Pirmasen's witness call: Who saw four men beat up a teenager?

Pirmasen's witness call: Who saw four men beat up a teenager?

Pirmasen's witness call: Who saw four men beat up a teenager?

Was a youth who was lying on the ground kicked on Thursday? The police are looking for witnesses to an incident that is said to have occurred around 5 p.m.

According to the police, the witness driving by observed that four men were standing around a youth between the ages of 14 and 18 who was lying on the ground at Simter Straße 1. It seemed to him that the four men had hit and kicked the man who was lying on the ground. A dark-skinned man had just arrived and chased away the four men who were fleeing in the direction of Schillerstrasse, the police write. The witness driving in the car turned after a short pursuit of the fugitives and drove back to the victim.

At least apparently the young man was unharmed. He told the witness that he was going to his parents' house and then to file a complaint with the police. He then drove away as a passenger in a black Golf. So far, no complaint has been filed with the police.

Pirmasen's witness call: who saw that four men beat up a teenager?

The police describe the people involved as follows: The victim is said to be around 14 to 18 years old, about 1.70 meters tall, had light, medium-length hair and wore blue jeans. The dark-skinned witness was about 1.80 to 1.90 meters tall and had a muscular build. This is how the passing witness described the four men. Person one wore burgundy pants, blue Nike Free shoes with a white Nike emblem, and a black jacket with red printing on the left chest, black gloves, a black beanie, and a black respirator. Person two wore black jogging pants with white printing on the side of the left thigh, black and white Asics shoes that are neon green in the heel area, black jacket, black cap and a black respirator.

Person three also wore black sweatpants with a small white print on the left thigh area, white Nike Jordan shoes with a black Nike emblem, dark gray sleeveless jacket with a white zipper, underneath a black hoodie. The person had pulled the hood over his head, he was also wearing a black respirator and black gloves. Person four had black trousers, white shoes, black jacket and a black backpack.

Witnesses are asked to contact the police on 06331 5200 or by email to pipirmasens@polizei.rlp.de.