5 styling tips for the trend look with cowboy boots

5 styling tips for the trend look with cowboy boots

5 styling tips for the trend look with cowboy boots

To bikers shorts, skirts, clothes...

By Katharina Kunath |15.August 2021, 8:12 a.m.

Cowboy boots are more casual than ankle boots, courageous than Combat boots and above all: real eye -catchers!How can you also wear the trend boots in late summer?Stylbook has five styling tips ready.

"Thesis boots are made for walkin", you want to cry if you look at the shoes that have been in trend again for some time - and are also very popular with the stars.So pop star Gwen Stefanie recently married in a white couple of cowboy boots, Miley Cyrus likes to wear the shoes as a break in style for conservative pants suit and supermodel Kendall Jenner for the elegant slip dress.What you have to consider so that you don't look too much for cowboy in the boots and how to best combine the treads?Stylbook has searched the most important dos and don’s.


Please do not: combine cowboy boots with caro chirt and hat

If you don't want to look like carnival party or to have just escaped a country band, please avoid red caroohs, jeans shorts and cowboy hats during this trend.Instead, style fractures are required.Fine materials for the coarse leather, elegant cuts to the rather cool treter.Cowboy boots look particularly beautiful when the leather has already set a light patina.In second-hand shops you can often find well-preserved (sometimes even unworn) models that have exactly this old school charm.

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The cowboy boot appears playful to the dress

If you like the break from the style (for example, chunky combat boots) and flat -shaped summer dress anyway, the cowboy boot is certainly a lot of fun.Please note: the boot should reach the knee at a maximum and have relatively flat heels, everything else can be too tapped too quickly.Whether playful flower dress or minimalistic slip dress: when choosing a clothing you can try it out as you please.The cowboy boot gives even the most romantic dress a certain nonchalance that lets sandals and ballerinas miss.

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Brave people combine the boots for cycling shorts and oversized shirt

Cowboy boots appear even cooler to oversized shirt and short cyclists.Here the boots may be a little longer, the heel between three to five centimeters high.Vintage shirts are particularly casual as styling partners who are already slightly washed out and make a wink reference to the “wild west”.Blogger Maria Jernov shows it: she wears a Texas shirt with a horse print.What fits the trendy shoe less well: neon colors and cycling shorts made of shiny nylon fabric.

With jeans, the cowboy boot is casual ...

In the event that it becomes cooler on late summer evenings, the boot can of course also be styled wonderfully to denim.Loosen-fitting mom jeans look slightly rolled particularly cool.The cowboy boots themselves are the eye-catcher here: Whether colorful pattern, crocodile look, metallic shimmer or paragraph ... The most unusual models go with the jeans!

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... and for the noble two -part office -compatible

If it is supposed to be a little fancier, there are tidy cowboy boots with a little heel in cream and beige tones or matt black.Rather conservative items of clothing such as tweed jackets, twinsets and blazers get a pinch of edge.The boots in summer are particularly beautiful to play two parts such as airy pants suits or pencil skirts and oversized blazers.

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