Permanent test Cannondale Trigger 27.5 Carbon 2 - "Two hearts beat in my chest" [presentation]

Permanent test Cannondale Trigger 27.5 Carbon 2 - "Two hearts beat in my chest" [presentation]

Permanent test Cannondale Trigger 27.5 Carbon 2 - "Two hearts beat in my chest" [presentation]

Cannondale Trigger 27.5 Carbon 2 in the test: The Trigger 275 is the latest trail and all-mountain bike from Cannondale.With Lefty, dyad dampers and the full range of system integration, is it unmistakable a cannondale, but is unmistakably equally good?And do the Leftys still need regular service?And really beat two hearts in the chest of the bike?We record the trigger carbon 2 in the long -term test and present our test bike here for the first time.

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  • About the long -term test
  • # Das Cannondale Trigger Carbon 2 - Der Einstieg in die Welt des Trigger aus Kohlefaser

    Period test: The Bike - Cannondale Trigger 27.5 carbon 2

    Why this bike?

    I have already owned three cannondales: two chas and a prophet MX, with the chase still standing in the basement and occasionally extending towards the pump track.But a lot has happened at Cannondale since the times of these models: Cedric Gracia is no longer on the bikes, the Gravity division has been completely stamped.The times of the simple systems are over, Peter Denk has shaped the new generation of Cannondales: majority with pull-shock and variable chassis.

    # Nette Mischung - Shimano und Sram in einem 2X10 Antriebsstrang mit großer Bandbreite vereint. Schöner Strebenschutz und Anti-Chainsuck-Platte

    Despite all the changes, Cannondale has remained one: independent.This is shown by the Lefty, that shows the pullshock, but also the consistent system integration.Since I have never sat on a bike of this new generation, but I have associated Cannondale very positively from my past, I was immediately interested in testing a trigger.For me, the trigger is not only the most elegant bike in the current American collection, it is also the latest.After a first test drive from Hannes (to the article) our curiosity was awakened - time for a longer discussion.

    # Gelungene Zugführung - das Kabel zum Umwerfer ist schwenkbar gelagert, die Teleskopstütze wird ebenfalls intern angelenkt. Man beachte auch das Scheuer-Plättchen, das den Rahmen vor der Dämpferfernbedienung schützt.# Schöne CFK-Kurbelarme - aber ich habe schon lang kein so schwer wirkendes Kettenblatt mehr gesehen

    The question of the exact model remained: The Trigger 275 is finally available in aluminum and carbon, a total of 5 different equipment variants.Our choice falls on the middle model, the cheapest bike with carbon fiber frame.Why?It is still clearly in the lower half of the Cannondale price range, which begins at € 2799 for the "4" aluminum model and only ends at € 9999 for the Black Inc variant.The idea behind this equipment variant could also be: you buy a high-quality base- braking the carbon frame with Lefty Supermax and XT Trail- and gradually invests in wear and adding parts such as the impeller, tires and saddle.

    # 3-Gelenk Hinterbau - die Sitzstreben arbeiten als Blattfeder


    As already indicated above: For € 4599 there is a really good starting point at Cannondale, but not yet the crème de la crème.The following applies to the frame, fork and dampers: there is no more, the following applies to the XT circuit and brakes: more is not needed.The other components will do their job, but still leave room for desire.The KS telescopic support with its 100 mm adjustment path is of course far better than no telescopic support, but you already suspect: this is not a solution that is fully satisfied.Cannondale-owned handles and carbon handlebars, stem, Mavic wheel set and WTB saddle fall into a similar category.With the tires I would go even further and call them a savings measure.A good decision because tires are an individual matter, but also a bad decision because bad tires can grab driving fun properly.

    Dauertest Cannondale Trigger 27.5 Carbon 2 – „Zwei Herzen schlagen ach in meiner Brust“ [Vorstellung]

    FurnishingCannondale Trigger 275. Carbon 2
    FarbeSichtcarbon / Rot
    DämpferFox DYAD RT2
    Schnellspanner/MaxleSyntace X12
    SteuersatzCannondale Headshock SI
    GabelLEFTY Supermax 2.0 PBR 140 27.5, Trail Dämpfung, Needle Bearing, 50 mm Offset
    Bremse vorne/hintenShimano XT Trail, 180/160
    VorbauCannondale C1, 1.5", 31.8 mm, 5°, 60 mm
    LenkerCannondale C1 Riser, Carbon, 740 x 15 mm
    SattelstützeKS LEV Integra 100, Innenverlegter Zug, 31,6 mm
    SattelWTB Volt, Cromo
    LaufradsatzMavic Crossroc WTS, Tubeless Ready
    Reifen vorneMavic Crossroc 27.5 WTS, 27.5x2,2"
    KurbelSram S1400 AM, 36/22T
    InnenlagerSram PF30
    SchalthebelShimano XT mit I-Spec
    SchaltwerkShimano XT, Shadow Plus
    UmwerferSram X7, Direct Mount
    KetteKMC X10
    KassetteShimano XT, 11-36, 10-fach
    GriffeCannondale Lock-Griffe
    Gewicht12,75 kg


    At 176 cm I choose, as always, for size M.The reach is already on the longer side with 427 mm, which also shows the wheelbase of 115 cm.Nevertheless, the bike should not feel too smooth, at 68 ° the steering angle is absolutely not flat.Thanks to the adjustable damper, the bike has two geometries anyway, because at the push of a button the negative suspension can be changed;Which should then lead to a steeper steering angle and a higher inner bearing.

    Cannondale Trigger 275SmallMediumLargeX-Large
    Rahmenhöhe432 / 17"457 / 18"483 / 19"508 / 20"
    Sitzwinkel (effektiv)73.5°73.5°73.5°73.5°
    Sitzwinkel (tatsächlich)70.1°70.5°70.7°71°
    Innenlager Drop2222
    Oberrohrlänge (horizontal)566598624652
    Oberrohrlänge (tatsächlich)530561587616

    First impression

    The test bike was included in a damper pump that I initially ignored;After all, I already have a damper pump.But when I went to the bike setup, I realized why a special pump is included: the dyad dampers need incredibly high air pressures!Even with my 73 kg, my own pump almost got to her pressure limit;285 PSI suggests the setup guide that is glued to the back of the seat tube.It is already pumping a lot of exhausting, and the setup procedure is not easy.In 7 steps you have to proceed, if you don't stick to it, you can actually damage the damper (actually no wonder with these, 285 PSI corresponds to 20 kg on every fingernail-sized area of the air chamber).So empty the negative chamber for each pressure change, then fill the positive chamber and then fill the negative chamber again.There are also suggestions regarding the setup depending on the driver's weight for the two train levels.So it takes a little longer for the journey to start, but thanks to the instructions, it was always clear what to do.

    # Obacht geben - wer das Vorderrad einer Lefty demontieren will, sollte vorher die Bremse abschrauben. Dafür ist der Adapter aber auch vorgesehen, die Schrauben müssen nicht ganz rausgedreht werden.

    The fork setup, on the other hand, went much faster: Gentle 80 PSI filled in, trained and off you go.A lockout can be activated on the setting button by pressure.Between the two travel modes you switch back and forth with the thumb switch on the handlebar.This reduces the travel on the rear to 85 mm and lifts the inner bearing a bit, the steering angle becomes steeper.The train stage also adapts to the tougher setup - luckily, otherwise the harder air spring would be subdued and would tend to rock.

    # Der DYAD-Dämpfer - ein echtes Gerät, mit Sag-Anzeige und zwei Ölkreisläufen# Cannondale eigenes Cockpit - komplett mit 1.5" Vorbau und durchgängig dickem Steuerrohr

    Otherwise I have to say: wow, the bike is an eye -catcher.And the longer I look at it, the more nice details I notice.From the aggressively styled protection for the Lefty diving tube to the swiveling barrier for the derailleur to the lack of a pile point near the failing.As the top tube visually turns into the seat struts over the seesaw, it can do something.The train guide externally under the top tube makes the laying of all lines easy, including adapting the seat post height.I'm not looking forward to cleaning, but now it starts ...

    # Gefällt richtig gut - die 140 mm Lefty Supermax

    About the long -term test


    The long-term tests on MTB news.de all follow the same scheme and will run by the end of October 2015 when we present the final results.Overall, you can look forward to three extensive articles per bike:

    1. Vorstellung des Dauertest-Bikes (dieser Artikel)
    2. Zwischenbericht zum Dauertest-Bike
    3. Abschlussbericht zum Dauertest-Bike

    While we present the durable test bike in this first report and address some basic points, we will probably publish an interim report on the respective bike at the end of June / early July.In this we will precisely describe what the wheel has experienced by then and what observations - positive and negative - we have made.The article will usually be chronologically based on the mileage.

    In the final report at the end of 2015, we will present our final conclusion to the bike and of course give an update how the wheel has been in constant use.Insofar as this data is available, we present the development of danger route and meters in altitude, provide information about the test conditions and work available for whom and what use the wheel is suitable for.Based on the developments in the test, we also deal extensively with the equipment and show where there is improvement and tuning potential.

    Over the duration test, we will publish via Instagram pictures of the bikes and the current status of the test.If you want to stay up to date, you should look at our Instagram account.

    In the course of the permanent test, we will basically drive the bikes in the standard equipment and document when defects, repairs or similar measures are due.As with privately used bikes, we reserve the right to adapt the bikes in the usual details in the course of the season.If components are changed, this will also be noted accordingly.

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    Driver profile

    Test driver Stefanus body size: 176 cm weight (ready for driving): 73 KGahrstil: playful

    What do you mainly drive?

    Trails!The bike must be able to do everything from quick house rounds to technical alpine trails.Preferences regarding the chassis: gladly linear, with a little faster train level preferences regarding the frame: preferably moderate, but low.

    Where will the bike be driven?

    In the Alps!Latsch, Schliersee, Ötztal, Wallis, Graubünden ...

    Further information

    The long-term test is MTB news.de made available by Cannondale for the long -term test.Further information on the Cannondale Trigger can be found on the Cannondale product page.

    Hersteller-Homepage: CannondaleFotos: Jens StaudtText & Redaktion: Stefanus Stahl | MTB-News.DE 2015