Carmen Geiss shocked with her shoe collection - bildderfrau.de

Carmen Geiss shocked with her shoe collection - bildderfrau.de

Carmen Geiss shocked with her shoe collection - bildderfrau.de

Everyone knows: Carmen Geiss does not know any limit when shopping.So it can happen that the Cologne native land six pairs of high heels in the shopping bags after just half an hour - with fatal consequences.On her Instagram account, Carmen Geiss now gives insights into her wardrobe-the number of her shoes is dizzying.

Carmen Geiss: She has so many shoes

Carmen Geiss is known for her extensive shopping tours and cannot keep your fingers away from shoes-with fatal consequences, as the 56-year-old millionaire wife tells her fans on Instagram.Because she threatens to sink into the shoe chaos.So she writes under a video: "Maybe I have a few shoes too much. But Robert definitely too".

In the short clip, Carmen guarantees her fans a brief insight into the depths of her dressing room.So all your shoes are neatly sorted by colors.She cannot answer exactly how many shoes she has.In the eyes of her husband there are "definitely too many".Even Carmen becomes "insane" at the sight of her shoe collection.

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Because she rightly asks herself: "What should this dressing room look into, in which it all fits?"But not only Carmen is to blame for this shoe chaos.Robert also has countless shoes on the floor.Perhaps the Geissens can separate and sell from a few of their favorites or maybe donate them for a good cause.

The reactions of their followers are divided

Of course, the video of your excessive shoe collection does not go unnoticed on Instagram.The opinion of her fans could not be more different.This is how some users comment on: "All dust catchers, a huge mess", "that's sick. Looks like addiction to buying" or "Live sustainability".Other fans, on the other hand, take the video with humor: "I think Robert has to build a larger house," writes a fan. Another user demands: "Open a shoe store." Whatever the shoes, Carmen will go with her fans withSafety keep up to date.


Carmen Geiss is not the only celebrity that is celebrated on the net or sometimes showered with hate comments.This is how Ruth Moschner advertises for a more sensitive handling of comments on social media.

See what comments the other stars find next to their pictures.To do this, simply click on our Instagram topic page.

Do you like to switch on when Carmen Geiss and her husband experience adventure together again?Unfortunately, the shipment of the two does not run in continuous loop.Until the start of the next season you can see on our topic page which TV programs are currently running on TV.

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