Gauner tines and their meaning: what the burglars reveal

Gauner tines and their meaning: what the burglars reveal

Gauner tines and their meaning: what the burglars reveal

They are often completely inconspicuous signs on the facade, doorstep or on the mailbox: crooks.A vanguard rushes out the house and leaves symbols to inform you whether there is something to get and how to get into the house.


Anyone who gets their newspaper out of the mailbox in the morning and suddenly discovered a certain symbol, the origin of which they cannot explain should be alerted: they may not be harmless smears of neighboring children, but a so -called crook tinker - i.e. a secret sign,leave messages for subsequent accomplices.

This is how crooks look

A complete list of all the crooks ever used is not possible.There are numerous symbols that differ minimally.Their importance of burglar gang to burglar gang is different.We have put together some of the most frequently used crooks in our photo show.

Gaunerzinken und ihre Bedeutung – die geheimen Codes der Einbrecherbanden
Foto-Serie mit 9 Bildern

Tipp: Wie Sie Ihr Haus noch besser vor Einbrechern schützen, lesen Sie hier.

Meaning of the crooks

In today's world, the symbols are almost only used by organized gangs.The same procedure is always: a vanguard scores an object thoroughly.She observes whether there is something to get in a building and whether, for example, older people or single women live in the house.The information collected is then transmitted to the subsequent accomplices using the crook signs, while the scouts have long moved on.

Cook signs difficult to recognize

The crooks are easily overlooked by neighbors and residents or their meaning misunderstood.A small cross drawn with chalk is inconspicuous and, even when discovering, is usually assigned to neighboring children than wandering gangs.Even a thin zigzag line scratched into the front door is far from noticeable - especially since most people don't know what crooks actually look like at all.

Cold: apparent doodle on front doors and facades can also come from burglar gangs.(Symbol image) (Source: Bankrx/Getty Images)

Wo bleibt hier die Sicherheit? - Simpler Trick öffnet Tresor in wenigen Sekunden
Wo bleibt hier die Sicherheit?
Simpler Trick öffnet Tresor in wenigen Sekunden

For sure: With a simple aid, a commercially available safe can be opened at lightning speed and without specialist knowledge.Video

You should do that with crook tines

Gauner tines are not a phenomenon limited to certain regions.Everywhere in Germany the tines appear at irregular intervals.Therefore, pay attention to your surroundings carefully.If you discover crook tines on your house or in the immediate vicinity, remove them immediately.

Tipp: Darüber hinaus wird empfohlen, die Nachbarschaft über die Gaunerzinken zu informieren.If there are further markings in the area, remove them too.A frequent occurrence should also be reported to the local police station.

Distribution of crook tines

According to media reports, crook tines appeared in the Berlin area, for example, in spring."The mostly Eastern European groups of perpetrators can use a building, break in or attack tenants and leave the markings for the next perpetrators before moving to another city," explains the German Police Union (DPolG), in an interview.

The Berlin police could not confirm the increased appearance of crook tines at the request of T-Online.The tines are spotted again and again throughout Germany, according to the Berlin police.Also in the greater Flensburg area, crook tines appeared some time ago in connection with a burglary series.

In the meantime, however, the use of the crook tines is no longer as common.Criminal gangs are now using other means to communicate with each other, explains chief criminal commissioner Jens Fritsch, specialist advisor at the Burglary Protection Center at the State Criminal Police Office Berlin, T-Online.Smartphones are often used.However, the oral agreement is more secure, since it cannot be followed by others.

Gauner tines are medieval secret signals

Since the Middle Ages, tines have been used as secret codes for non -verbal communication.A scientific working group at the University of Passau, which researched the historical areas of application and the importance of tines, explains: "Tines can be assigned to a certain population group that had to constantly expect repression due to social conditions."

In the medieval and early modern registry society, this affected not only crook gangs, but also all members of the lowest stand.Beglers, householders and day laborers also used tines at the time to leave the subsequent comrades -in -arms with clues where an audition would be most likely to be worthwhile.

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