Hochkönig: Six climbers at Königsjodler -Ketttersteig - Salzburg24 Person Facebook Twitter WhatsApp

Hochkönig: Six climbers at Königsjodler -Ketttersteig - Salzburg24 Person Facebook Twitter WhatsApp

Hochkönig: Six climbers at Königsjodler -Ketttersteig - Salzburg24 Person Facebook Twitter WhatsApp




Published: 29.July 2019 1:15 p.m.

The long, difficult and conditionally extremely demanding "royal yodel climbing climbing" on the Hochkönig (2.941 meters) near Mühlbach (Pongau) required two missions of the mountain rescue at the weekend.A 50-year-old also had to choose the emergency exit from the climb with his nine-year-old daughter.They could no longer get any further in the difficult and enforced with snow fields.

Mühlbach am Hochkönig

Hochkönig: Sechs Bergsteiger bei Königsjodler-Klettersteig geborgen - SALZBURG24 person facebook twitter whatsapp

As the mountain rescue reported on Monday, four Poles were initially "too late and with absolutely poor equipment" in the challenging via ferrata.After there was no longer a prospect of climbing the climb, the group chose the emergency exit.In about 2.The quartet in the so -called Birgkar came into a snow field 100 meters above sea level and could no longer get any further.

Mountain rescue horses four mountaineers

"They had completely lost the orientation," reported Thomas Knöpfler, local manager of the Mühlbach mountain rescue.“When descending at night, one of the four men in the snow field slipped and injured himself too."The Poles would have called for help much too late, the mountain rescue was only at 23.00 a.m..The helpers finally stood up to 5.30 p.m. in action to climb the athletes and laboriously secure them into the valley."They were only with sports shoes, without crampons and pimples, and also clothed with short pants," said Knöpfler.

Hochkönig: father and daughter saved

The rescuers from Mühlbach had a lot of time to relax but only to a limited extent.Already on Sunday afternoon they were alerted again.A 50-year-old Dutchman and his nine-year-old daughter also got into the royal iodler via ferrata, although a hut owner advised them on it."The two are then out of the emergency exit when it rains.After they could no longer find the climb, they asked at 15.30 a.m. by mobile phone for help, "said Knöpfler.The mountain rescuers got back to Birgkar in heavy rain and also got these two Dutch safely into the valley.Knöpfler also pointed out that the High Alpine Birgkar should be without crampons and pimples and for inexperienced and local taboo.

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