwards the incidence will rise again (meant: sink, d.Red.))) Fortunately, the hospitalization rate and intensive care beds did not run into the extent.In this respect, I think that in the second half of February we can really think about how we do it.

"Image": When does the mask requirement fall?

Stark-Watzinger: Mr. Ronzheimer, I would not make a bet on it because I think that is still the most low-threshold to have protection because there is the possibility of togetherness, but still health protection.

"BILD": In pandemic, the Chancellor has repeatedly ensured that schools were closed in the prime ministerial conferences.Why was that, you believe, and how much did this policy harm the children?

Stark-Watzinger: At the beginning of Corona pandemic, it was very important to health protection, you have the side effects that bad side effects have not yet been in mind.That is why it is good and important that we as a federal government now give the children a voice.I know that's not easy.Many parents are also worried, I can understand that, but the justice of education and above all what is caused by psychosocial damage is so profound that presence with protective measures, with the offer of vaccination is the better alternative.

"Image": Sometimes you have the feeling that Germany is an anti -child.Other countries open in the past and take care of these consequences more.Is that so, do you have the feeling too?

Stark-Watzinger: So, in this federal government it is certainly not that way.We have done everything in the sense of the Infection Protection Act that no more comprehensive school closures take place and have also done everything with the hygiene measures that children in particular get the respect they need.(Background, D.Red.: The Infection Protection Act of the traffic light coalition that has been in force since November expressly prohibits the federal states in the area.)))

"Picture": If you speak of respect, it is important that as a politician you also have this experience that you have children, can you make politics better for children if you are not childless?

Stark-Watzinger: This is an interesting question.It helps, of course.But we as a politician are of course in exchange with people, are not only politicians for a party when you are in government, but you are there for the population, for people, and in this respect we are also in exchange. Es ist natürlich gut, wenn man die Chance hat, das direkt mitzubekommen, aber man kann auch durch die (wackelt bei dem Wort hin und her))) „Kommunikation“ vor Ort erfahren, wie die Situation ist.

About Long Covid in children: "With good therapies and the early attention for the topic, we can also create antidote"

"Picture": Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach repeatedly warns that there is no wise and speaks of possible long covid follows.You have the feeling that the schools stayed tight, then you said, no, you can't open and now you want to tell us again, that's very dangerous, so could come Long covid.What does that do with you?

Stark-Watzinger: (felt compassionate from the word "feeling".))) I am not only Federal Minister of Education, but also education and research, and we also researched the Ministry of Corona very early on, have also promoted vaccine production and development, now also the medication, the therapies against covid, and we alsoNow a study, a research project on the subject of Long Covid, that is a bit with what we have to work, we see the numbers from other countries, first ... uh ... indications, which age groups that lead to Long Covid, that is a question, we should face it, because we will have to speak about that in the future.But I am good courage.With good therapies and early attention for the topic we can also create antidote.News4teachers

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