Hobby builds self -binding shoes with Lego (video)

Hobby builds self -binding shoes with Lego (video)

Hobby builds self -binding shoes with Lego (video)

Panagiotis Kolokythas

A inventor wants to feel like Marty McFly and has made self -binding shoes.With the help of Lego modules.

VergrößernSelbstbindende Schuhe dank Lego© Vimal Patel

Since December 2016, the self -binding shoes have been Hyperadapt 1 in the United States.0 from Nike Available and this at a proud price of over $ 700 (around 660 euros).This must also be cheaper, the young industrial designer Vimal Patel thought and simply built an apparatus from Lego stones that can bind the laces.He then glued this to a few of his old treads.That may not look chic, as a look at the building instructions, but Patel no longer has to bend down to shoes...

Bastler baut selbstbindende Schuhe mit Lego (Video)

In the following video on YouTube, Patel presents his creation:

Gadget lovers have been dreaming of self-sausage shoes since the late 1980s when in the film "Back to the future II" Marty McFly with the Delorean DMC-12, which was converted to the time machine, traveled to the future and there on 21.October 2015 landed.There he put on Nike Air in 2015 and was thrilled that the shoes of the shoes put on."Power Laces, Allright", was the first reaction of Marty McFly.

VergrößernDer Motor sorgt dafür, dass an den Schnürsenkeln gezogen wird© Vimal Patel

Patel describes his project as a "fast experiment" to determine whether LEGO can be used to make a self -binding shoe.Several attempts were necessary to create the right design.In addition to Lego stones, he used an engine and an adhesive gun.He attached the battery required for the power supply of the engine to the heel of the shoes.A Lego crank pulls on the laces and binds the shoe after you put your foot in it."It works reasonably well, but I am sure that it can be done much better if you put a little more effort into it," said Patel.