Tenant lawsuit: Stefan Raab in court | STERN.de

Tenant lawsuit: Stefan Raab in court | STERN.de

Tenant lawsuit: Stefan Raab in court | STERN.de

Tenant lawsuit Stefan Raab over rent dispute in court

After leaving show business, Stefan Raab retired to his home country. But the calm didn't last long. The tenant of his former shop takes the former entertainer to court - and proves to be a stubborn opponent.

It's already 18 years since Stefan Raab took number 1 in the charts with his hit "Maschen-Draht-Zaun". The hit was inspired by a petty neighborhood dispute that was spread on the Sat.1 show "Richter Barbara Salesch". Now Raab himself is involved in an argument.

It's about a shop in the Sülz district of Cologne. The neighborhood is better than its name. Locals even refer to it as the Prenzlauer Berg of Cologne. Among other things, they point out that child density and real estate prices are equally high. Apart from that, there is one thing to say about the district: It is the home of the Raab family.

Stefan Raab was represented by his lawyer

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Raab's parents' butcher's shop, a respected family business, was in Sülz. Before the son switched to the uncertain show business, he received a solid education there. The restaurant that is now the subject of a dispute is on the same street. Correct dispute: On Tuesday the case was heard before the Cologne district court.

Judge Martin Blaschczok gives a quick look at the group: "Mr. Raab didn't show up, obviously?" No, the small room is full of journalists, but the former entertainer is not among them. A pity. Landlord Raab is represented by a lawyer.

A defective ventilation system is causing trouble

His tenant, a 40-year-old restaurateur, is there. She ran a tapas bar in the bar, which I'm told has been doing very well. But then it had to close because the district government prohibited the use of the stove and complained about the ventilation system in the guest room.

The restaurateur then suspended her rent payments. Whereupon Raab in turn announced the termination and sued for payment of the outstanding rent. The restaurateur responded with her own lawsuit - among other things, she demands replacement for the defective ventilation.

Proposed comparison fails

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Judge Blaschczok makes a suggestion for goodness: The tenancy is terminated and Raab still has to pay a good 17,000 euros. Because the judge tends towards the opinion that it would have been up to him to ensure reasonable ventilation of the "disputed premises".

Raab's lawyer initially reacted very cautiously: "That would blow up everything," he murmurs. After a phone call, however, he can say that Raab would be willing to accept the settlement.

Tenant: "It's about my existence"

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However, the other party is disagreeing. She demands more. "It's about my existence here," says the restaurateur. "All my money is in Mr. Raab's restaurant. I have nothing to lose."

So the argument goes on. The court plans to announce its decision on October 27.

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