Wash backpack: You have to pay attention to this - Utopia.de

Wash backpack: You have to pay attention to this - Utopia.de

Wash backpack: You have to pay attention to this - Utopia.de

Washing the backpack is very easy. But the washing machine is rarely suitable. Follow some tips to enjoy your backpack for a long time. This also protects the environment.

Wash the backpack – when?

Backpacks are usually carried without direct physical contact and therefore, unlike clothing, only need to be washed very rarely. However, after long hikes where your backpack has gotten a lot of sweat or if a drink has spilled inside the backpack, you should wash your backpack thoroughly.

Light soiling:

Often, however, the backpack is only slightly soiled. Bee pollen after a walk in the woods or splashes of dirt after a bike ride in wet weather are usually superficial.

Wash the backpack – without a washing machine!

Like items of clothing, backpacks have a laundry label with fabric care instructions. Read there how your backpack should be washed. As a rule, backpacks do not belong in the washing machine or dryer, as the high temperatures and friction can damage the materials.

Many backpacks, especially those used outdoors, are coated with polyurethane. The petroleum-based plastic makes backpacks waterproof and durable (the fabric is environmentally questionable). However, this coating will be damaged in the washing machine or dryer.

Washing the backpack: These tips will help

The outdoor manufacturer Vaude recommends a mild soap as a cleaning agent for backpacks. Use a rag with some soap and water to remove individual stains. If a gentle cleaning with soap and a damp cloth isn't enough, use the shower or bath to wash the bag thoroughly:

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