Queen Máxima: her lifestyle is so luxurious | GALA.de

Queen Máxima: her lifestyle is so luxurious | GALA.de

Queen Máxima: her lifestyle is so luxurious | GALA.de

Queen Máxima her lifestyle is so luxurious

Traum-Urlaub, riesige Anwesen, teure Designermode: Queen Máxima genießt als Royal viele Privilegien. GALA weiß, welche das sind – und warum diese Luxusgüter für Máxima auch zum Problem werden können.

"the best thing about the Dutch monarchy is Máxima"-at least we often hear it from our Western neighbours. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, 50, with her 1000-watt smile, her unvain humor and her approachable way, is a real favourite of the public, even beyond the country & APOs; s borders. This popularity helps the Dutch royal family out of the Bredouille time and again, because also crises simply smiles away from Máxima with their disarming kind. Of these crises there have been so many recently-and most of the time they concerned the dilapidated and not so down-to-earth lifestyle of the royal family.

Queen Máxima: the family's controversial luxury travel

Most recently, the survey values for the Dutch royals slipped to basement level. According to a survey by the agency Ipsos, 76 percent of all Dutch people still had faith in the monarchy in April 2020. In December 2020, it was only 47 percent. This was mainly due to the family & APOs; s travels during the Corona pandemic.

In the summer of 2020, a Greek restaurant owner proudly posted a photo with his noble guests, the royal family himself-but without mask and minimum distance. For this there was the first round of fierce criticism. The sympathies did not improve with the purchase of a luxury yacht (model "Wajer 55") for 1.7 million euros.

In mid-October 2020, the holiday crisis really escalated when the Netherlands was in a lockdown, but the royals once again jetted to Greece in the government plane. There they own a holiday home. The population was outraged. After consultation with Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Willem-Alexander and Máxima flew back the next day, this time on a scheduled plane. But the wave of outrage was already tsunami big, so the king couple apologized in a two-minute video message and said, & quot; it hurts us that we have abused your trust. & quot;

Queen Máxima: So luxuriös ist ihr Lifestyle | GALA.de

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In the summer of 2021, the five-member family-King Willem-Alexander, 54, Máxima and the daughters of Amalia, 18, Alexia, 16, and Ariane, 14-spent a whole six weeks in Greece. The Dutch government aircraft expert and journalist Menno Swart had then calculated the cost of this trip. In fact, it is remarkable that Willem-Alexander and Máxima jetted back to Greece for individual dates from their holidays through Europe and then by government aircraft or private aircraft-several times. According to Swart & APOs; s invoice, this amounts to 21,840 miles and 170,000 euros. The Dutch didn & APOs; t like to hear this, while most of them were still limited to short trips in their home country because of Corona.

Real estate: delicate discussion

The real estate of the Dutch royal couple also provided plenty of discussions, and this at the highest political level. After the purchase of a luxury villa on the Indian Ocean in Mozambique in 2007, the king had added a picturesque ranch in South America in 2009. According to Federico Bernhard van Ditmar, the ranch "La Estancia Pipilcura" in the Argentinean home of Máxima was a bargain, according to the newspaper "de Volkskrant". The price: one million euros. But even if this may be a snapper for Blaublüter-the population did not get a good purchase of the property, especially since the news of the purchase was announced at the same time as economic data-and they did not look good at all: economic crisis, jobs in danger. Alexander Pechtold of the left-liberal party Democrat 66 stated at that time: "this is clumsy at a time when many are worried about their home loans."

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In addition, the discussion about the financing of Argentina & APOs; s real estate ignited: had it been paid out of taxpayers & APOs; money? The state press office assured directly that not a single tax cent had flowed into the ranch purchase of the then still heir to the throne. Otherwise, however, no information is given on investments. "it's a private matter," they said.

After the public headlines that the Crown Prince of that time allowed himself and his family a luxury life in spite of the economic crisis, the declared African fan had finally renounced the magnificent estate in Mozambique in November 2009, the villa in Argentina remained in possession.

Shortly afterwards Willem-Alexander and Máxima bought a villa in Greece, which they use as a summer residence. The property has three buildings, a swimming pool, a whirlpool, a tennis court and a private investor. But this domicile doesn & APOs; t remain uncritical either, thanks to the Coronac crisis.

Máximas Style: mix of expensive and affordable

The native Argentinean from an influential home loves it extravagant, colorful and sometimes shrill-and is considered one of the best-dressed royal ladies. She often relies on Dutch designers, which is particularly appreciated in her home country. Other design favourites: Natan, Zimmermann and Claes Iversen.

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With the accessories Máxima likes to crash, according to the motto: more is more. In addition to striking hats and jewelry, she also loves extraordinary shoes, especially from Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin and Gianvito Rossi. In handbags, she often relies on traditional design houses such as Chanel or Gucci. By the way, the Queen & APOs; s favorite cheap brand is Zara. In this way, she proved, above all in 2020, despite the travel scandals, that her soil stability is quite important.

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