Formula 1: Christian Horner accuses Mercedes Manipulation and dirty tricks

Formula 1: Christian Horner accuses Mercedes Manipulation and dirty tricks

Formula 1: Christian Horner accuses Mercedes Manipulation and dirty tricks

Rarely was the fight for a Formula 1 World Championship more exciting than this year.And even less often things were as dirty behind the scenes as in 2021.Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is blame for this above all Mercedes and Toto Wolff.

Compared to the World Cup fights that Red Bull with Sebastian Vettel came from from 2010 to 2013, the duel against Mercedes feels "very different", said Horner in an interview with the British "Telegraph".At that time there was always a handshake with the rivals after the race.This year, on the other hand, Horner sees a "very political" struggle, especially away from the route.

"Maybe we were a bit naive too, because for us it was actually only about what was happening on the track," said the Red Bull team boss.Mercedes and Toto Wolff wouldingly have raised the duel from the sporty to the political level, said Horner.

Horner: Mercedes manipulated my statements

As an example, the Red Bull boss led his summons to the Stewards at the Katar's Grand Prix.Horner had to justify himself because he had insulted a route in an interview.The Briton believes that the race management only worked because Mercedes will have it.

"We are a racing team.We have no large press department and manipulators in the background.[...] Some teams work very differently.They spend their time to manipulate a message, "Horner made serious allegations against Mercedes.

The team boss explained that he hadn't insulted the route in Qatar at all.In the end, his comment was only twisted in this direction, namely Mercedes, Horner suspected: "And on purpose."

Formel 1: Christian Horner wirft Mercedes Manipulation und schmutzige Tricks vor

"Wo ist da die Konstanz? Am Wochenende davor haben sie[Mercedes] dem Renndirektor im Grunde gesagt, er soll sich verp***en.In comparison, my statements were irrelevant, "the team boss also said against the race management, which Mercedes lets go too much in his eyes.

Hamilton provokes Verstappen

According to Horner. "Lewis verteilt kontinuierlich kleine Seitenhiebe und Provokationen[Richtung Verstappen].But the great thing about Max is that he is interested in a shit.He is who he is.He drives his car quickly.And then he wants to go home and play Playstation.As simple as that."

Verstappen reminds him of heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury, said Horner: "He has the same heart.You just know that he will give everything.And if you are doing it, he will get up again.He just has this burning passion."

Horner believes in unauthorized Mercedes trick

Whether the Formula 1 World Cup will really be decided on the track or maybe at the green table this year is still in the stars.Because it is still not clear whether Mercedes - as suspected by Red Bull - used an illegal rear wing in some races.

After the race in Brazil, the Austrians officially complained.Before the race in Doha, the FIA then adapted its test procedure of the wings.The silver arrows in Qatar on the straight line were promptly more faster than the two Red Bull."For the first time since Silverstone, our speed on the straight was basically identical to that of Mercedes," said Horner.

According to the team boss, Red Bull did not take a protest against the wing earlier because the clear evidence was missing.However, video clips, which recently circulated on social media, support the thesis of the Austrians."The videos have agreed with our theory," confirmed Horner.

If the Mercedes wing actually works as Red Bull suspects, "would that be a clear violation of the regulations.It is clever, but it would be a clear violation of the regulations, "Horner did not want to rule out a lawsuit of his racing team against the silver arrows illegal in his eyes.

But as much as the scraps between Mercedes and Red Bull as well as Mercedes and Horner and Wolff fly this season, the Briton is convinced that there will be a fair handshake at the end of the year. "Und dann wird er[Wolff] ohne Zweifel versuchen, mir einen Tritt in den Hintern zu geben, bevor alles wieder von vorne anfängt."