Fashion spring 2022: These are the coolest fashion trends that await us in the coming months!

Fashion spring 2022: These are the coolest fashion trends that await us in the coming months!

Fashion spring 2022: These are the coolest fashion trends that await us in the coming months!

It is official - the year 2021 is over.And what does that mean?New year, new luck and of course - new and cool fashion trends that we can look forward to!We are particularly fun to indulge in the coming season, because fashion for spring 2022 is more exciting than ever before.What can we expect fashion technology in the following months?New silhouettes, trendy fabrics and patterns, playful skirts and trendy pants - it is guaranteed for every taste and style!The only prerequisite for this: lots of space in the wardrobe and open eyes!Are you also ready for a small shopping tour and an outfit update?Then you are right here!We looked around for you and tell you all the trends 2022 that every fashionista should know!

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Fashion spring 2022: Pants and jeans with slit are back in the trend


Now among us - how many jeans have you been in the wardrobe?Whether Skinny, boyfriend, bootcut or mom jeans - the timeless classics are now available in all conceivable variants and can also be carried wonderfully for every occasion and every season.Fashion for spring 2022 has a lot to offer and is guaranteed to ensure a breath of fresh air in our outfits.A simple slit turns our pants and jeans into real highlight pieces for this season.Whether trousers, impact pants or skinny jeans play no role - the main thing is that the slit is there!


How to combine the trendy pieces depends on the occasion and your own taste.If you prefer it casual and casual, you will wear sneakers or combat boots.For a more elegant look, of course, we combine the pants with slit with chic high heels.In addition, an oversized blazer and your noble outfits for dinner with your partner or for the office is ready.

The absolute favorite of all fashion girls?Skinny jeans with slit!The slit hem conjures up an exciting look in no time at all and put our shoes in the limelight.But you should make sure that your footwear is always nice and clean.

Excerpts and cut-outs will remain preserved

We know, we know, the fashion trend with the excerpts is not really new and cut-outs could be seen everywhere last year.From clothes to chic tops-surprisingly, the trendy areas have proven to be much more long-term than we initially thought.

Cut-Out's clothing was already a real hit in the 1990s, but this year it shows again how creative fashion can be in spring 2022.Side holes in clothes, bodies and tops look elegant and casual at the same time and give our outfits an interesting and exciting touch.

Probably the biggest favorite for fashion trends in spring 2022 are especially shirts with cut-outs.These are combined with asymmetrical cutouts and the result is an extremely cool look that is guaranteed to draw everyone's view!

Wide Bermuda shorts as an integral part of fashion in spring 2022

Fashion in spring 2022 is one thing above all: timelessly chic and wonderfully comfortable.Proverb: Bermuda shorts!The shorts that play around the knee or end just above the knee are extremely popular this season.Above all, extra wide Bermuda shorts are currently extremely popular and an absolute must for all fashionistas!From elegant and chic to casual and cool-the styling options are endless and there are no limits to their imagination.The fabrics and colors also know no limits.Knome pants made of cotton or linen feel wonderfully light and summery.

Bermuda shorts or leather or jeans, on the other hand, ensure an extremely cool and rocky look.And the most beautiful?The trend-piece can be styled great for every occasion.Tops and T-shirts are particularly good in everyday life.In order to style the Bermuda Shorts a little more elegant, for example for the office, we best use a noble blazer and a shirt blouse.Shoes with a small heel or the totally trendy derby shoes for women complete the look completely.

Mesh and networking are among the largest fashion trends in spring 2022

Fashion in spring 2022 is full of surprises!Have you ever heard of mesh?The trendy fabric is a network -like material that is a bit of thin and the many small gaps in the tissue seem slightly transparent.Some of them may know the trend fabric from sport.It is particularly breathable and we don't get so easy to sweat in it.

But at the moment Mesh is more and more found in the fashion industry as a material and is therefore one of the biggest fashion trends of the year.And that doesn't surprise us either, because with regard to care, portability and convenience, the airy fabric can hardly be surpassed.Above all, tops from mesh are the ideal companion in everyday life and can even upgrade the simplest jeans outfit in no time.

Balloon jeans are the jeans trend 2022

At fashion in spring 2022 there is a new star in the jeans sky and the jeans world will be given a new expansion for the coming season.Everyone is talking about Balloon jeans and are among the coolest and most convenient jeans trends of the year for us!The trendy parts are characterized by a particularly wide cut that resembles a balloon - hence the name.Admittedly - the voluminous shape takes a little getting used to, but that is exactly what makes jeans so special.And the most beautiful?Balloon jeans are great for all characters and sizes!

Since the balloon jeans themselves are already a real eye -catcher and is very noticeable due to the volume, you should keep your rest of the outfit simple.The trend pants harmonize particularly well to tight-fitting tops as well as cropped T-shirts and tops.On cold days, however, you can also use oversized sweaters.So that the silhouette does not disappear completely, they put them in the front of the waistband in a casual way.

Polka dots are back in trend

Whether clothes, shirt blouses or as a pattern on our shoes - Polka dots in all imaginable variants and sizes, the way to our wardrobes and have thus become an integral part of fashion in spring 2022.While the combination of black and white is a timeless classic, we can really let off steam this year.Colors such as pink, blue or purple are trendy and make every look a real eye -catcher.

The dot pattern looks particularly feminine and is suitable for both everyday slook as well as for chic business outfits.Sometimes very big, sometimes a bit smaller - the fashion trend is wonderfully varied and always catches your eye.