Royals: Queen, Charles and William react unusually violently to BBC Doku

Royals: Queen, Charles and William react unusually violently to BBC Doku

Royals: Queen, Charles and William react unusually violently to BBC Doku

"The Princes And The Press" Harry vs. William: BBC documentary fuels fraternal dispute - the Queen is not "amused"

A BBC documentary that The relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William and the press is illuminated, causing trouble in the palace: the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William commented surprisingly sharply on the TV show.

In an extraordinary move, the British royal family has criticized a BBC documentary about the Royal Family and the relationship between the Queen's grandchildren Prince William and Prince Harry. In a joint statement, representatives of Queen Elizabeth II, heir to the throne Prince Charles and Queen's grandson Prince William accused the public broadcaster of presenting "exaggerated and unfounded claims from unnamed sources as fact". The joint statement by Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace was shown by the BBC itself at the end of the programme.

Royals: Queen, Charles and William respond unusually violent on BBC documentary


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BBC 2's Monday night episode "The Princes And The Press" suggests that brothers William and Harry are each journalists with allegations against the should have fed the other side. Both reject it. The relationship between the two Queen's grandchildren is considered to be heavily burdened since Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan publicly accused the palace of racism and lack of support.

Relations between the BBC and the palace are strained

On the show, a private investigator also apologized to Harry for tapping the phone of one of the prince's ex-girlfriends. He stole Harry's teenage years, Gavin Burrows said. At the beginning of the 2000s, a "ruthless" culture without any morals prevailed in the media. With Harry appearing more fun-loving than his older brother William, Burrows said there was more circulation. This led to drastic research methods. Harry's then-girlfriend Chelsy Davy was also targeted. The prince has sued the publisher News Group Newspapers, which published the Sun and formerly the scandalous newspaper News of the World.

The second episode of the documentary airs a week later, on November 29th. It will probably cause even more trouble in the royal family, because it is said to be specifically about the years 2018 to 2021 – the time when Harry and William finally broke up. Even before Monday's broadcast, the palace had threatened to boycott public broadcaster BBC for not getting a preview of the films. The BBC belongs - along with ITV and Sky - to the pool of channels that alternately broadcast the Queen's Christmas speech every year. But the relationship between the broadcaster and the royals has been tense for a long time. It was only in May that the palace apologized after conclusively proving that the scandalous 1995 interview with Princess Diana only came about because a BBC journalist fed her lies and false evidence.

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