BR-navigation press-pressedossiers 3 women 1 car The audio episodes (content)

BR-navigation press-pressedossiers 3 women 1 car The audio episodes (content)

BR-navigation press-pressedossiers 3 women 1 car The audio episodes (content)

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The audio consequences of "3 women 1 car" are independent stories, the brand core of the cross-media series, the carpool of the 3 women, is the same on all playbacks.The author and director of the ten radio episodes is Robert Urban von Bayern 1, the actresses Luise Kinseher, Angela Ascher and Susanne Wiesner act as speakers.The funny episodes can be heard from Monday, September 27, 2021, in the morning on Bavaria 1.

Status: 19.08.2021

Episode 1: Growth drinking julia, Christl and Birgit share a car for the first time on the way to work-and Christl's plans for the economy swing.Of course, the economy is meant in which it works as a service.Although the three are not a proven economic expert, you will find a very passable solution that should boost growth.What growth is still unclear.

Episode 2: We do not live forever - of course, that also applies to Julia, Christl and Birgit.Therefore, it is best to spend your time as useful as possible and not cover with something useless.Julia is reading a book about what - on average - spending your lifetime.Not only does Birgit have to calculate more precisely.

Episode 3: Constant from the wind is the difference between men and women?Right.Women don't snor and do not make any unpleasant noises.Certainly not metabolic noise.Julia is not so convinced of this female uniqueness - but Birgit and Christl have good arguments.

Episode 4: Love sweaters knitting men from love, the result does not always have to be portable.But love is stronger than fashion, at least Julia feels that.She plays the dead corner in the inner mirror in a multicolored monster made of wool in the back seat.Beauty and elegance are always in the eye of the viewers and Christl and Birgit, of course, take a close look.

Episode 5: Men Never ask about the path of the path never ask for the way and women buy steadily shoes - sounds difficult for prejudice.Julia, Christl and Birgit are not satisfied with this reason.Only the discussion of the many aspects of the gender -specific role behavior bring you to the conclusion: there could be something on the prejudices!

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Episode 6: organic supermarketball or what?For many, it is now a conscience decision to buy correctly traded and correctly produced food in the biosuper market.But if you can't afford such a correct conscience?Then you have to continue to shop in the bold large supermarket.But there is also something in between-between "save the world with the shopping" and the "Egal sausage from the cooling shelf".

Episode 7: Beauty-surgery trend is clearly to enlarge the breast.The three commuters, especially Birgit and Christl, do not need this.But of course it is already a topic of conversation.Not least because more and more men are now under the knife at the beauty doctor.

Episode 8: Men in the household men do not help in the household - this is not bad news for all women.Although Julia, Christl and Birgit have nothing against getting support in housework.But well -intentioned help doesn't always help.

Episode 9: Sex naturally talk about sex and about the theory of relativity.What do the two topics have in common?Time is relative - and it's about the Internet and fantasies, the bravo and the radio.Yes, that also has everything to do with sex.

Episode 10: Women ask men women's questions julia has a strange dream.She is a reporter and has to interview a successful manager, but may only ask him questions that are usually asked in this position.Whether children and family affect the career, whether they already know what they will attract at the next Supervisory Board meeting and whether good looks are important for success - something like that.A wonderful steep template for the three women.