Climate -neutral and cheap?That is behind the new Aldi sneaker

Climate -neutral and cheap?That is behind the new Aldi sneaker

Climate -neutral and cheap?That is behind the new Aldi sneaker


Johanna Böhnkeam 05.06.2020 | 09:50

Sustainable fashion is often significantly more expensive than conventional fast fashion.It is all the more astonishing an offer that it is from the 10.June at Aldi south gives.The discounter offers its first climate -neutral sneaker - for just 12.99 euros.How can that work?

The sneaker is produced by the Crane Pure own brand.Some of the recycled PET bottles were used, which is already contributing to CO2 reduction and protects resources.However, the company does not indicate how high exactly the proportion is.So that alone would not be enough to speak of climate neutrality.After all, the entire shoe does not consist of sustainable materials.In addition, transport, production and sales also cause CO2 emissions.

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Compensation by supporting climate protection project

Aldi south wants to achieve a complete compensation of the resulting CO2 load by supporting a certified climate protection project in Cambodia.This equips the population in rural regions with water filters, so that the water no longer has to be boiled.Since this is usually done with firewood and coal stoves, the CO2 emission in the country can be reduced so much.According to invoices of the discounter, the CO2 pollution caused by the sneaker production can be balanced in this way.

The sneakers are already the second product at Aldi south, which is considered climate -neutral in this way.At the end of April, the company presented a climate -neutral coffee.Further products are to follow this year.

Sustainable but not Fairtrade

This makes the production of the sneaker more sustainable.However, it is not a certified Fairtrade product.So one can assume that the discounter still relies on the most cheap production - which also explains the low price.

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