Duchess Meghan also wins the appeal in the dispute over a letter to father

Duchess Meghan also wins the appeal in the dispute over a letter to father

Duchess Meghan also wins the appeal in the dispute over a letter to father

Erneuter juristischer Erfolg für Herzogin Meghan: Die Frau von Prinz Harry hat im Streit um die Veröffentlichung eines Briefes an ihren Vater auch das Berufungsverfahren gegen den Verlag der "Mail on Sunday" gewonnen. Die Zeitung denkt nun über eine Berufung vor dem Obergerichtshof nach.

In the legal dispute between Duchess Meghan and the British newspaper group Associated Newspapers for a letter from the 40-year-old to their father, the judgment was spoken in second instance.Meghan had sued the publisher because of the publication of the letter she wrote after her wedding with Prince Harry in May 2018 and received right in February.The newspaper group did not want to accept that and went to appeal.

Duchess Meghan speaks of "victory not only for me"

In his judgment, the court rejected the appeal on Thursday."It was difficult to see which evidence could have been presented at the negotiation that would have changed the situation," said judge Sir Geoffrey Vos.The first judgment that it would have been proportionate to publish a very small part of the letter, but not half of the content, as it had done, was correct.The mail on Sunday announced at noon that the judgment would not be satisfied.The newspaper announced that they now want to check to appeal in front of the British Higher Court.

Herzogin Meghan gewinnt im Streit um Brief an Vater auch die Berufung


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Meghan described the decision as "victory not only for me, but for everyone who was ever afraid of standing up for the right thing".The verdict is a precedent, "but the most important thing is that we are now brave enough to redesign a boulevard industry that makes people be cruel, and that benefits from the lies and pain it causes".

From the first day onwards, she viewed the process as an important yardstick for law, the Duchess said in a statement and accused the newspaper group's distortion and manipulation of the public to create more headlines and to sell more newspapers.In the almost three years that had passed since the beginning of the procedure, she had to endure "deception, intimidation and calculated attacks".

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"Today the dishes - once again - decided in my favor and confirmed that the Mail On Sunday [...] Meghan wrote against the law.The courts had held account of the defendants, "and I hope that we all start doing the same".

In February, a judge at the London High Court Meghans had classified handwritten letter as "personal and private" and the publication therefore classified as illegal.The publisher of the "Mail on Sunday" was based on the testimony on the testimony of the Duchess's former PR consultant, Jason Knauf.The latter said Meghan wrote the letter in the consciousness that its content could seep through.Meghan has a difficult relationship with her father Thomas Markle divorced by her mother.

Source: "Hello Magazine", Omid Scobie on Twitter, AFP