Sarah Connor worsens vortex after candidate being kicked out on "The Voice"

Sarah Connor worsens vortex after candidate being kicked out on "The Voice"

Sarah Connor worsens vortex after candidate being kicked out on "The Voice"


Scandal with "The Voice of Germany" Violation of the rules is still a violation of the rules - Sarah Connor shouldn't shake that either

by Laura SchäferSarah Connor had to play the sing-offs of "The Voice of Germany" without Anouar Chauech. The 26-year-old had been excluded from ProSieben, Sat.1 and the production company because of his behavior. Meanwhile, his coach was talking about "Cancel Culture".

At prime time last Sunday, Sat.1 showed the second round of the sing-offs of this year's "The Voice of Germany" season. But instead of joy at a successful live show, admiration for strong voices and amusement at the jokes of the judges and moderators, there was astonishment. Because of all people, Sarah Connor, the darling of the audience, let the cheerful mood change for a brief moment.

Before the candidates from her team fought for a place in the quarter-finals, moderator Lena Gercke explained why two team members were missing. Anton quit for "personal reasons". "Unfortunately, things are a little different for Anouar," said Gercke. The broadcasters and the production company Bildergarten had decided that he "can no longer be part of "The Voice". "In the context of the rehearsals, he repeatedly violated values ​​that are of course very, very important for the 'Voice' family, such as tolerance, fairness, treating each other with respect," read the presenter from her card.

Sarah Connor worsens vortex after candidate kicked out on

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And Connor? She took a deep breath and looked embarrassed. "I very much regret that," said the juror. "I stand for anything but this cancel culture myself, and it's a big shock for me that it's just flying out now. I'm for inclusion and I want to understand why someone ... I think there are reasons why someone treats someone else disparagingly." She emphasized that the decision was made by the broadcaster and the production company.

What was Sarah Connor thinking?

Eliminated by breaking the rules - what does Sarah Connor have against it?

Neither the broadcaster nor Anouar himself in a later Instagram Live wanted to go into more detail about the events. But he said he wanted to accept the decision. The question remains why his prominent mentor still questioned the decision on the live show – and thus also her employer.

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One should assume that the eviction wasn't "simply" ordered the way they were singer portrayed it. And if Anouar - as she herself admitted - didn't follow the rules, she can't come up with "Cancel Culture" either. It is not an invention of the 21st century or so-called "woken" groups that you have to stick to rules in a community and even more so in a competition. A thought of the one or those to whom Anouar was inappropriately accommodating would certainly not have hurt.

Undoubtedly, the student has an impressive voice that will be missing from "The Voice". But the young man confirms on Instagram that he wants to fight and be heard with his music. It would be a nice move if Sarah Connor helped her former protégé. Nobody has anything against second chances.