7 things that really drive flight attendants crazy

7 things that really drive flight attendants crazy

7 things that really drive flight attendants crazy

My plane is my castle? Nope! In addition to the advice to put on the mask correctly during the corona pandemic, there are numerous other things that annoy everyone else - and above all they annoy the flight attendants. So please never do these seven things on an airplane.

1. Wear your headphones like they're grown

Listening to music or watching movies is a common ritual on board. But as soon as someone from the cabin crew approaches you, you should quickly take off your headphones. Or do you also order in the restaurant yelling while you are being blasted? Even.

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2. Think about ordering as if it were a five-course meal

You probably spent 20 minutes watching the flight attendants serve the passengers in front of you. Now, do you really have to think about what you want for the sandwich question? Spoiler alert: the answer is either "ham" or "cheese".

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3. Order soft drinks – especially Diet Cola

The problem with soft drinks: At the cruising altitude of 39,000 feet, the carbon dioxide not only bubbles, it actually foams; worst with Diet Coke. This chemical reaction makes pouring take longer than usual - and every stewardess will curse you in her head if you order a Diet Coke.

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4. Going to the bathroom while service is in progress

you have time before You have time afterwards. But you go to the toilet just when the flight crew is pulling their cars through the gangway? Doesn't necessarily make you popular. The highlight are those passengers who now put on an annoyed expression because they can't go back to their seat.

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5. Stuff your trash in the seat pocket in front of you

Yes, the seat pockets in front of you are meant for storing your stuff. And yes, you can park your rubbish here – but nothing more. The flight crew walks around several times during a flight to collect rubbish. So take the opportunity and pass your stuff over instead of cramming everything even deeper into the seat pocket.

Worse is just throwing everything on the floor.



6. Take off your shoes or, even worse, your socks

Do you also take off your socks when you visit friends? Even. The shoe thing is acceptable (on a long haul flight!), everything else falls into the 'disgusting' category so please drop it.

PS: If you go to the toilet, you will most likely step in a puddle. And no, it's definitely not water!

PPS: It can always be worse. There are actually people who unabashedly rasp their calluses on an airplane.

7. Poking the flight crew like it's merchandise

Maybe you would like another glass of water, maybe you have questions about your connecting flight. If you want the flight attendant's attention, wait for someone to walk by, make eye contact, say "Sorry!" But never, really never, poke anyone or pull on the uniform!