Are these Jordans fake? (Nike, China, brand)

Are these Jordans fake? (Nike, China, brand)

Are these Jordans fake? (Nike, China, brand)

Question's up. Thank you.

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Raoul Zanzara, UserMod LightUsermodExperteBelstaff, Fälschungen und Fake30.12.2021, 18:02

The red (gymred) is a little too bright.

Here are photos of secured original goods in better image resolution.

HTTPS: / / www.asphaltgold.com / products / nike-air-jordan-1-mid-white-gym-red-black

The sneaker is still traded with reputable resellers. The model is out of print in specialist stores.

HTTPS: / / stockx.com / de-en / air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-black-white

HTTPS: / / www.hypeneedz.com / products / air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-black-white

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Jerry010707 Fragesteller 30.12.2021, 18:20

And this one? I'm gonna ask you another question because I can't insert a picture. I & APOs; ll call her this Jordan a fake

Jerry010707 Fragesteller 30.12.2021, 18:22

And are they absolutely sure about this red?

Raoul Zanzara, UserMod Light 30.12.2021, 18:58@Jerry010707

In the photo, the hue is more likely to go to the pink area.

Gymred is a standardized Nike color. There are various Nike / Air Jordan models for comparison. The red is much darker.

HTTPS: / / stockx.com / de-en / air-jordan-1-low-gym-red-white

HTTPS: / / www.stickabush.com / en / nike-air-jordan-1-mid-gym-red-white-black.html

GxrlyE0730.12.2021, 16:17

No, probably not, but I'm not sure. How do you know if it's fake or not?

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What do you want to know?

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