Johannes Strate - Star Portrait, News, Pictures | GALA.de

Johannes Strate - Star Portrait, News, Pictures | GALA.de

Johannes Strate - Star Portrait, News, Pictures | GALA.de

Star portrait of Johannes Strate

Johannes Strate became known as the singer of "Revolverheld" and became a crowd favorite as the coach of "The Voice Kids".
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Not everyone knows that

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For Johannes Strate, family is the most important thing: "When I'm at home, turn the switch on I also unplug my phone completely or don't plug it in at all. I'm just a musician too, so it can't be that important."

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Johannes Strate is a Werder-Bremen fan and is involved in the "Werder Moves" association for environmental protection.

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Johannes Strate - star portrait, news, pictures | GALA.de

Johannes and his girlfriend Anna Angelina Wolfes are happy even without a marriage certificate: "Marriage is not on the agenda at the moment. I just don't know exactly whether I'm the type for marriage. If I ever feel like it, then I might do it, if of course she wants it too."

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In the 90s Johannes played with none other than Jan Böhmermann. The two connect not only the music, but above all the home Bremen.


Biography of Johannes Strate

Johannes Strate and his band "Revolverheld" have long been an integral part of the German music scene. With his unmistakable voice, he helped songs like "Friends stay", "Spinner" and "I leave the light on for you" to high chart positions. So it was only natural that he would pass on his knowledge to the next generation and take the young musicians under his wing as a coach with "The Voice Kids".

Parents as sponsors

Just like his protégés from "The Voice Kids", Johannes Strate started making music at an early age. He learned to play the guitar at the age of ten. His parents, themselves pianists and guitarists, always encouraged their son's interest in music. It is logical that Johannes Strate did not study business administration after school, but concentrated on his musical career. In 2002 he took part in the "Hamburg Pop Course" at the "University for Music and Theater", which teaches the course participants the basics of being a musician.

History of "Revolverheld"

In the same year he founded the band "Manga" with Kristoffer Hünecke, Niels Grötsch, Jakob Sinn and Florian Speer, which they later became "Tsunamikiller" and in 2004 finally into "Gunslinger" renamed.

After "Revolverheld" first attracted attention as the opening act for "Silbermond" and "Die Happy", they were able to land in the charts with their first single "Generation Rock" in 2005. Their debut album "Revolverheld" achieved platinum status. From there, the career went up steeply. In 2014 they won the "Bundesvision Songcontest" with the single "Let us go". In 2015, the band was knighted: They were allowed to record an "MTV Unplugged" album, an honor that only great musicians deserve.

On a solo path

But "Revolverheld" singer Johannes Strate is also successful on his own. In 2011, he released his first solo album, "The Signs Are Up". He was also a coach on "The Voice Kids" for two seasons, where he was well received by the young participants and the audience alike with his sympathetic nature. In 2018 he took part in the fifth season of the successful Vox show "Sing my Song - The Exchange Concert".

Family life

Johannes Strate has nothing to complain about in his private life either. With his long-term girlfriend, the actress Anna Angelina Wolfes, he has their son Emil, who was born in 2012. Johannes Strate reconciles family and music well and things also seem to be going great in terms of relationships – after all, Johannes and his Anna share the same idea of ​​romance. "I'm also a romantic guy. But my romance is more that my girlfriend is a morning grouch who never feels like getting up in the morning and I bring her a damn coffee in bed every morning - I think that's romantic. I have to don't scatter rose petals on the floor and play the guitar for her when she comes home," says the musician about his relationship life.

Music by Johannes Strate (selection of albums)

Johannes, the (anti)modern papa

As down-to-earth as he is, the social media craze also predominates in front of Johannes and his private life does not stop. For him as a father, there is an additional responsibility. He thinks absolutely nothing of parents who present their kids online. His son Emil should grow up as normally as possible, without unnecessary pressure and publicity. That's why Johannes keeps his junior out of social media — and initially out of music school, too. Because although it is important to him that his son grows up musically, he wants to give him as much freedom as possible for as long as possible. "I think it's good when children in elementary school can still play in the garden in the afternoon."