"Germany's Next Top Model": Too much attitude, too little personality

"Germany's Next Top Model": Too much attitude, too little personality

"Germany's Next Top Model": Too much attitude, too little personality

In search of the top ten, Heidi Klum's girls at GNTM explore the fine line between arrogance and self-confidence - and practice dancing. Teresa has to go. By Jan Zier

If you're good, you can afford to be unlikable. Well, and if you're needed for the show because they booked you on ProSieben for the role of "Drama Queen". Yes, we're talking about Simone, of course. She's on the hit list for four of her colleagues that day - it's about getting into the top 10. Not because of their walks. But because of their personality. "She has a difficult personality," says Sayana. And the others also want "less stress", for example in their chic model villa. Some of them were even coughed out of rhythm by Simone when this week it was about rehearsing a choreography for three and, yes: forming a team. "Why does she have to be in my group?" Lena asks. But one like Heidi Klum is of course not interested in that.

More enemies - or should one say: benevolent opponents? - only has a certain Caroline from Bremerhaven, who was nominated six times to be kicked out. And - you guessed it - because of their personality. "We have to look at it objectively," explains a colleague.

She's an "empty shell," says one, "she doesn't come out of herself enough," says another. And she doesn't have much airtime. "I am aware that I have been shown less than other girls so far," she said before the "Bild" newspaper broadcast. "I can't explain why this is being done." Or is it? "Anyway, I'm not a drama queen. "Like - no, she doesn't say that. Has she been too boring so far? "If more of me had been shown, I would have seemed less boring." Hmm. Of course we can now Do not judge.

GNTM: "You can do anything"

But there's something else. Even out there in the world, Caroline hardly has any friends. Just 14,800 Instagram followers! And if you now say: That's something - that's the last place in the "influencer ranking". Even Justine, eliminated last week because her sometimes shy personality didn't match her tomboy short haircut, so even Justine has 33,900 followers, Vanessa has over 99,000 and Simone, now: 131,000. So maybe Instagram is paying attention to performance after all? (You can't see the rest in the photos anyway.)

Speaking of Vanessa: She has already cleared three jobs in the course of the season. So the casting, for which she just flew to Amsterdam from the USA, looks like a safe bet for her, especially since – unlike Cäcilia – she also thought about her high heels when packing her suitcase. "She is very sure that she will get the job," says the photographer before the casting. The magazine "Nylon" is looking for a model who can represent 20 years of pop history, although she knows very little of it from her own experience. The casting now takes place in a fictitious youth room - Cecilia decides on "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk, Vanessa for "Lucky" by Britney Spears. "You can do everything - the main thing is that you knock us off the stool" is the task for Vanessa. But in the end she has "too much attitude" for the job. The line between arrogance and self-confidence is sometimes thin. She was "too exhausting" because she has "her own opinion", Vanessa will say afterwards, and that the photographer just wanted to be the only cool one on the set. Or was Cecilia just more euphoric?

Heidi Klum shows a film from her childhood days

Later, on the other hand, she will miss "a bit of crazyness". We are back on the set of "Germany's Next Top Model" and Heidi has dug out a film from her childhood days: "Saturday Night Fever". It was 1977, when Klum was just three, and young John Travolta played the leading role. Now it is time to imitate him for a – fictitious – commercial. In addition to the model mom, Thomas Hayo also has to be convinced, who was always part of the jury at GNTM from 2011 to 2018, so for many years. "I have very high expectations of the girls," says Mr. Hayo, who is greeted with a screech. And that they have to "work".

Of course, personality is also required here, but a girl like that has to be a bit of a machine. With Vanessa it looks rather funny and a bit like comedy, with Theresia it's more "like a crazy robot dance", as Hayo thinks. "She's kidding us," he says. "No," says Klum. "She's kidding us," he says again. "No," insists Klum. And so on. But tact is not given to everyone. Hayo eventually fall not many jobs that he would book Theresia for. Simone, on the other hand, delivers an impressive solo - but because it was just mentioned that she was suffering from a muscle injury, a fight in the group is inevitable. She is "wrong", says Lena, who has just been certified that she dances "like a rubber doll". Lena is not one with her body, analyzed Hayo. Unlike Simone, one could say, but she also wants to be loved somehow: "No one can stand up for me happy," she laments. "Everyone is against me."

The end of the evening is also fully retro this time. In shoes that are much too high, it is necessary to perform on the revolving record stage in a David Bowie outfit. The best is - you already know. But Caroline also makes it through to the last ten without any trouble, and Vanessa, despite two losses to Cecilia that evening. In the end it decides between Lena and Theresia. She bursts into tears when she learns that she has to go now, although Heidi Klum says it "breaks her heart". "See you," says Hayo - a sentence in which one can have hope as a loser. And the model governess gets a little pathetic again before Theresia really has to go: "I'm your biggest fan."