The snow is falling softly - Inside Paradeplatz Inside Paradeplatz Inside Paradeplatz

The snow is falling softly - Inside Paradeplatz Inside Paradeplatz Inside Paradeplatz

The snow is falling softly - Inside Paradeplatz Inside Paradeplatz Inside Paradeplatz

Hakan B. is a big dealer from Munich. He supplied the whole of Munich's high society with coke, so to speak, for years, including some of the sons of meadow millionaires.

Whether Swiss exiles were also present cannot be ascertained from here. What is certain, however, is that 37 police officers served him. They went up with Hakan B.

Succinct statement from the big dealer: "The police have made a fortune from me." How interesting.

In these crappy times of the pandemic, any message that distracts from the Chinese bioweapon Sars-Covid-19 is worth its weight in gold, so get to the topic: white Christmas.

Marbella, my favorite vacation spot in my ailing ex-home, has become the corporate headquarters of the international drug mafia, so to speak. According to brilliant research recently published in the Spanish newspaper “El Pais”, 139 mafia organizations from 59 countries have branches in the city of 154,000 on the Costa del Sol.

Everyone involved in drugs in the world must be represented in Marbella, because on this coast, 16 kilometers from Africa, all the traffic routes of the underworld converge: drugs, weapons, human trafficking.

Needless to say, the existence of this industry has destroyed the social fabric of the whole region. Two to three contract killings per month, young unemployed people with no prospects who earn 3,000 to 5,000 euros for unloading a nightly load on the beach.

Racers from the French banlieues who blast from Marbella to Paris in one night to deliver the snow, no matter what or who intervenes (a Swiss tourist was rammed to death on such a night).

An enormous variety of "professions" related to drug trafficking have sprung up there, from the "soldiers" who guard the arms and drug depots, to the weapons specialists who procure and adapt the latest equipment, to the lawyers who take care of the legal issues Taking care of the finer points of business:

gloomy car washes with bad guys at the door, empty luxury restaurants, sports car dealerships worth millions, fine art galleries, yacht charters and, last but not least, real estate, the bigger and more expensive the better, after all billions have to be washed.

Would you like a top address in Marbella?

The urbanization "La Zagaleta", former private finca of the Saudi arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi, bought by the recently deceased former general manager of the Banco Exterior de España branch in Zurich, Pérez-Flores, with a loan of 20 million francs to himself, which was not approved by the parent company, dismembered and sold to influential acquaintances.

One of the first to strike?

Rainer E. Good. Many of his wealthy customers from Arabia then also bought. Who earned money from whom remains a mystery. But the 20 million should have brought in against a billion francs so far.

Cost of a house there: from 10 million euros. upper limit unknown. Who sits on the board of directors? Oswald Grübel, pillar saint of the old Credit Suisse.

La Zagaleta is like Fort Knox and clean, there is no mafia there.

A conversation with a top shot of the Ministry of the Interior in the fight against serious crime sounds different. Of course there have been contract killings there. They were then placed on the other side of the street so that the image would not suffer.

In Marbella, the mafia boss, Albanian or Irish, Colombian or Belarusian, recently carries 12 to 14 encrypted mobile phones, each of which is administered by a former technician from the home intelligence service and disposed of monthly (a device costs around 10,000 to 15,000 francs ), also an electronic key – a cold key.

Inside is an enormous fortune in cryptocurrencies. If the key is lost, the money is gone. Much better than Pablo Escobar in Colombia, who had to laboriously have hundreds of millions of narco dollars buried in plastic bags.

Only the owner of the key knows the password. So far, no Interpol specialist has managed to crack such a key.

Except for the extremely unscrupulous Mocro Mafia (organized crime from Morocco, with a strong presence in the Benelux countries), they have made special shipping containers, which have a dentist's chair and an operating table inside.

All interior walls are nicely padded to the outside and kept noiseless. Yes, the Mocro Mafia is said to have managed several times what the Interpol agents failed to do: cold keys became hot keys in the torture container. Brave new world in southern Andalusia.

Leise rieselt der Schnee - Inside Paradeplatz Inside Paradeplatz Inside Paradeplatz

How is all this possible when we are in Europe? Are the police present?

Well, the rate to have a policeman on the payroll is pretty well known in Marbella: 300,000 euros.

A flat fee: getting news, looking the other way, even patrol car and uniform rental is included. Therefore, the first rule is: never trust a police officer.

Politics is also fully involved. The son and husband of Marbella's conservative mayor were recently arrested. Large-scale money laundering in the real estate sector is accused.

Both gentlemen are Swedes. The international arrest warrant came from there too. One of the largest and most cold-blooded Mocro Mafia organizations in Europe is based in the formerly peaceful town of Malmö.

This brings us to Munich, to the 37 corrupt police officers. To Munich? Why not actually go to Zurich? Saint Gallen? Or Frauenfeld?

What is actually going on in Switzerland with the fight against drugs? Switzerland is one of the countries in Europe with the highest drug consumption. It is measured in the wastewater (no, I do not want to go into the measurement of Sars-Cov-19-Bisi water in this article).

Every weekend the coke levels in the waste water shoot up to snowy heights. No wonder there was a push by the Zurich FDP to liberalize drug consumption.

However, Zurich no longer has the largest coke consumption per capita in the country, but apparently Sankt Gallen and other provincial capitals such as Frauenfeld.

Swiss cocaine consumption is estimated at 5 tons per year. The Swiss cocaine consumer is very quality-conscious, so the goods here are not mixed with cornflour or other junk.

Heroin has become a rather small market, but it is firmly in the hands of the Albanians. Hash is now smoked by every apprentice and falls into the macrame category.

Synthetically manufactured designer drugs such as ecstasy and pink cocaine, produced in traditional underground laboratories in Flanders, are on the rise.

But our police are on the trail of the bad guys. For real? If you look for spectacular actions against the drug mafia in this country in recent years, you won't really come across fantastic actions and successes.

For example, a hit against a Balkan drug lord, who introduced coke in a very classy manner by private jet via Basel, but the call to action came from the Croatian police - and another case.

115 kilograms of cocaine after a five-year manhunt against a Nigerian drug organization, which was patriotically applauded in Blick: Keep it up, police!

Keep it up? Five years manhunt for 115 kilograms of cocaine?

Something doesn't seem right here. Not me, but my 11-year-old daughter, well informed due to the stays in Marbella.

You, tell me, who are actually the masterminds behind the drug trade in Switzerland? I don't know, but I'm beginning to have my suspicions.

No, certainly not in Switzerland. Here all our officials are clean. Our army was also absolutely clean when they bought masks for hundreds of millions of francs from unknown acquaintances.

The internal investigation ordered by Defense Minister Amherd finally confirmed it.

Well, the obligatory signature of the head of the army for orders of CHF 10 million or more is missing, and a few other trifles and implausible events catch the eye. But trust in the institutions has made the country big, not controls, not even parliamentary ones.

Corruption and drug trafficking are dangerous siblings and a danger that should not be underestimated. It goes without saying that it is omnipresent here in Switzerland, but is kept secret by the public.

If you look away for a long time - and you often do, even with amusement - it is suddenly too late; like metastases from a malignant growth, they fray everything: family, society, economy and state. Somebody had to write it.