Bike of the Week on-One Inbred 29er by IBC user Lucalnb

Bike of the Week on-One Inbred 29er by IBC user Lucalnb

Bike of the Week on-One Inbred 29er by IBC user Lucalnb

With the on-one Inbred IBC user Lucalnb has not only built up an extremely chic, but also affordable bike.Thanks to the sensible equipment, the steel hardtail comes to a decent weight of only 10.8 kg.Have fun with this bike of the week.

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Bike of the week

On-one Inbred 29er from IBC user Lucalnb

# Das On-one Inbred 29er from IBC user Lucalnb

MTB news.DE: Hello Lucalnb, your on-one Inbred with affordable, but fancier and sensible equipment we noticed in the photo album immediately.How did your bike come about that we present today as a bike of the week?

The desire for a steel hardtail has long been in the head, but was repeatedly pushed back.When the new SLX group was introduced, I fell in love with the SLX-Kurbeldesign.So I already knew that it should be a steel hardtail with the main focus on price-performance, at the same time I wanted to keep the weight as low as possible.

Since I like the contrast of steel and carbon very much, I have freely ordered many carbon parts in China according to the motto "lightweight construction does not have to be expensive".I only decided much later for the Inbred when I came across a picture by chance with a blue-green Inbred + Skinwall, so this thought was immediately: "That's exactly how I want it!"

Now the frame was ordered, the parts from China ordered and the remnant box looted at home ... When everything was there, the structure began.It is only the second bike of my young career, but I have enough skills through the ICB building event (1.Bike) learned from SRAM, so everything worked smoothly.

What did you pay particular attention to when building your bikes?

The interaction of weight, price and optics was very important to me.

# Carbon-Lenker aus Fernost# Zuverlässige SLX Bremsen# DT Swiss 370 Naben

What's next with your bike?

The 9, xx kilo brand is still haunted in the head, but that comes gradually.Next, the bike will be converted to tubeless and if possible/available I would like to pull the Maxxis icon Skinwall tires on it.Otherwise everything works too well to swap something.

What is the area of application?

The bike is the perfect all -rounder: for the daily trip to work, but also for beautiful tours here in the Rhine level.Occasionally light, flowy single trails are also driven with it.

What does the bike weigh?

Bike of the week On-one Inbred 29er from IBC user Lucalnb

10.8 kg with pedals.

# Die Shimano SLX Kurbel ist optisch wirklich schick

What is your personal highlight on your bike of the week?

Standard saying: The bike as a whole!Only it is really the case that I have a grin on my lips every time when I see my bike after a working day.The interaction from the blue-green frame, the skin wall tires and the small pink cable tie accenter is the highlight on the bike for me.

How does the bike run?

Since I am still in the mountain bike beginnings, I can't technically say much about driving behavior ... I sit on it and just feel good.

How did you get a mountain biking?

I came to mountain biking through two friends about 1.5 years ago.Starting with a simple radon hardtail I did the first tours.After the first trail experiences, I was able to drive a freshly structured transition smuggler of a friend.Despite a fall and the one -month hospital stay, I was so enthusiastic that I was directly the ICB 2.0 pre -ordered.

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Mountain biking as a lifestyle / industry - your view.

Since I get from mechanical engineering and CNC production myself, the new trends are very quickly inspired by me.I love to test new things myself and to form an opinion about it.On the other hand, I see new standards such as Boost or Metric as a necessary evil to go over time.But with CNC milling parts, my heart beats a little higher ...

You and the Internet Bike Community - when and how did you get us and what do you connect with the IBC?

Shame over my head, everything started with a buying advisory thread, as it actually existed 1000x ... Later it became the perfect source to find out about all possible topics and now I am mostly in the area of lightweight construction or 29er.I am enthusiastic about the Custom Structure Threads and what kind of works of art are sometimes built, respect for others!

# Ordentliche Zugverlegung mit pinken Kabelbindern

Technical data: On-one Inbred 29er

Frame: On-One Inbred 29er fork: Carbon rigid fork brake: Shimano SLX (M7000) Preservation: Syntace Flatforce 44mmLenker: China Carbon Lenker rims: Fun Works atmosphere 22 Haben: DT Swiss 370 Reifts: Maxxis ARDENT Skinwallkurbel + inner warehouse: Shimano Slx chain leaf: Garbaruk 32 SchaltelXT switching can circuit circuit: Shimano XT rear derailleur pedals: Xpedo Sprycassette: Shimano XT 11-46sattel: China Carbon saddle sattle support: China carbon seat support tedious: pink cable tie

# Stolzer Besitzer samt Bike

And so the photos of this bike of the week were taken:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsSuqaRif6YVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: MTB News Bike Shooting feat. Sony A7R2 & Canon FD Objektive📸 FOTOGRAFIE VLOG DEUTSCH (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsSuqaRif6Y)

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