Jon Bon Jovi: traumatized by overdose of his daughter

Jon Bon Jovi: traumatized by overdose of his daughter

Jon Bon Jovi: traumatized by overdose of his daughter

Jon Bon Jovi traumatized by his daughter's overdose

Sänger Jon Bon Jovi sprach über die Überdosis seiner Teenager-Tochter.

The phone call that Jon Bon Jovi (51) received from his daughter from the hospital was the "worst moment" of his life as a father.

Jon Bon Jovi: Traumatisiert von Überdosis seiner Tochter

The oldest daughter of the rock stars ('It's my life'), Stephanie Rose (19), was taken to the hospital in November 2012 due to a heroin overdose from a student room in Hamilton College.In this context, the officials also found a small amount of marijuana in their room.In an interview, Jon Bon Jovi now remembered the shocking telephone conversation, which he had with his daughter shortly after the incident: "It was terrible, a terrible moment.It was the worst moment in my life as a father.At first she said that she was doing well, but then she explained what had happened, "he told the British newspaper 'The Mirror'.The star immediately left and lie down and set off to his daughter."You wake up, shak it off, put on your shoes and say 'Okay, I'm on the way home."

Fortunately, the indictment of illegal drug ownership of heroin and marijuana against the teenager and a friend was dropped.

In the interview, the rocker continued to assume that he had no idea about his daughter's drug use.He took the opportunity to pronounce his sympathy for all parents who had to experience similar tragedies: "We went through something that many parents had to experience, much more than I thought.Suddenly there were many people in my life that I didn't know about the same with their children."

Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea Hurley (50) have three sons together in addition to Stephanie Rose.


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