Nike app: AR feature will let you determine your shoe size in the future

Nike app: AR feature will let you determine your shoe size in the future

Nike app: AR feature will let you determine your shoe size in the future

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Article from 10.05.19

Sneaker fans buy their shoes more online these days.The Nike app will make it even easier in the future and offer a solution to a problem: determining the right shoe size will be possible in the future via the AR feature Nike Fit.

The tweet at the end of this article indicates how Nike Fit works: To determine the right shoe size, you scan your feet with your smartphone, reports Engadget.The Nike app then tells you in which size you should order a specific shoe.Because sneaker enthusiasts know: depending on the model, the optimal shoe size can vary.

Nike Fit: shoe size in one minute

According to Nike, a study showed that over 60 percent of the population wear shoes in the wrong size.Nike Fit is supposed to counteract this phenomenon.The AR feature will be integrated directly into the Nike app and can be selected via the individual product pages.Where you can choose your shoe size, there will be the option in the future to measure your feet.

Nike-App: AR-Feature lässt euch künftig eure Schuhgröße bestimmen

If you choose this, the camera opens.Then you stand on a wall and focus on your smartphone on your feet.Then you see two AR groups that will help you to align your mobile phone in parallel to the floor.Then the Nike app scans your feet and recommend a shoe size.The entire process should take less than a minute.

From summer in the Nike app

Nike Fit measures feet with a millimeter precise and also recognizes whether one of them is larger than the other.In addition, you only have to make the AR measurement once.The Nike app then saves the data in your profile.In shoe stores, employees can scan a QR code from the Nike app and then know the size of they should bring you a specific model.Nike Fit's rollout should take place in July 2019 - initially in the USA.The AR feature for the Nike app "Later in summer" will come to Europe.

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