Olympia 2022: Former ski star Vonn sees an artificial knee joint as the only option

Olympia 2022: Former ski star Vonn sees an artificial knee joint as the only option

Olympia 2022: Former ski star Vonn sees an artificial knee joint as the only option

Lindsey Vonn ended her active career as a skier due to knee problems.Image: www.imago-images.de / JOEL MARKLUNDExclusive

Ex-ski star Lindsey Vonn still has pain three years after the end of her career: the only option is an artificial knee joint

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Mikaela Shiffrin first experienced a disappointment on Monday in the giant slalom, slipped after seven goals and was eliminated. Then, on Wednesday morning, German time, the next setback followed: In the slalom at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, she was out there even faster. After the fourth goal it was over for them. After that she sat alone on the track for several minutes, pressing her head in the crook of her arm.

The American said on ZDF after her exit: "I felt good, and it was only a small slide. It's incredibly difficult for me to understand that." There was consolation after ski racing legend Lindsey Vonn's second early exit from the Olympics on Twitter: "Bitter disappointment for Mikaela Shiffrin. But it doesn't take anything away from her outstanding career and what she can and will achieve. Cheer up!"

Shiffrin can break Vonn's record

Vonn had rated her compatriot as the clear favorite for ski racing before the games. She told watson: "I have faith in her ability to get a medal in every discipline she competes in. She is a great ambassador for the sport." At least for the giant slalom and the slalom, Vonn was wrong in her assessment. In the Super G and possibly also in the downhill, Shiffrin probably has another chance at a medal.

Despite the current disappointments, she could also go down in history as the best female ski racer. Vonn currently holds the women's record with 82 World Cup victories, Shiffrin is already 73 victories at the age of 26. The 37-year-old Vonn would not begrudge her compatriot this success: "Of course I would be happy for her. It would be great for ski racing and for American sport in general. I always cheer her on so that she is successful."

Vonn can no longer ski himself. Almost exactly three years ago, on February 10, 2019, she ended her active career due to persistent knee problems. She admits to watson that she misses the "competition and the adrenaline". "I think that will never change."

At the same time, she is certain that she would still be in Beijing if her knee didn't cause any problems. "Of course I would still be skiing if I hadn't had so many injuries and wasn't in so much pain. But that's life and I can't change it. I can only be grateful for the time I had."

"Probably a knee replacement is the only option."Lindsey Vonn on what she can do about the ongoing pain

Olympia 2022: Former ski star Vonn sees Artificial knee joint as the only option

Artificial knee joint as a last resort

Several cruciate and medial ligament tears, a hairline tear in the tibial plateau, a fracture of the tibial plateau and a fractured ankle are just a few injuries from a long list. That's why she has constant knee pain even after her career.

When asked how she might manage this, she replies, "Probably a knee replacement is the only option at this point."

Therefore, the 37-year-old can no longer be expected to make a comeback. At the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing she is a TV expert for the American television station NBC.

As part of this job, she even joked about returning. In the TV program, a reporter on the men's downhill result said that the average age on the podium was 35 years. A user on Twitter had quoted this and commented with the phrase "come back, Lindsey Vonn".

The 37-year-old also promptly responded, "Hey, don't tempt me." Along with the addition: "Clarey just inspired me. Silver medal at 41 years old!" She was referring to Frenchman Johan Clarey, who is four years older than Vonn and finished second.

Fear of a ruined career

However, her injuries and pain would prevent the 37-year-old from making a comeback. Other ailments that have also concerned her throughout her career are the psychological ones. The ski racer fell ill with depression and went public with it in 2012 during her career.

Lindsey Vonn's biography was released in January.Image: Lindsey Vonn / Lindsey Vonn

Speaking to watson, she says, "It's a chemical imbalance in the body and it's nothing to be ashamed of. I've been talking about it since 2012 and I'm happy that more and more people are talking about it. Depression is part of my story and in the end I hope my story will help other people."

Throughout her career, she has spoken to her team about depression and whether she should go public. "A lot of people were worried it might ruin my career." She was also scared herself, "but I thought it was important to share my story."

Today she seems to have overcome the depression and she can appreciate the time in her free time without skis again.

Vonn says: "I love new adventures like traveling and trying new sports. I also like relaxing at home with my dogs and family. Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful."