Do you need #multi -bums?Win an exclusive SQLAB set from Tibor Simai!

Do you need #multi -bums?Win an exclusive SQLAB set from Tibor Simai!

Do you need #multi -bums?Win an exclusive SQLAB set from Tibor Simai!

The limited SQlab 611 saddle with the matching 711 MX grips by Tibor Simai in bright Flow Yellow are now available in stores. We're celebrating with the exclusive #MEHRBUMS set! Find out what's in it, how you can win it and what you have to do to get it here!

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Bike pro Tibor Simai of many years and the ergonomics experts from Munich are reviving an old friendship. The first joint project, the development of the new ERGOWAVE® saddle shape, crowns SQlab with a limited Tibor Simai saddle model and the matching Flow Yellow (neon yellow) grips.

# SQlab 711 MX grips in Flow Yellow# Sattel611Ergowave-ltd.TiborSimai

The native of Munich has been one of the big names in the bike industry for years and is one of the most versatile personalities in the German bike scene. He rode his BMX and mountain bikes on SQlab saddles from 2004 - 2006 and even then received his own, limited special model. Today, after a long absence, Tibor is returning to his roots and is starting again with a lot of motivation and passion in product development and as a team driver at SQlab.

# Tibor Simai © Daniel Roos

One of his first projects at SQlab was the co-development of the new ERGOWAVE® saddle shape. With the new saddle shape and the return of Tibor, SQlab marks the start of a completely new era. This success is crowned with a new, limited Tibor Simai ERGOWAVE® saddle model and the matching Flow Yellow grips.

Ergowave = increased performance through perfect ergonomics = more bang!

The saddle corresponds to the standard model 611 Ergowave active carbon. Except for the Kevlar edge protection, here Tibor has decided on a somewhat cleaner material for his model, which, above all, attracts less dirt. The grips correspond to the SQ 711 MX model and will also be available in two grip sizes.

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611 Ergowave ltd. Tibor Simai

Available Widths: 12, 13, 14, 15 cmArea of ​​application: MTB Tech & Trail length: 280mmWeight: from 225g Perineal area relief: 63% Material struts: carbon Padding: superlight foam Cover: C84active technology: 3 exchangeable elastomersRRP: €229.95

711 MX ltd. Tibor Simai

Available Sizes: S, MArea of ​​application: MTB Tech & TrailLength: 147mmWeight: from 135g RRP €24.95

# #MOREBUMS - The complete package

Tibor himself tells us in this video what you can expect from the #MOREBUMS set:


Why do YOU ​​need #MOREBUMS?

To win this exclusive set, you have to do something for us.

Answer our question in the comments: Why do YOU ​​of all people need more bangs in your life?! The most creative answer will be chosen and win! So fingers in the keys and let's go!

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Need #MOREBUMS? Win an exclusive SQlab set by Tibor Simai!

One answer per participant counts. Legal recourse is excluded; Announcement of the winners and all information without guarantee. We reserve the right to exclude the participation of second or fake accounts. The competition ends on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 at 12 noon.

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