Karin Slaughter: she brings Will and Sara 2023 back

Karin Slaughter: she brings Will and Sara 2023 back

Karin Slaughter: she brings Will and Sara 2023 back

Karin Slaughter She will bring Will and Sara back in 2023

Thriller queen Karin Slaughter has several projects in the pipeline, as she reveals in the interview.

Her books are published in 120 countries and have sold more than 35 million copies: thriller queen Karin Slaughter (50) is indisputably one of the most popular and celebrated writers worldwide. Her 21st thriller "The Wrong Witness" was released at the end of November and supplies have already been taken care of. Fans of her "Will Trent & Sara Linton" series can look forward to a new book in 2023. Slaughter's thriller Part of Her is currently being adapted for Netflix. "I still have a lot of stories in my head," assures the thriller expert in an interview with spot on news.

"The Wrong Witness" is already your 21st thriller. Hopefully there is no end in sight yet?

Karin Slaughter: I still have a lot of stories in my head. I really enjoy finding new ways to entertain my readers.

What inspired you to write your new book "The Wrong Witness"?

Slaughter: I loved writing stories about sisters in my stand-alone thrillers "Pretty Girls" and "The Good Daughter" and wanted to approach it from a different perspective. "The False Witness" is a breathtaking thriller, the center of the story is the relationship between the two sisters Leigh and Callie. Both have been through a lot. The question is: how can I help them get over it?

You don't avoid the corona pandemic in your new plant either. Why was it so important to you to include this aspect as well?

Slaughter: Covid is something that every person on this earth is experiencing at the same time. I can't remember any other event that had a similar scope - whether in Hamburg or in the Brazilian rainforest. I wanted to show how our lives have changed.

The USA in particular has suffered badly from the pandemic. How did you and your family experience this time?

Slaughter: My sister contracted Covid at a very young age, which was really scary. Thankfully, she recovered fairly quickly. I think the worst thing was that the government reacted to the situation with lies and at the same time accepted that many people died. Over a million people will have died in the next few months. This trauma will also accompany the next generations.

Has the pandemic given you more time to write?

Slaughter: Actually, it was a lot harder for me to write during the pandemic. Almost every day I had to deal with changes that affected both my personal life and my novel. Seeing the death toll was just heartbreaking and made me despair. It didn't have to come to this.

Her thriller "Part of Her" is currently being filmed for Netflix. How involved are you in the production?

Slaughter: The producers and writers did a great job. They always included me and made me feel like a part of the production. I was also able to visit the set. But I wasn't really involved in the day-to-day process. I can't wait to see the result on screen. You really have put together a great team.

Toni Collette will star. What do you think of the cast, was that how you imagined your character to be?

Slaughter: I've been a big fan of Toni Collette since her movie "Muriel's Wedding". I couldn't have asked for anyone better for the role. The whole cast is really excellent.

Are any of your other books being considered for film?

Slaughter: There are a few things in development right now. We hope to be able to go public with it soon.

Can fans expect a new case for Will Trent and Sara Linton next year?

Slaughter: Yes, I already have a really good idea for the next book. Will and Sara will return in 2023.

Which stars should they play in a possible film adaptation, who could you imagine?

Slaughter: I have some polls running on my Facebook page about this. And I'm always very surprised - and often excited - at how readers imagine my characters. They almost always look different than what I have in my head. My characters don't look like real people, but I have their faces in mind when I write about them.