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Corona: The events from April 19 to 25 |BR24 BR24 Logo Bavaria Weather traffic reports Radio Search BR24 Logo Bavaria Weather Traffic Messages Radio Search by Share Share Share Share Share Br24 Facebook Account BR24 Twitter Kont

Corona: The events from April 19 to 25 |BR24 BR24 Logo Bavaria Weather traffic reports Radio Search BR24 Logo Bavaria Weather Traffic Messages Radio Search by Share Share Share Share Share Br24 Facebook Account BR24 Twitter Kont

22.3 p.m.: Slovakia wants to extend Corona emergency

The Slovak government wants the one since 1.Extended Corona emergency in October.The government enables the government to accept measures that could save lives and health, said Prime Minister Eduard Heger in a television interview.The emergency in Slovakia is currently valid until 28.April.It allows the authorities, among other things, the forced recruitment and relocation of healthcare staff as well as the imposition of initial blocks.

The country had allowed the opening of most shops and service companies for the first time after four months after four months of Lockdown, but under requirements such as personal restrictions, mouth-nose protection and mandatory corona tests for customers and personnel.The tentative loosening enabled a decline in the Corona new infections: According to the official information from Sonntag, there were 1.728 new infections within 24 hours, 37 people died in the same period.Slovakia has around 5.5 million inhabitants.

21.30 a.m.: USA announce immediate aid deliveries for India

In view of the dramatic corona situation in India, the United States has announced immediate help.Among other things, raw materials for corona vaccine production, corona tests, ventilation devices, medical protective equipment and medication are to be dispatched, as the White House announced on Sunday.The EU, Germany, France and Great Britain had previously announced aid deliveries.

The spokeswoman for the National Security Council, Emily Horne, explained that the country should be made available immediately to the production of Corona vaccine in India "urgently needed" raw materials..A US export ban actually applies to these substances.With almost 350.000 new infections within one day India had reported a new high on Sunday, plus 2767 further deaths

20.00 a.m.: Germany continues to advertise nurses abroad

Even during Corona pandemic, Germany has further recruited nurses from abroad.This emerges from a response from the Federal Government to a parliamentary request from the left faction, which is available to the editorial network Germany.According to this, a total of 759 nurses were recruited in 2020 as part of the so-called "Triple Win program" of the Federal Employment Agency and the Society for International Cooperation, including 234 from Vietnam, 210 by the Philippines, 156 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 127 from Tunisia and 32from Serbia.593 foreign nurses finally arrived to Germany after completing the formalities in the past year.This is an increase of 30 percent compared to 2019 when 453 nurses came to Germany.The number of nurses who had entered with the help of the program has increased to a total of 2 since 2016.813.The most important country of origin are the Philippines with 1.294 nurses.This is followed by Serbia (759), Bosnia and Herzegovina (644), Vietnam (84) and Tunisia (32).

19.30 a.m.: Egypt's President Al-Sisi vaccinated against Corona

In the middle of increasing infection figures and a sluggishly starting vaccination campaign, Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has been vaccinated against the coronavirus.The 66-year-old received the first of two syringes as part of the nationwide vaccination campaign, his spokesman said on Sunday.For this purpose, the Presidential Office published a photo of the head of state how he can be piked in the right upper arm with a smile.

With 101 million inhabitants, Egypt is the most populous country in North Africa.Officially, 221.000 infections and about 13.000 deaths in connection with the coronavirus registered.However, there are assumptions that the actual number of infections is significantly higher, among other things because little is tested in the country.China has agreed to produce a total of 40 million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine for Egypt.Up to now, around 525 have been vaccinated in Egypt.000 people.

18.40 a.m.: Fashion designer Alber Elbaz died of Covid-19

The fashion designer Alber Elbaz died at the age of 59.The designer died of the consequences of a Covid 19 disease, as the luxury goods group Richemont announced.Elbaz worked as chief designer for the Lanvin fashion house for 14 years and led the dusty brand to new fame.

With his flattering designs, he became a darling of Hollywood stars such as Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman and Sienna Miller, Meryl Streep made headlines in a long gold-colored Rob at the Oscar ceremony."He brought the women to the fore," summed up the famous fashion journalist Suzy Menkes on Instagram.

18.25 a.m.: Söder wants to set incentives for vaccinated

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder wants to set incentives for vaccinated people in the future.The federal-state round on Monday should talk about a "well-staggered" plan, how and when vaccinated rights should be preserved again."Whoever is vaccinated has to have more freedom," he adds.You need an incentive to be vaccinated.

18.8 p.m.: US health expert: take the security of vaccines very seriously

Der US-Gesundheitsexperte und Präsidentenberater Anthony Fauci hofft, dass die vorübergehende Aussetzung der Impfungen mit dem Wirkstoff von Johnson & Johnson langfristig das Vertrauen in die Vakzine stärkt."I think we will experience in the long run (...) that people realize that we take security very seriously, "said the immunologist at the broadcaster ABC News.If anyone has doubts about the security of the available vaccines, one can now say: "We take it very seriously, we have looked at it and now let's go on and vaccinate the people."

Die Behörden in den USA hatten MitteApril eine Aussetzung der Corona-Impfungen mit dem Wirkstoff von Johnson & Johnson beschlossen, nachdem in den Vereinigten Staaten in diesem Zusammenhang zunächst sechs Fälle von Hirnvenenthrombosen erfasst worden waren.

18.3 p.m.: Spahn expects more than two million vaccinations in practices in a new week

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) expects more than two million corona vaccinations in the medical practices in the new week.In the following week in early May, there should be more than three million, as the Ministry of Health for the BUND and the state's vaccination summit is known on Monday, which became known on Sunday.Accordingly, the manufacturers have promised a total of 80 million vaccine doses for the second quarter.Of these, 50 million cans are eliminated on Biontech/Pfizer.Up to the end of June, calendar weeks -related delivery plans have only been available from Biontech and Moderna.

18.00 a.m.: Holetschek wants to end the vaccine prioritization rapidly

According to Bayern's health minister Klaus Holetschek, the vaccine prioritization must be lifted as soon as possible.In the BR interview, Holetschek said: "I think we have to continue to pace, we actually need a maximum of flexibility and a minimum of bureaucracy".Therefore, he advertises that prioritization is quickly lifted."The company doctors are gun at foot, we have now given four million vaccinations, we are in the third wave and every vaccination helps us now."More about this here.

17.30 a.m.: Egypt President vaccinated

In the middle of increasing infection figures and a sluggishly starting vaccination campaign, Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has been vaccinated against the coronavirus.The 66-year-old received the first of two syringes as part of the nationwide vaccination campaign, his spokesman said.For this purpose, the Presidential Office published a photo of the head of state how he can be piked in the right upper arm with a smile. With 101 million inhabitants, Egypt is the most populous country in North Africa.Officially, 221.000 infections and about 13.000 deaths in connection with the coronavirus registered.

17.10 a.m.: 82 deaths at Brand in Corona Clinic in Baghdad

At least 82 people died in a fire in a hospital for Corona patients in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.110 others were injured, the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior said on Sunday.Health Minister Hasan Al-Tamimi was suspended, as was the governor of Baghdad.Other officials in the hospital and health administration were released on suspicion of negligence, as the office of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi announced.

16.40 a.m.: Ifo boss welcomes the desired loosening for vaccinated

IFO President Clemens Fuest welcomes the federal government's plans to withdraw restrictions on vaccinated."The return to the normality for vaccinated would have considerable economic advantages," the economist told the "Handelsblatt"."Economic activity could take place again for this group, which has so far been restricted due to the pandeme."

16.8 p.m.: Germany and EU announce help for India

Chancellor Angela Merkel announces help for the India affected by the pandemic."I would like to express my sympathy for the terrible suffering that #covid19 brought over her country again," tweeted spokesman Steffen Seibert on behalf of the Chancellor."We are preparing a support mission as soon as possible."

According to its own statements, the Federal Ministry of Defense checks the possibilities for submitting a mobile oxygen manufacturing system to India as well as options for transport support for other relief supplies."We are working on this with high pressure," explains a spokesman.The Bundeswehr has been providing help for other countries and organizations since the beginning of pandemic, so far in 38 cases.

The EU Commission also wants to support India in its increasingly tightened pandemic position with oxygen for patient ventilation and with medicines.This explains Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Twitter.For this, coordination with EU member states is already underway, the Commissioner Janez Lenarcic responsible for humanitarian aid tweets.

15.52 a.m.: Laschet wants loosening not only for vaccinated

CDU boss Armin Laschet advertises for loosening not only for vaccinated."As soon as it is possible, I want to pick up the fundamental rights for everyone, not only for vaccinated," says the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" in an online interview published online."I am concerned with the equality of vaccinated and recovered with negative tested."

15.48 a.m.: Philosopher Markus Gabriel defends #Allesproat

The philosopher Markus Gabriel has defended the video campaign #ALLESDACHT against the Federal Government's Corona policy."The urgency and dangerousness of the viral pandemic may not be an excuse that we pull out our critical, analytical instruments with reference to the existing and sometimes well-founded emergency regime," writes the Bonn scientist in the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" (Monday-Output).The video action was successful at this level.How it can be classified morally and aesthetic overall, i.e. in their capacity as an art campaign, "has not been decided," said Gabriel.

Gabriel criticized the "defamation" of the actresses and actresses involved in the campaign and attempt to put them in the right corner.In a few hours they "got into the mill of social networks" and thus "apparently partially caught up in their own horror in those discursive mechanisms" that they would have explicitly anticipated in their videos.

15.30 a.m.: Moscow promises older gift cards than vaccine

Russia's capital Moscow wants to convince older vaccination skeptics with gift cards of immunization against the coronavirus.Over 60-year-olds can be a voucher worth 1 after their first injection.000 rubles (around 11 euros) and redeem it in selected shops, pharmacies and cafés, as Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobjanin wrote on Sunday on his blog.People must therefore register on the Internet in order to benefit from the campaign financed with company donations.

Russia started mass vaccinations in December, but many people still hesitate.Many old ones are also skeptical whether the Russian Corona vaccine Sputnik V is safe.According to recent information, almost five percent of the population in the largest country in the world have received both injections.While there are partial reports from regions about a lack of vaccine, you can even have the vaccin injected in shopping centers in Moscow.

2:24 p.m.: NRW relies on Lolli-PCR tests for elementary school students

North Rhine-Westphalia wants to offer so-called Lolli tests to recognize corona infections at all primary and special schools in the country until mid-May.This said school secretary Mathias Richter, FDP, the "Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung".

With the so-called Lolli method, no stick has to be led into the nose or deeper into the throat.Instead, children suck for 30 seconds on an exhaust swab - the "Lolli".The swabs are then evaluated in a laboratory.These are PCR tests that are considered to be very precise when recognizing infections with the coronavirus.In Cologne, the tests are already in use in daycare centers and schools.

At around 735.According to the State Secretary, 000 basic and special students would be laboratory capacities for around 35.000 tests a day.

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1:58 p.m.: Italy relaxes restrictions on gastronomy and culture

From Monday, restaurants and bars want to open their outdoor catering in many regions of Italy and receive cultural sites again visitors.In Rome, numerous museums open, as the city announced.Venice's opera la fenice wants to admit spectators again from Monday, the Uffizi in Florence also open gradually.The government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi had decided on a timetable for gradual loosening of the Corona restrictions last week.The openings in gastronomy and cultural sector are therefore valid in the yellow zones with a moderate infection.

1:49 p.m.: Relationships in nursing homes in sight

The federal government apparently wants to loosen the restrictions on contact for residents of nursing homes.In a new version of the cornerstone paper for the vaccination summit on Monday, which is available to the newspapers of the Funke Media Group, it says: "Two weeks after the furnishing -related second vaccination, the visiting options in facilities can be expanded again without outbreaking and cross -living group offers can be carried out again."

There should be no distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated residents, whereby the facilities should help all unvaccinated "quickly" to help a vaccination offer.

1:31 pm: Merkel announces Corona-Nothilfen for India

In view of the dramatic corona situation in India, Germany has announced emergency aids for the country."Germany stands by side in solidarity with India.We are preparing a support mission as soon as possible, "said Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to her spokesman Steffen Seibert."The fight against pandemic is our common struggle.“Almost 350 were from India today.000 new infections registered within one day, nationwide there is a lack of medication and medical oxygen.

12:45 p.m.: FDP boss welcomes planned loosening for vaccinated

FDP boss Christian Lindner welcomed the federal government's plans to take back restrictions on the Coronavirus vaccinated."In the meantime it is clear that vaccinated after the second vaccination and a waiting time is not a danger.This eliminates any legal basis for restricting people in realizing their fundamental rights, "said Lindner of the" Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung ".For him, this is "also one of the arguments why in my view the federal emergency brake is not constitutional, because it also provides restrictions on people, of whom there is no danger".

12:37 p.m.: EU commissioner expects adults to be immunity until July

The European Union will produce enough vaccine to be able to reach the immunity of the adult population until mid -July.That said EU internal market commissioner Thierry Breton of the Greek weekly newspaper "To Vima".He explained that until then 70 percent of those affected should be vaccinated.Herden immunity would mean that a large part of the population was immunized and that the virus can no longer spread so well.It is generally assumed that at least 70 percent of the population must be vaccinated.

Breton said that the production of vaccine in the EU doubles every month.At the end of the year, a production capacity of three billion vaccination units per year will be achieved.

12.31 a.m.: Mothers and single parents appreciate more

According to the Hamburg bishop Kirsten Fehrs, the great burden of mothers in corona pandemic.The crisis is particularly concerned with single mothers and fathers, said.With the service, the 70th anniversary of the mothers recovery work was celebrated.Fehrs explained that the mothers recovery is a success story that has brought millions of women back to life.

Elke Büdenbender, patron of the mothers recovery work and wife of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, said that mothers are "everyday angels".Mothers and increasingly fathers are the "soul of the family": they are always there, listened, comforted and organized.Often they looked for help and support too late.The feeling of obligation is too great that it would not work without them, said Büdenbender.The company therefore has an obligation to encourage mothers and fathers to be caught.

12.11 p.m.: Switzerland reports the first infected with Indian double mutant

In Switzerland, the first case of infection with the "double mutant" from India has been detected.The health authority announced that it was a passenger who did not enter Switzerland directly from India, but via transit airports.

12.3 p.m.: Explosion in Iranian hospital demands many deaths

According to official information, the number of fatalities after the fire at the Corona station of a hospital in Baghdad has increased to at least 82.In the tragic incident in the Iraqi capital, 110 other people were injured, the Interior Ministry of the State Agency Ina said.

Shortly before, a member of the Iraqi Human Rights Commission elected by the parliament spoke of 58 deaths.The Commission described the incident on Sunday night as "crimes against patients" who had been looking for protection in the hospital after their corona infection."As a result, they were burned instead of recovering," said the Commission.

How exactly the fire came in the Al-Khatib Hospital in the south of Baghdad was initially unclear.A short circuit or a problem with the oxygen bottles stored there were mentioned as possible reasons.According to media reports, one of the bottles had exploded, whereupon fire spread out in the station.Firefighters soon brought the flames under control.

12:10 p.m.: First hamster purchases now too much toilet paper

German paper factories feel the consequences of hamster purchases of the past year.After the beginning of the pandemic, many consumers covered themselves with hygiene paper, especially with toilet paper.The dealers then ordered large quantities and sometimes still have them in stock on a large scale.As a result, they recently ordered significantly less from German paper factories: In the first quarter of 2021, the hygiene paper sales of these companies fell by 8.1 percent compared to the previous year, as the Association of German Paper Fabrics (VDP) announced.

Hygiene papers include toilet paper, kitchen paper and handkerchiefs.The other two trends in the industry continued: in the digital age, the sales of graphic paper - such as newspaper and printer paper, decreased significantly again by 12.1 percent.On the other hand, the paragraph of papers and boxes for packaging rose by six percent due to the boom in online trading.The industry with around 40.000 employees in Germany are creating rising raw material costs and scarce cargo dreams in container ships.

11.55 a.m.: Italy limits travel with India

Italy decides on restrictions on entry from India.Foreigners who have stayed in India in the past 14 days should not come into the country, Minister of Health Roberto Speranza tweets.Worldwide, concerns about the "double mutant" that appeared in India are increasing.

11.8 p.m.: Municipalities require relief for vaccinated

Before the BUND and countries vaccination summit on Monday, the Association of Cities and Municipalities calls for lifting corona restrictions for vaccinated and recovered."We now need a clear requirement that people who have received both vaccinations, but also citizens who have gone through a Corona disease and are demonstrably not contagious are excluded from certain specifications of the Infection Protection Act," said CEO Gerd Landsberg theNewspapers of the Funke media group.

"This means, for example, that you, for example, to be able to shop, do not have to go through test procedures or if you enter from abroad there is no obligation to quarantine," said Landsberg.A reduction in contact restrictions, especially in old people's and nursing homes, is also possible for the municipalities.

Landsberg emphasized that this was not the granting of special rights or privileges, "but the abolition of no longer justified fundamental rights" ".It also does not depend on how many people have actually received two vaccinations."We warn of a procedure according to the motto 'We are waiting for the majority of the population to receive a offer of vaccination'.That would be very problematic under constitutional law."

To facilitate controllability, the digital vaccination card should be established quickly from Landsberg."The reduction of restrictions for vaccinated persons can also help to ensure that the willingness to vaccinate is generally increased.If cinema, theater, stadium or event visits to vaccinated are possible again without additional tests, this is an important signal."

The question of the restrictions for vaccinated people is the focus of the planned federal-state meeting on Monday.According to a cornerstone paper, the federal government is also of the opinion that there should be certain exceptions from the applicable contact and initial restrictions for completely against Covid-19 and for recovered..

10.3 p.m.: DGB demands labor market reforms

Hundreds of thousands of layoffs in the course of the Corona crisis make the call for reforms on the job market louder.Last year more than a million people lost their work.More than half of them were mini-jobbers, as can be seen from a response from the federal government to a request from the left in the Bundestag.The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) called for improvements for mini -jobbers, especially with a view to the many affected women.

477.000 employees liable for social security lost their job according to the government response.For the minor employment, Corona beat 526 last year.000 jobs.Accordingly, around 398.000 people bei Minijobs und regulären Jobs besonders Arbeitskräfte aus dem Gastgewerbe betroffen, also etwa aus den Bereichen Hotellerie und Gastronomie.

With about 128.000 released regular employees made up another large block - especially the metal and electrical industry, which had to struggle with upheavals through digitization and more climate -friendly drives before Corona.Many people from the art, entertainment and recreation industry have also become unemployed.The Federal Government had recently drawn a mixed labor market policy Corona balance.

The DGB called on the government to draw basic teachings from the crisis for the labor market.Board member Anja Piel called for an extension of the maximum reference period for unemployment benefit.For those "who had a job with social security and they lost because of pandemic, social protection must be adapted to the problem," she told the dpa."Because at the moment it is particularly difficult to find a new job at all."

In the mini jobs, Piel pointed out that two thirds of them were occupied by women."Where the mini job is the only job, the proportion of women is even 70 percent."The Left -wing spokeswoman for the Left in the Bundestag, Sabine Zimmermann, asked to convert mini jobs into employment subject to social security contributions."In the crisis, it shows again which poverty trap minijobs, especially for women, are," she said.

09.56 a.m.: Italy's government is right about the development plan

In a night session, Italy's government gave the green light for the financing plan for the economic structure and for future investments after the Corona crisis.The land hit hard by the pandemic has a prospect of 191.5 billion euros from the EU reorganization.Italy receives the most from these EU instruments, the government said.The plan still has to go through parliament.

The EU funds and additional national funds together form the so-called plan for revival and resistance.It should include a total of approximately 221.5 billion euros.The government of the former head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, wants to finance reforms and investments in the field of digitization and ecological conversion, among other things.In addition, the means of modernizing public administration and justice as well as the expansion of the infrastructure and for investments in the economically weak south of the 60 million inhabitant country serve.

In order to secure the EU's funds, Italy must have the plan by 30 at the latest.April bei der EU-Kommission einreichen.

09.1 p.m.: Pakistan offers India help

In the middle of dramatically increasing infection figures in India, Pakistan offered his arch -rival the delivery of medical goods.The Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

India with its 1.3 billion inhabitants is currently fighting with a large second Corona wave.This week, more than one million Corona new infections were registered within four days.But the Pakistan health system is also increasingly overloaded due to the increasing number of corona diseases.On Saturday there were 4.682 patients treated in intensive care units - a record number.

In the end there were always more conciliatory tones between the rival neighboring countries that have already waged several wars against each other.At the end of February, Islamabad and new Delhi surprisingly agreed to comply with their ceasefire.This had already been signed in 2003.Nevertheless, there had always been military incidents along the 740 -kilometer control line, which divides the Kaschmir region controversial between the countries into an Indian and a Pakistanically controlled area.

08.45 a.m.: General practitioners' association demands more vaccine

At the Bavarian general practitioner day, the delegates have demanded more predictability in the Corona vaccination campaign and priority access to all approved vaccines in a unanimous guidance.."We await general practitioners in Bavaria from the federal government, the state governments and the political parties involved that they finally ensure that they will receive vaccines in sufficient and planned quantities as part of the Corona vaccination campaign and that the family practices are now priority access to everyoneGet vaccines, "said Markus Beier, the state chairman of the Bavarian general practitioner association.

In addition, Bavaria's general practitioners demand "more backing for a pragmatic procedure for vaccinations, an adequately designed vaccination consultancy as well as a reduction in bureaucracy in the corona tests and, above all, a proactive, understandable and communicated strategy in panda control with clear, comprehensiveGoals and a long -term opening strategy ".

On the other hand, considerations of clear resistance among general practitioners are deleted to have the planned immunity cards issued by the practices."We provide sick people and are not the nation's passport office," said Markus Beier.

08.11 a.m.: Message of vaccine effects via app important

More than 150.000 people haben seit dem Start der Impfkampagne den Behörden über eine Smartphone-App gemeldet, wie gut sie die Impfung vertragen haben.According to the Langener Paul-Ehrlich Institute (PEI), this was 1.5 percent of the people who have been vaccinated so far.The more vaccinated the app "Safevac 2.0 "Use, the more meaningful the data are.

"This data contributes to the compatibility of vaccination beyond the clinical exams before admission can be assessed even better in the broad application," explains the PEI.The information is stored on the smartphone and transmitted to the PEI with a random number.

After each vaccination, the participants are asked in detail about health complaints: seven times within three weeks of the first vaccination and eight times within four weeks after the second vaccination.Further surveys follow six and twelve months after the last vaccination.It is also queried whether the participants later infected Corona despite the vaccination and whether they suffered from Covid-19, i.e. developed symptoms.

08.01 a.m.: Explosion at Corona station in Baghdad

At least 27 people died in a fire in a hospital for covid patients in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, 46 were injured.This reported to employees from three hospitals in the area, which the injured recordings.The fire in the IBN Khatib Hospital in the southeast of Baghdad was triggered by the explosion of an oxygen bottle.Iraq's disaster protection announced that the fire had been deleted, 90 people were saved.

07.46 a.m.: Hungary plans slow opening

According to Prime Minister Viktor Orban, 40 percent of the population against the Coronavirus are said to be vaccinated in Hungary in the middle of next week.At the same time, far -reaching opening steps on the way to normality would be possible, says Orban in state radio.From the next week, the owners of vaccination cards are likely to visit hotels, restaurants, theater, cinemas, fitness studios, sporting events and swimming pools again.Hungary has also used vaccine from Russia and China as the first country of the European Union and without EU approval.

07.31 a.m.: UEFA sees football games even without fans

Despite the promise of the host cities around Munich for European Championship games in front of spectators."The local authorities decide before the games whether spectators are approved or not," said the head of the European Football Union (UEFA) of the "Welt am Sonntag".Ceferer denied that the UEFA had asked for warranties for games with fans from the host cities."What we want is the promise that spectators can come when the situation allows it," he said.

The UEFA only confirmed Munich on Friday as a co-host of the tournament this summer.The continental association had given the OK for the games and in a message that "the competent authorities have the implementation of all four parts of the UEFA Euro 2020 in Munich with at least 14.500 spectators approved ".However, immediately afterwards, a number of politicians in the federal, state and the city had underlined that there was no fixed promise for viewers because of the Corona inconsistements.

There will only be spectators in the European Championship stadiums if the situation in Corona pandemic allows this, said Ceferin.The DFB organization leader also hopes for this for the Munich games, Philipp Lahm."Everyone would wish for spectators in the stadium again.I believe that this would give us a kind of normality and will also be an important step for other areas such as gastronomy and culture, "said Lahm in the" Sports Studio "of the ZDF.There is no deadline when it is to be decided on the admission of spectators at the European Championship games in Munich: "This also depends on the rules that prevail shortly before the tournament".

07.3 p.m.: Great Britain wants further biontech vaccine

The British government is about to conclude a purchase contract for millions of further biontech/pfizer vaccine.According to government employees, the original order of the government is to be doubled from 40 million vaccine doses to around 80 million, reports the newspaper "Sunday Times".The vaccine is to be used in the fall of refresher vaccinations for older people in autumn.If negotiations with the pharmaceutical company are successful, doses for younger people aged 20 and over will also be provided as an alternative to astrazeneca vaccine.The British health system NHS will invite all people over 30 years to vaccination from the end of the week.

07.01 a.m.: India again reports the highest level of infected

India reports the fourth day in a row with 349.691 cases a new global high in new infections.The Ministry of Health announces that there are 2.767 infected people died.This increases the number of Corona deaths to 192.311.

The United States wants to support India in combating the rapidly increasing corona infections.A spokeswoman for the American government informed the Reuters news agency that the US government was deeply concerned about the situation in India and willing to provide additional help quickly.A spokesman for the Indian embassy in Washington said that representatives of both countries negotiated the limited delivery of vaccin components of American pharmaceutical companies and the posting of medical staff to India.

06.41 a.m.: Peru introduces double mask obligation

Two masks to protect against the coronavirus must wear people in Peru from Monday during their purchases.As stated in a decree, double mask obligation, in addition to supermarkets.

Double mask obligation is added to the obligation to carry a transparent visor in the places mentioned.This government was issued last Monday.On Thursday, Peru's temporary president Francisco Sagasti said that his country was at the height of a second wave of pandemic.He therefore ordered the distribution of free masks to the population.

So far, 1.7 million corona infections and 59 have been.440 deaths detected.The Corona vaccination campaign is slowly progressing in the Andenland.According to the Ministry of Health, 559 have so far.000 people und damit 1,7 Prozent der 33 Millionen Einwohner die beiden erforderlichen Impfspritzen erhalten.

06.8 p.m.: 18.773 Corona new infections in Germany

In Germany are 18 within a day.773 new infections were registered with the coronavirus.As the Robert Koch Institute announced, citing the health authorities, 120 further deaths in connection with the Coronavirus were reported.The nationwide seven-day incidence rose to 165.6 on Sunday.On Saturday she was given as 164.4.

Report the Bavarian health authorities 3.In 185 re-infected with the Sars-Cov2 virus and eleven deaths.This increases the 7-day incidence in the Free State to 176.0.The Erzgebirge district reported the highest value nationwide by the Bavarian district of Haßberge (350.8) and district of Mühldorf am Inn- (346.9).

According to the nationwide corona emergency brake that has been in force since Saturday.

According to the RKI, the total number of Corona cases recorded in Germany since the beginning of pandemic is now 3.287.418.The number of overall registered deaths rose to 81.564.The number of those recovered by a Covid 19 disease estimated the RKI on Sunday at around 2.89 million.

05.04 a.m.: Brazil reports maximum scores

In Brasilien hat die Zahl der monatlichen Corona-Toten imApril einen neuen Höchststand erreicht.67 died in the current month.977 people as a result of a corona infection, as the Brazilian Ministry of Health announced.Throughout March it was 66.573 Corona dead.

In the previous 24 hours alone, 3 are.076 deaths were reported, the ministry continued to say.The number of daily new infections has been more than 60 in the past two weeks.000, on Saturday 71.137 new attachments registered.

Since the beginning of the pandemic there has been more than 380 in South America's most populous country.000 Corona dead.Only the United States have more victims to complain about.In relation to the population, Brazil has the highest corona death rate in America and in the southern hemisphere.In the meantime, according to experts, the curves of the infection and deaths are stabilized in the 212 million-inhabitant country.

Ecuador also reported a new sad Corona record on Saturday (local time). Die Zahl der Corona-Neuinfektionen erreichte imApril einen Höchststand von 43.999 cases, as the Ministry of Health announced in Quito.Because of the new wave of infection in the South American country, the state of emergency applies in 16 out of 24 provinces.So far, more than 372 have been in Ecuador.000 corona infections and 18.158 deaths registered.

04.50 a.m.: Kubicki warns of "hopeless chaos"

According to a media report, the German Bundestag has issued a factual ban on post -trip with the new infection protection law.This reports the newspaper "Bild", citing a "short information" of the scientific service of Parliament.From this it is only permitted that a transit through areas in which the outcome lock applies, is only permitted if there are exceptions, according to the document."It is threatened with holy chaos," says "Bild" Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP).If you do not want to commit an administrative offense, you are not allowed to cross the affected counties in the car, by train or even the aircraft during the outcome lock.The whole thing is "neither for the citizens nor the authorities to be observed".

4.11 p.m.: Söder calls for the cancellation of vaccination order

One day before the Chancellor Angela Merkel's vaccination summit with the Prime Minister, Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) called for a cancellation of the vaccination order from May."We have to dissolve the rigid prioritization faster," said Söder the "Bild am Sonntag".After processing of vaccination dates that have already been agreed, all vaccines should be released for everyone in May.The vaccination bureaucracy delays the intolerance.Söder also called for students aged 16 and over even more vaccinated if there was sufficient vaccine.The incidence is the highest among them, especially among them.They should be treated when vaccinated like adults.

03.30 a.m.: GEW demands early vaccination for teachers

The Union Education and Science, GEW, calls for an early vaccination for teachers and teachers."Anyone who opens has to vaccinate," said the chairman of the Education and Science Union (GEW), Marlis Tepe, the newspapers of the Funke media group with a view to the incidence value of 165.If schools had to remain open up to this value, it is necessary to prefer all teachers in the vaccine prioritization group two, Tepe demanded."This is the only way to ensure the health protection of the teachers, students and their parents."

So far, only teachers at primary and special schools have been classified in the vaccine prioritization group two, said Tepe.All other teachers in general and vocational schools are in group three.

The Corona emergency brake stipulates that more than 100 new infections per 100.000 inhabitants within seven days on three consecutive days, change lessons will be mandatory from the day after next.From a value of 165, the day of presence lessons in schools, vocational schools, universities, universities, adult education and similar institutions are prohibited.Exceptions for final classes and special schools are possible.This brake also applies to daycare centers, but the countries can enable emergency care.The school brake is overridden if the seven-day incidence is falling again on five consecutive days of the threshold of 165.

00.39 a.m.: Controls of the output lock are unrealistic

The police union, GdP, considers nationwide controls to comply with the starting blocks in Germany to be unrealistic."A comprehensive control of the output blocks is hardly possible for the police and the responsible regulatory authorities of the municipalities," said deputy GdP chairman Dietmar Schliff, according to a preliminary report of the "Bild am Sonntag".The GdP is concerned with increasing aggressiveness with verbal or sometimes physical violence during the controls.