Tempo and comfort The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo in the test

Tempo and comfort
The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo in the test

Tempo and comfort The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo in the test

With the new Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo, Nike has succeeded in combining its most popular training shoe with the Vaporfly top model.We tested the shoe in detail.

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At the latest since Nike's “Breaking-2 project” by Nike, it is clear that the sporting goods giant is currently being intensively concerned with how its shoes can not only improve the comfort, but also the performance and running economy of athletes.The new “Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo”, a current further development by Nike also falls into this category.At the Pegasus Turbo, Nike combined the classic and popular Pegasus training shoe with elements from Nike Vaporfly 4% and thus launched a new, independent shoe that is supposed to support high speeds in training and competition, but is still suitable as a daily training shoe.We tried the Pegasus Turbo in constant runs, interval units, long runs and in competition.

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Tempo und Komfort
Der Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo im Test

The composition of the Pegasus Turbo

So that the Pegasus Turbo is suitable for various tempos and can be used as a training shoe, various elements have been combined by other Nikeschuhen.The light and seamless upper material resembles the well -known training shoe “Nike Pegasus” from the appearance and structure, which it is currently in the 35.Edition gives.The zoomx foam sole, nike lightest sole, which is also used in the Zoom Vaporfly Elite and Zoom Vaporfly 4%, is now also used in the Pegasus Turbo.It is intended to ensure that there is the highest possible energy recovery as possible when running, i.e. you can feel direct propulsion when you put on the foot and the applied force can be used optimally.The difference to the two Vaporfly models from Nike is that there is no carbon fiber plate in the shoe in the Pegasus Turbo.In addition, the new react damping is used for the zoomx foam sole.This is to ensure that the shoe is also suitable as a training shoe and does not work quite as stiff and hard with loose runs.

Fit and running properties in the test

Immediately after dressing and the first steps in the Pegasus Turbo you can tell that Nike does not use minimalist running shoes with the concept of the Zoomx foam sole, but wants to drive exactly the opposite rail.Mostly atypical for shoes that are designed for high speeds.In this case, however, the relatively thick sole turns out to be an absolute stroke of luck and as the greatest strength of the shoe.Because the desired and promised effect is achieved: Despite the soft damping, the Pegasus Turbo supports a quick step by having the feeling that the shoe looks a bit like a spring at high speeds.Nevertheless, the shoe has a low weight (238 grams of men's size 44).Due to the missing carbon plate, this running feeling is also available for permanent runs (usually from 4:20 to 5:15 minutes per kilometer in the test).

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In a 5-kilometer test competition, he showed that the Pegasus Turbo can be more than just a quick training shoe.With an average pace of 3:12 minutes per kilometer, the shoe did not reveal any weakness and despite the relatively strong damping, he never caused a “spongy” running feeling.At high speeds between 3:10 to 4 minutes per kilometer, the shoe even actively supports the pace despite fatigue.This effect pays off especially for long runs at high speed.This is exactly why we would also assess the Pegasus Turbo as a suitable marathon shoe and recommended shoe for the triathlon short distance, medium distance and long distance.It made no difference whether it was run on the street, in the park or on the Tartanbahn.The Pegasus Turbo showed a stable hold and a lot of grip on all substrates.There was nothing to complain about with the fit either.The shoes are normal and the Flymesh upper material with the flywire straps ensures a secure hold in the midfoot area and pleasant comfort.


With a price of 180 euros, the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo is in the upper price range.For your money, however, you get a high -quality shoe that is not only extremely comfortable, but can also support the athlete in terms of running performance.That is why the shoe is more aimed at ambitious athletes who regularly do speed training and pursue quick times as a goal.It is very pleasant that the Pegasus Turbo can be used for any kind of run (endurance run, intervals, speed laces, competitions) and the pace also plays a subordinate role - because the running feeling remains outstanding regardless of it.