Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2019 Trackwalk - Fischi introduces you to the crazy route

Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2019 Trackwalk - Fischi introduces you to the crazy route

Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2019 Trackwalk - Fischi introduces you to the crazy route

After his crash the day before, Fischi was able to take the route under his feet and tires on Saturday.He takes you on his trackwalk and shows you the key points of the crazy course - also new - for him.

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Johannes Fischbach to the route

After we wanted to forget yesterday's day, our Valparaíso adventure started officially this morning-unfortunately I could not say that my body could forget everything and I looked accordingly when you wake up.Everything a little stiff, but somehow I could go into the vertical.

Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2019 Trackwalk – Fischi stellt euch die verrückte Strecke vor

After a good breakfast and a good dash of caffeine it was slowly going up.Since movement in such cases is often the best solution, the morning started with a meter-intensive bike tour for the route start and a bit beyond that.Again and again an adventure - there are streets in a steepness, you don't believe that at all.

Back in the hotel it was already important to make the final preparations for training.Above all, the handlebars!In the shuttle with Jackson Goldstone and Wyn Masters we went up to the only section released for training.It makes sense to be able to train the staircase with the most violent gaps even intensely.After three runs it was over again and we had to leave the route again.

So today it's getting serious, I'm curious to see how it works.I feel pretty good, even if some rust hangs in some places and just squeak something for it.No matter, you have to go!Keep my fingers crossed for today !!

The race will be broadcast live this evening at 7:30 p.m.: All information about the stream is available here on MTB news.de!

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Video: Trackwalk with Fischi

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA_LzQhwnwgVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2019 – Trackwalk mit Johannes Fischbach (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA_LzQhwnwg)

Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2019: Photos of training

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How do you like the route - would you even trust yourself down an urban dh or is that far from your comfort zone?

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