Aldi, Lidl, Rossmann: That changes for customers - and there is criticism

Aldi, Lidl, Rossmann: That changes for customers - and there is criticism

Aldi, Lidl, Rossmann: That changes for customers - and there is criticism

Rewe und Edeka haben die Schilder schon seit Jahren, jetzt ziehen auch Deutschlands größte Discounter nach: Aldi und Lidl schmeißen die Papier-Preisschilder raus und setzen auf digitale Anzeigen. Doch damit kocht auch ein alter Vorwurf hoch. Ein Experte gibt Entwarnung.

An era ends at Aldi and Lidl: the paper price signs on the shelves are to be abolished.As the "Lebenschaftszeitung" reports, the large discounters will plan with digital ads in the future to indicate prices.The Billigheimers had adorned and waited for a long time.Now the big roll-out at Aldi Süd should happen within two years.The price signs are not only adapted in Germany, but according to "LZ" information in Switzerland and Great Britain.Aldi Süd did not want to fully confirm this on "LZ" demand and only speaks of tests in selected branches.At Aldi Nord, the changeover should be completed in 2023.

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Lidl also wants to modernize the price tags and has already started the conversion.In the long term, all 3200 discounter branches are to be converted.The price tags go through different test scenarios.Because Lidl experiments with different sign frames, for example to make organic products more easily to be found.

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Germany's discounter follows up with a trend.Rewe is considered a pioneer in the use of ESL, short for "Electronic Shelf label", ie electronic price tags.The new technology was already in the markets there in 2013.But Edeka also followed up long ago."I think it is very likely that all dealers will have switched to ESL in a few years in the food retailer," says Ulrich Spaan, member of the management at the research and educational institute EHI, to "LZ".So it is not surprising that the Rossmann drugstore chain is also working on the expansion of the digital ads.First of all, the signs should come to the branches, where there are too few staff.According to the expert, the price tags had become significantly cheaper than a few years ago, which fired the changeover.But the increased requirements are also a motivation.Because if price changes are passed on to customers at short notice, the change in the technology instead of changing signs on the shelves is sufficient.

Aldi, Lidl, Rossmann: Das ändert sich für Kunden - und es gibt Kritik

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Criticism of the "Dynamic Pricing"

But these short -term price changes also call criticism.The so -called "Dynamic Pricing", i.e. the minute precise adaptation of the prices to the demand of customers is criticized.After all, retailers could drive up the prices.If supermarkets were mainly controlled in the evening, dealers could request higher prices for shopping times from 5 p.m..However, according to the "LZ", the dealers so far assert that they would at most reduce prices for the evening, especially in fruit and vegetables to reduce food waste.

The dynamic pricing has been everyday for years among large online retailers.You can understand exactly when, where, where and at what price.With a flexible price structure, the dealer can determine the perfect price that secures a high customer demand, but also the margin for the dealer.He can also take up competitor prices, inventory, weather forecasts, public holidays and seasonal fluctuations.

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Not surprising that inpatient trade is also interested in this fluid price optimization.However, customers in inpatient retail are very price -sensitive.This is also due to the fact that many products that hike in the shopping cart are bought regularly and customers know the prices.If they fluctuate strongly, the customer takes it very quickly very quickly."I cannot imagine under-day price increases in the discount, as retailers pay very much attention to their price image," believes Spaan.But the expert also admits that, for example, Convenience stores dealers could use the dynamic pricing.

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