Slingback pumps: The Royals trend shoes |Brigitte.de

Slingback pumps: The Royals trend shoes |Brigitte.de

Slingback pumps: The Royals trend shoes |Brigitte.de

Slingback pumps The elegant shoe that the Royals love

von Friederike DejanBei ihren Schuhen machen die Royals keine Abstriche. Aktuell hat es ihnen ein ganz bestimmtes Modell in einer sehr besonderen Farbe angetan.

They are elegant, classic and yet they keep getting us around the mind: the shoes of the royals.Duchess Meghan, Queen Letizia and Co.all to a very specific couple.And of course we want that too!

Slingback pumps: The favorite shoes of the Royals

Slingback pumps are the IT-Piece in the royal ladies shoe cabinet.What makes the shoe special?At the rear part of the shoe there is usually a recess and a small strap at Slingbacks - hence the name.The shoes are not only elegant, they also fit everything.However, one color is particularly popular with the royals - and that's red.No matter whether dark, bright or covered, the color tone seems to be popular in winter.Logical, after all, red always looks festive and chic.

We know that red shoes are not always easy to combine.But don't worry, because what the royal fashionistas can do for a long time.Probably the simplest and most obvious combination option is red with red.This is how Duchess Meghan wore it during her last appearance.She combined the red slingback pumps with a red dress.Here dress and shoes do not have to have the same red tone, several shades make the look appear alive.

A shoe, many styling opportunities

Of course, a monochrome look in red can sometimes be a little too much, after all not everyone wants to wear such striking outfits.If you want to downgrade the red shoe, you combine it into straight-leg jeans.Red and blue look super casual together.This goes well with blazer, wool coats and basic shirts.If you want, you can also wear a second part in red, so the shoe does not look so lost.

The supreme discipline is color blocking.If you fancy a lot of color, combine red and pink together, how about red slingbacks and a pink sweater?Even with green, a bright red tone can look super stylish - especially at Christmas time.

Used source: own research